Endangered Species: Yogis of Tibet, me and you

I urge you to watch this fascinating documentary of Yogis in Tibet.

On a much smaller scale I've tried to yogify myself over the last two years - I don't know how to explain it - it just kind of happened - my need for solitude and escape from the clatter of our society.  First I fled Washington DC - then I fled a corporation of crazed "driven" robots - then I fled human contact - then I ran out of money.  You know you are broke when you cannot afford a Yoga class.  Ha ha ha ha ha.  It's true!  There was a time not too long ago I wouldn't have believed YOU if you told me YOU couldn't afford a damn yoga class.  Some things have to be learned first hand - a return to a simpler existence - a chance to see the honeysuckles and watch the Cicadas - and a chance to be eaten alive by horseflies while exercising outside.  A chance to observe the length of day by itself, and see the days change one after another with nowhere to go and nothing to do but watch it all happen.  Financially a catastrophe - personally fulfilling and life-changing at my stage in life.  I don't know many people that could handle paradise.

Extended solitude is impossible in the United States - and will become impossible for the Yogis of Tibet.  As you watch the video - if you are an engineer - perhaps instead of seeing the majesty of a snowy mountain peak you see a cell-phone tower location.  Perhaps as a soldier you see an artillery position.  That's weastern culture.  Determined at any cost to take what is already perfect and "fix" it with some plastic and formica accents - in 70's orange perhaps - time for that to come back in vogue I'd say.  As far as the Yogis of Tibet - hell - we'll put'em in a trailer park in downtown Richmond, Virginia where they can meditate to the "music" of garbage trucks at three in the morning shattering the never-ending ever-present howl of Interstate 95 - as the garbage trucks bust the rocky cobblestones before the driver bashes the dumpsters off a wall for half an hour at three in the morning.  Don't forget all the blue-LED eye-hell everywhere from the RF-XMIT devices - the invisible yet somehow sickening frequencies they radiate and bathe us with incessantly.  Yeah - we'll put the remaining Yogis there if they manage to live long enough not to be wiped out by ignorant gun-slingers sent to "help" them "modernize."  Yuck.  Who's paying for all this?  Who wants it?  Hell this public is so brain-dead the Tibetans themselves know that even sitting in public and dousing oneself with gasoline and SELF-IMMOLATING can't move the drones we've all become.  What a mess.

Nobody will really help the Tibetans  the way they need to be helped.  The almighty dollar - or whatever currency will replace it is way too important.  Our flimsy spray-painted culture of plastic facade with a noisome background din of crapola must win out - for the short-lived and mis-spent profits of a few greedy psychopaths.  You know - people so obsessed with power and money that they actually KILL PEOPLE for MONEY - uhm let me correct that - they send YOUR KIDS to KILL PEOPLE FOR MONEY - and you are letting them do it.  Oh - you are paying for it too.

Why can't the Chinese just leave these people alone?  Because they need more.  More of everything - except Wisdom, serenity, and individual discovery.  These taboos must be stamped and machine-gunned out of existence - and we in the USA are proudly helping get the job done.

The suffering on this planet - the cycle of violence and greed and destruction of a sacred past are the most un-human of crimes.  Crimes against ourselves and those we will turn this dump over to.  But there is hope.  Maybe the kids will see their parents for what they are - a bunch of greedy disgusting murdering torturing flag-waving hypocrites.  They go by names like Amerikan, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Citizen, Soldier, Programmer, Teacher, Mother, Father, Brother, Uncle, Neighbor, - YOU and ME.  Perhaps the next generation will see what we cannot see - ourselves - and they will abort this dastardly mission of madness.  Hope springs eternal as the saying goes.  I don't spend a lot of time hoping anymore as I watch the Yogis of Tibet burn alive - but statistically bad anything can't last forever.  Maybe things will just get better by accident - or due to cosmic influence - science and modern technology have failed so far unless you need an electric motor to make your gatling gun spin faster.

Perhaps I'm just bitching - but we all have to start somewhere.  When you see what is going on in Tibet - it really encapsulates what is going on everywhere right now.  I believe people are now getting tired of it and it is turning around - I just wish somehow we could accelerate the move toward peace before the whole place is burned to the ground and we have to start over again.

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