Infected with the "Disease of Liberty"

     I am a male.  I am an American.  I love JFK.  No I am not a homosexual.

     But who cares about all that crap anyway?  It's all designed to divide us.  My best homosexual friend is dead.  I'm heterosexual.  Neither of us cared about all that stuff.  He is what he is, I am what I am - and neither of us were interested in the fakery called death.

     Both of us were white.  Neither of us cared.

     Both of us were Americans.  Neither of us cared.

     Both of us loved JFK.  Why?

     Perhaps because we both had a common affliction - no not AIDS - or any bullshit like that - the disease of LIBERTY.

     You see my friend, my cherished reader - without which this blog is a complete waste of time - we both knew that our best interests - regardless of their departures upon encountering forks in the road of fate - were always served by the great country we lived in - the United States of America.

     You may say - Jack - you are delusional - America has always been a fraud.  What - with prohibition and the recent drug wars - these are gigantic scams fomented by corporate and mafia and CIA interests to use mind-control via media to get money for black ops and to steal the mineral and other resources from third world peoples not able to defend themselves.  (terrorists is the term)

     You may say - hey Bunny Boy - you are crazy - America is the "good guys" and we are proud to send our sons and daughters to fight in wars based on lies supported by fake admissions by tortured terrorists for scumbags in Tejas imploring us all to "smoke 'em out" after Silverstein and his buds blew the buildings back in 911.  You may say "Jackass Rabbitous" you are cracked because you think that people like YOU and ME would DARE to MURDER people for financial and political gain.

     Uhm......uh......are you over the age of four?  Are you fucking retarded?  Seriously are you? Is that the naivity you teach your kids?  If so - send them to this stinking AIPAC-radio-infested radio rathole I live in - I need to sell them a broken automobile with a cracked frame and blown engine.  C'mon people - are you stupid?  Silverscum is about to haul in another load of cash from the blindest of insurance companies as the greedy exec goes after the airlines blaming them (via venal law-yars of course) for the 911 attacks!  Yes I know.....ZZZZZZZZZZZ - this is not a Blue-light special or a futbal game - go back to sleep citizen........EGADS!

     OK - you wanna hear something to let you know you are still a great Amaricon?   Yes - because you still are - you are simply lied to!  The time to reform - to learn - to understand - to join the revolution -is NOW!  Nobody can tell you that you are "wrong" etc... - we have all been lied to and fell for it at one time or another.  Me - dumb old jackass rabbit - I'm one of YOU!  That's for sure.

     But I've been infected with the disease of liberty - and I hope to give you the disease as well.

     The fact is that the United States of America is anything BUT a bad place full of bad people doing bad things.  Just the opposite.  After all - you are not bad and neither am I - otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now!

     We are ALL trying to figure out how to get out of this fascist f-up - I can tell you how.

1.  Break up the media - and I mean BREAK UP THE MEDIA N.O.W. - YESTERDAY!!@@!@!

2.  Secure elections to eliminate fraud - how?  No more AIPAC etc...   Make them all illegal - maybe for a year or two - grandfather the whole thing out - then see how it goes.

3.  Secure states's rights - get the feds to HEEL NOW!  These jackbooted thugs are out of control.  They are encroaching on states and counties to the point that it is not that hard to find someone who has a relative or friend that has not meen MURDERED by a psychopathic COP for doing NOTHING!!!

4.  Get your county Sheriff to talk to Sheriff Mack as soon as possible - fund whatever it takes for the plane ticket, hotel and rental car for YOUR sheriff - the highest law enforcement man in the land - to attend one of Sheriff Mack's seminars - so YOUR SHERIFF can understand the implications of his/her power to protect you and your  loved ones from the dangers of federal power run amok.

5.  Secure food and barter stuff:  The monetary system of this skeleton of an industrial nation will collapse - it is presently being propped up by masters of illusion - and this will work as long as the audience will buy the illusion - but there is a big big prob:  controlling PANIC is one thing - controlling the LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND IS IMPOSSIBLE.  You see - PANIC is an illusion - supply and demand is a reality.  Fakery and "printing money" albeit electronic will continue to work until the international constraints call the poker bluffs - that time is nigh.  Get your sh*t together and be prepared like the Boy/Girl Scout you are because this WILL be the case.

6.  SPEAK YOU MIND TO PEOPLE YOU KNOW - I have cut off certain neighbors and friends who are unwilling to acknowledge TORTURE OF INNOCENTS, ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL WARS - AND THE COMMITMENT OF OUR TROOPS TO RESOURCE WARS - to the point that "OUR TROOPS" in AFghanistan -tasked with murdering kids their own age every day and vice versa -no longer get meals and must eat freeze dried or irradiated GARBAGE because the lying scum contractors aren't getting a "reach around."


Folks - please wake up.  Violence and bloodshed are a complete waste of time.  Training your kid for a "job" in the military is a sick joke - and the joke is on them!  If you are a parent - an "adult" and you approve of your kid joining a rape-squad of pressed-suit wearing Napoleonic-invented-medal-wearing killers - ask yourself how you would feel if this "band of brothers" were unleashed on your neighborhood with the weapons you approve of them brandishing and using on the populations of countries that NEVER ATTACKED US?  And if you don't think insiders attacked us on 911 - I'm sorry but you had better grow up very very very fast and educate yourself - in fact that is your duty as an American citizen - and at least if you vote - get busy.  OR please don't vote - you are too uninformed if you don't know 911 was an inside job.

Visit the links on this blog regarding building 7 if you don't believe me.


By the way - if you fell for the Obombya bullshit - here's a video where a real prez speaks - this dude was a Navy skipper - saved his whole crew - real hero - knew real war - and got his head blown off for YOU!  Take the time to listen:




  1. The thing about talking to people you know - where I said I cut off neighbors etc.. is because after attempting to engage them on these issues and they dismissed me as a nut, paranoid etc... I let them know that until they were willing to discuss these adult issues I want absolutely positively NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM - THEIR BAKE SALE CUPCAKES OR THEIR SILLY WAL-MART MOUTHS! PERIOD END OF DISCUSSION!



  2. great video nobody talks like that any more.

    image the president actually calling our country a republic instead of a democracy.

  3. thank you for commenting I wish more would.

    Yes - Republic - very important indeed.

    Democracy killed Jesus and Socrates if we are to believe the tales.

    Democracy kills all dissidents too, when the media is an apparatus of the warmongers and manipulators. It's easy to make anybody look bad when one has a monopoly on the press - and a monopoly on the use of violence to silence critics - which will never be reported because of the monopoly on the media - which is supposed to provide NEGATIVE feedback so the system can self correct etc...


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