What Really Happened to Michael Hastings?

UPDATE September 12, 2013  It really is hands free! Self-driving Mercedes-Benz is unveiled - and it should be available within seven years

Watch this video first:

Although history repeats - we all know "It can't happen here" ......... right?   Not in the U.S.A right?

If you are not familiar with the Hastings case see THIS PAST POST - then consider.....

Check outTHIS ARTICLE- maybe history really is repeating?

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Nikolai Yezhov, walking with Stalin in the top photo from the 1930s, was killed in 1940. Following his execution, Yezhov was edited out of the photo by Soviet censors.[54] Such retouching was a common occurrence during Stalin's rule.


  1. Amazing - not one comment. What is wrong with you people? Are you afraid - or scared? I think the guy that lived down the street from here said "be scared but don't be afraid" - anyway - I'm amazed at the lack of commentary. And saddened. Perhaps those who can't keep their republic don't deserve it. Or is it that the American experiment has become a failure? Or are readers to this blog just spectators - unwilling to do ANYTHING? Or are readers just burned out and broke? I wonder.....

  2. "Amazing - not one comment....".................... Well, most americans are busy watching the TeeVee or drinking beer and feeding their pot belly. They don't give a damn. Your country is eating itself into oblivion in a prolonged bout of violent paranoia.

  3. The fact that comments are not more numerous, tells
    me that fear tactics are working. Unfortunately. Any discerning wakeful mind could not take the story
    line seriously. Of course he was assassinated. I pray that the public wakes up sooner rather than later.

    My sympathies and prayers go out to the family and his wife.

  4. So, two bravehearts out there thanks for commenting, the rest I suppose, are doing just that.

    Stuffing the potato chips down the hatch and signing their kids up.

    It is not appropriate to "sign up" anymore without knowing what in the hell you are doing. It has never been.

    Only the stalwarts opted out of Viet Nam - another complete exercise in psychopathy - and were vilified by this lyin' media apparatus.

    Those in the guvamint reading this - I wish you could find your souls - or at least find a way -

    Bankruptcy beats eternal damnation every trip of the train.


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