The Lighthouse called Reason

Ship in a Storm

Our ship, the USA, is in a fascist storm, we need to get back to our safe harbor - the Bill of Rights.

Crowd psychology dictates that all government, good and bad, must accept the realities inherent in the management of the masses.  The alternative is anarchy.  With the passing of one of the most tyrannical July 4 holydays here in Amerika it has become evident to the crowd that things are not the way we want them to be.  In order to restore a government of the People, by the People, and for the People, We the People are tasked with bringing forth such change in government so that in the end it once again serves We the People.

Christmas and Books

Christmas in America in the seventies meant gifts from Santa Claus for many middle class children in America - myself included.  There were toys and games - and books.  There were always books - piles of them.  They were the last of the gifts from Santa to be examined after all the toys and games quickly bored the mind - leaving the most lasting impressions on the mind.  Yes - there were chemistry sets etc... that served equally awesome purpose - but the books in the end have stayed with me - whether in mind or in some cases have been carted around with me throughout the years.

Our materialistic society in many ways collectively parallels this individual experience of mine - as I watch the plastic crack and the paint fade on many modern gadgets.  But todays technology allows the changing of the written word and the control of available information more controllable to the centralized powers intent on retaining their grip over the masses at any cost.

Without reliable feedback to the public in a free society it is folly to anticipate that sound decisions will be taken at either an individual level or collectively.  This makes the free flow of information a basic requirement for the prosperity of We the People living under a set of laws we have all agreed to obey.

Those intent on limiting the free flow of information in any way of We the People directly undermine any hope for a future of liberty.

A Revolution is Coming - Like it or not

My observations tell me that the idea of revolution in America has already taken hold in the mind of the masses.  People are speaking aloud in public - conversing with each other rather than via the middle-man media known as the corporate media.  Blogs and chat rooms can no longer be controlled by shills. Callers to radio and TV shows confront the liars in ever-growing numbers.  Discussions have moved from possibilities to probabilities, from what if to when, and how.

The great hope of We the People is for peaceful change but it seems that those in power desire the opposite.  News reports abound proclaiming large ammunition purchases, movement of heavy vehicles and drills practiced by police agencies and military establishment cronies of a rotted government structure that no longer shares our values.  These reports seem designed to leave the reader or listener or watcher in the crowd with a feeling of hopelessness - that there really is no way to fight back against this "Big Brother is Watching You" police state with goons and guns at the ready.  But is this necessarily the truth?  As with everything drummed out by the paid-for corporamedia it is most likely false.

Our Challenge

The greatest challenge to Patriots intent on the restoration of the rule of law in these United States as ultimately explicated in the Bill of Rights is that we must appeal to reason - while dealing with the Crowd.  The power-hungry fascists have a much easier task from their lofty cavaliers - they must only apply the long-tested and well-established tenets of mass-media tricks and artifice to manipulate the mob on airwaves they "own" - and in many cases supported by massive war-chests of dollars confiscated from We the People.

Crowds respond to simplicity.  Crowds are ever-prone to credulity - believing the first tale or corruption of truth fed to them.  It's just that way.  That is why every time there is a "crisis" - whether real or false-flag - an "eye-witness" to the event is just moments away - conveniently babbling to the camera for mob consumption the pre-digested image for the public mind - devoid of evidence or investigation - and becomes "fact" as the days and weeks pass by with ever more noise emanating from the boob-tube and other corporate controlled government lackey media.  

The fascists controlling our state-run media KNOW that violent affirmations and repetition of simple messages are the formula to moving the mind of the mob - especially during the key time-window moments after an event of their own making - where the mass-mind is most at the ready in a heightened state of vulnerability to the processes of hypnotic suggestion.  It works every time.

These masses of ordinary people - people like YOU and me - compose a mass mind - a crowd.  This crowd can be moved to perform the most extraordinary feats of bravery - feats higher than any individual may be capable of performing on their own.  These crowds of YOU and me are also EQUALLY capable of performing the most atrocious acts of violence and vicious selfishness beyond that imaginable by any individual in the crowd.  The path of the mob is determined by its management.

Managing the Masses

Since we have decided, so far, that anarchy is not the answer - that we do indeed wish to have laws that serve We the People - and that we have collectively decided that our "leaders" are no longer respecting such laws (BILL OF RIGHTS) - we must manage the masses - that means government. 

Good government is that which serves WE THE PEOPLE.  Any government that denies its solemn duty to protect individual rights of WE THE PEOPLE - but PRETENDS to protect us by enslaving us is no longer good government.  That means it is a bad government - and bad government HAS TO GO BYE-BYE.  This means the ejection of key PEOPLE within said government and the installation of good people (representatives) that will execute the laws we've agreed to live under and restore the BILL OF RIGHTS.  The question is how to accomplish this urgent need.


I've heard that most revolutions are bloodless - so it is reasonable to expect that we can have a bloodless revolution here in the US right now.  This revolution is taking place in the hearts and minds of WE THE PEOPLE now - and the fascists controlling the mob-media are intent on making it bloody by fanning flames of racism, divisions exploiting issues like gays and abortion etc...  That is their plan - to bring forth fighting using these and other false-flag scams to divide us and then eventually conquer us.

Our task - and the more difficult one - is the continue to pick them off one at a time using REASON.  This must be in every way on every day.  Every opportunity to "get the word out" or express what is obvious must be taken - but it takes time.  As the hearts and minds are won by reason - the mass-mind that is America will act as the GOOD crowd, the BRAVE crowd and will perform those deeds that have been accomplished by the masses throughout the ages.  Leaders will be necessary - but they must be chosen by a reasoned body and not a bloodthirsty crowd.


Crowd psychology is the means by which the fascists desire to maintain control.  As an inescapable reality WE THE PEOPLE must also bear its merits and pitfalls in mind as we fight to bring back good government - bringing our ship to shore out of this fascist storm.

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  1. I furgotta quote Le Bon regarding the referencing behind the points made above. But since it is in the title of the blog and readers are probably well-versed in Le Bon it seemed unnecessary at first.

    Anyway - give his book a read so you can understand the enemy playbook.


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