Where Do We Go from Here?

Something is rotten in Den..... I mean the United States.  Actually a lot.

This police state is becoming quite a bother.  After all - I'm an American.  Grew up in the seventies.  What the hell happened?

A lot.




1.  The break-up of the media.

     Without a complete shatter-fest of American media nothing will happen.  So-called "mainstream" media must be placed back into the hands of We the People.  Without this crucial step we are doomed.  Doomed to a war of vast proportions - worldwide that will shatter all we hold dear.  Only mainstream media can bring the message to the sleeping masses.

     The message must come from entertianment, news, everything.  Every angle.  Every direction.  Every opinion, idea - no question can go unasked.  Censorship must be made impossible.  Once again - this is the first most important step toward liberty and freedom.  There is no other way.

     The FCC is a joke.  Since they cannot do their job they must be disbanded - everyone fired - and an engineering commitee set up to ensure that broadcasts frequencies within a certain geographical location cannot infringe on those within the same range.  The output power of broadcast stations must be evened out so that each has a strong signal giving no one the "upper hand" - within obvious engineering obstacles.

     The programming must be set up to give a chance to public good - programs and guests must be brought on to give an even hand to competing ideas and agendas.  No Jews-only hosts can be allowed without an Arab balance and no religious zealot of any stripe allowed to speak without a balancing counterpoint.  This can be done to get us through the crisis then the laws set up to fade after we get on an even keel.

2.  Money reform

     There is absolutely positively  no good reason I've heard for private central bankers to have a monopoly on the means of exchange we all agree upon to do business.  There is absolutely no good reason not to present at least ONE competing currency to challenge the federal reserve counterfeiters.  They were given a job to do and they failed.  Let somebody compete with them - how about the Treasury of the United States?  How about some silver, gold or other backed currency to give them a little competition so they will have to get off their lazy asses and do something to make We the People WANT their paper money?  This critical step is only possible after a reform of the media - so a balanced perspective can be presented to We the People - so a democratic debate can take place as a prerequisite for informed debate and decision taking.  Bad money means bad everything.  Unless hard work and creative excellence are rewarded the country goes down the rat-hole.


3.  Transparancy in Government

     Whistleblowers need a BONUS.  Every one of them.  The jury is still out on whether or not Snowden is a psy-op.  We shall see - but for now - the reaction of the media to the asserted claims are horrifying to those like me who grew up within the framework of a "free society."  The concept that Snowden has to go to Russia - of all places - for freedom of speech is the most ridiculous garbage I've been exposed to yet.  ALL talking heads telling their flock of sheep that Snowden is a traitor should be hanged as traitors themselves.  The hell with it.  Since we are going for broke here - and human life means nothing in this country - let's start by hanging all the media liars.  Any media puke against freedom of speech should be viewed as signing their own death warrant.  Somebody call the government murderers and "report" the "analysts" etc... to the government for treason against We the People and have the media liars sent to Gitmo first - for torture since that is such a hoot - then have them all dig their own graves prior to being shot to death.  Heck - let's televise it - talk about a reality show huh?

     "Our" government tells us that they need the ability to watch us take a shit and jerk off right?  No privacy if you have nothing to hide huh?  What is good for the goose is good for the gander - so they should set the example of purity - let's put cameras in their homes and make a reality TV show out of it!  Talk about fun!

     We can watch the acts live on teevee that "our" representatives are being blackmailed by Israel, the NSA, the FBI - all on teevee!  Talk about ratings huh?

     Then maybe after they release all the records and hand out cash rewards in the millions to the whistleblowers that made it all possible - we can watch the dealings where they were caught on tape taking money from foreign and domestic spies!  Wouldn't that be precious?  Yeah!  Then we can hang all the bastards that put them up to defeating the NSA spying leash bill etc... and hang the foreign and domestic spies that put them up to it!  Wouldn't that be fun?  But wait - there's more.

5.  Trials

     How about we go back to the Nuremburg ideals - and hold all these corrupt corporate scumbags responsible for all the cash dealings they made selling us out?  How about we find the filthy freaks that sold the computers to the schools up in Pennsylvania that were watching the high schoolers undress from the cameras in their laptops they brought home from school?  How about we call a peeping tom a peeping tom instead of pretending they are watching us take a dump for national security via our smartphone?

     How about we find those sharing our medical records with prospective employers and insurance companies?  Put their names out there for everyone to see - kind of like the child-molester registry?  Wouldn't you want to know if your neighbor worked for the FBI and was spying on you?  Seriously  - you don't want your daughter to date the son of a beeotch who was reporting your suspicious activity to the cops do you?  What suspicious activity - I have no idea - anybody looks suspicious if you look long enough.  Try it - take a potato - set it on the table in front of you - or hold it in your hand if the bankers took your table - look at it - keep looking at it for a couple of days - it will eventually look suspicious - somehow.  Try it.

6.  Hollywood

     Let's make a new law after we throw the blackmailed crooks and turncoats out of office - any hollywood profiteer making movies glamorizing police violence should be put to DEATH.  Public execution - but not before we torture them using whatever government documentation and standards presently or formerly in use by the government pretending they represent us.  In fact we'll have the bastards torture each other!  Yeah!  There's an idea!  We'll built an arena - using Halliburton as the contractor - trust me they'll do it for cash - and have them all maim each other with the hope that as the winner they will get out alive!  But their reward - will be death for treason anyway.  Ha ha ha isn't this great?

7.  Schools

     Let's find the brightest students we can find and train them for future careers with the government.  Here are the career paths:

     1.  Torturer
     2.  Murderer
     3.  Liar and setup artist
     4.  Actor - (crisis)
     5.  Government leech
     6  Snitch
     7.  Peeping Tom (computer)
     8.  Etc...


Well that's enough - I had to put a few words down just to express my frustration with the state of affairs in this disappointment we call the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave."  I want to vomit.


    Don't you have a football/futbol game to get to?  Get in your minivan slave!

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