Good! Ron Paul quits CNN "interview" about gossip since the country needs to talk about the REAL ISSUES AMERICANS FACE

Someone sent me a link to this CNN idiocy linked below - focusing on nothing that matters - smearing Ron Paul.  But they have no time to address the recent NDAA treason voted into "law" by our Congress awaiting "Constitutional Scholar" to sign into "law" defying their oaths of office.  No time for the burning of the US Constitution - but plenty of time to try to attach crap to Ron Paul that really has nothing to do with him, crap that is inconsistent with everything this great man has done for our country, is inconsistent with his respect for ALL PEOPLE,  is inconsistent with everything the man stands for.  Yes - that's the role of CNN - to make sure that they present the most irrelevant garbage to the public in the hope that the public won't do their own homework and make up their own minds.

Turn off CNN.  They suck.

Why don't they talk about the issues?  Because they don't want YOU - ME - We the People to hear Ron Paul's strict adherence to the Constitution, his impeccable track record keeping his word in office, his intention to BRING THE TROOPS HOME.

This silly day-late-and-dollar-short attempt to continue with the show they've been putting on for Americans while assisting the blood-suckers and war-mongers with their diabolical plan to con Americans into yet another war - this time with Iran - using the same sorry-assed excuses as last time.  Gotta' get rid of Ron Paul.  Gotta' try to make him look bad somehow, anyhow, anyway...

Here is the CNN smear job: 

CNN hit-piece click 

Remember that Wolf the Blitzer is worried for his country - Israel.  Because he KNOWS RON PAUL WILL CUT ALL FOREIGN AID INCLUDING ISRAEL.  

Remember where Wolf's Loyalty will always be:  take the time to watch how "UNBIASED" WOLFIE IS.  Don't be fooled.  Go to time=2:18  Notice the placard.  Geez - no wonder he doesn't want Ron Paul in office representing the interests of AMERICA FIRST!


  1. This is too easy to refute. The next time CNN want to talk about this, why don't you get Ron Paul to ask them about their fake Newscast in the Gulf war.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTWY14eyMFg

  2. wipe this verin out
    if every person around the globe would kill one of these fucks
    we would be rid of these animals in about 12 hours

  3. Big problem with American/Canadian/UK media is that folks like to talk but do nothing about it.All the above countries have appointed hardcore Israel Firster cult Jews as chairman of the complaint/license establishments. I wonder if Ron Paul's agendia would be the first to kick Kosher @ssholeFCC chairman Julius Genachowski JEWISH APPOINTEES COULD END FREE INTERNET

  4. Ron Paul is the first American presidential hopeful that has a different and pro-American foreign policy. In "Happy Holiday Land" we ante up for the war machine and world wide garrisons and y folks are being bombarded with "Happy Holidays"; many who cannot afford to put food on the table, see a doctor, etc, let alone take a verily vacation. Why take away Christmas? So sad.

  5. When the money is created as debt by private human owners of a private corporation, the federal reserve bank even tho they try to hide their ownership under several layers of private corporate ownership. So they have unlimited money of course they own and control it all hiding ownership as i stated above. All bought and paid for with lies theft and murder. Sold out puppet talking heads is all you can expect from the oneway tv msm propaganda machine of the bankgangster family, Rothschild.

  6. Why don't the CNN tools understand that a good doctor is too busy for gossip?

  7. Go to cnn,msnbc or Huffington post if ya want liberal propaganda, I dont.

  8. Our Masters are panicstrike at the mere thought that Dr. Paul could win. All other candidates are bought or can be bought to continue the fleecing of America.

  9. They can find nothing else on Dr. Paul except a 33 year old newspaper that Dr. Paul didn't even write, much less see. That tells you how honest he is. The only candidate that has never "visited" Israel.

  10. No one knows what Ron Paul will actually do. Its one thing to vote for the guy, but to run around proclaiming he is the savior is ridiculous. You have no idea of his intentions.

    Policitians are notorious for saying exactly what you want to hear but exhibiting little action. Ron Paul falls into that category much to your dismay.

    Do you really believe the PTB would/will allow Ron Paul to "take back the country"? A single man? History speaks to this issue clearly. Is Ron Paul genuine? I don't know. Nor do I trust ANY politician to do the work that us people should be doing.

    Its up to the people to unite and structure a new way of life, and to prioritize the criminal proceedings against members of Congress and all other branches for treason, fraud, theft, high crimes and misdemeanors and murder.

    Much work must be done. THe PTB have planned for many many decades and their plans are formidable. How can you expect a single man to challenge this criminal yet powerful regime? You can't. Ron Paul is just an old man who has been whistling the same tune for many years now. I guess it really doesn't matter whether he's genuine or not....the point is that you need to get off your lazy asses and do something about it. And I have reservations whether Americans will respond appropriately. Thus, I believe the PTB will succeed with their plans and you will continue on as you have in the past.

    America is a dirty word. It represents most if not all of the vile things that can sicken and depress society and destroy humanity....for the sake of a few. All of our history has been a lie starting with the genocide of Indians to the illegal invasion of Libya. Ask yourself what America stands for? What have been the humanitarian successes of America? What good has been contributed to the world by America?

    You see... most of you are living a different reality. Its the reality they want you to believe and it has been pounded into your head and up your ass. America was by design a strategic military operation financed by a bunch of immigrant and hybridized individuals. The American society is divided and there is absolutely nothing that unites the people any longer. America has been a dream and the dream is over. You see what you have...or maybe you don't. Its all been a lie and you're still living it.

    Wake the fuch up! Ron Paul cannot save you or your bastard country. The pendulum has swung. Time is nearly exhausted. Time for you to choose and prioritize your actions. Maybe turning off the TV and sports will help. Good luck.

  11. i quit watching CNN along time ago. when i do see wolf blitzer i want to send him a bag of shit.!

  12. This is a valid question to ask congressman Paul. These are newsletteres that went out under his name. Now he should understand that what Newt Gingrich dis and said 25years ago is valid to be asked. Congressman Paul answer question and let it the truth speak. Did you attack the news writers? Why aren't you willing to understand how it is valid to speak about it? Other candidates have to answer questions and yoh,,, whats up you think its done, but now your on the national stage, deal with it, as president you will have to deal with much worse

  13. We are facing a situation where Newt and the rest of them will continue war agenda - Ron Paul will not.

    When you say"you have no idea of his intentions" you state the obvious as we have no idea of anyone's intentions - that is - unless you claim to be a mind-reader, in which case, I'd not believe you.

    What we DO have is Ron Paul's voting record - and it's a long one.

    If all they have is some dumbass newspaper clipping that they must focus on while all this mayhem is going on, we are being robbed - is just a typical political side-show distraction.

    Better grow up - realize that there are times that you have to decide - you don't have unlimited choices - you have limited choices. Ron Paul has the record, look it up.

    Stop with the baby stuff and get to work to get this great man into office.

  14. By the way - Ron Paul has already made a statement on this silly issue: That he didn't even know this clipping existed until ten years after the fact.

    Anyone can put stuff out there and attribute it to someone else - there a lot of people involved in campaigns - and if you'll notice - much of the work done getting Ron Paul into the position he's in was done by individuals laboring away on their own to raise him to a more prominent position.

    Rather than focusing on one stupid clipping he's answered for - why not look at the countless people working away on their own saying nothing of the sort this stupid article claims to go into.

    I'm not falling into a trap of infinite discussion about nothing.

    If you want to take a trip into a black hole that's your business

    I'm interested in preserving the Constitution first and foremost - and he is the only guy saying anything about it - and has been saying the same thing for a very long time.

    Finally judge Ron Paul by his actions. Why don't you start talking about that? Didn't he deliver 4000 babies? Didn't he serve as a flight surgeon in Vietnam? The list goes on and on and on and all you have is some stupid yellowed rag article about nothing to wave.

    Better grow up fast.


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