911 and Niels Harrit Interview: Niels tries to discuss adult topic of 911 with a 4-year-old

 It is no longer surprising to me  - these "interviews" by "reporters" who ask a seasoned scientist the most childish questions about the most obvious facts..... watch Niels squirm as he watches his "interviewer" embarrass himself.

Watch this incredible interview, where Niels suffers a fool for quite some time regarding the events of 911 - patiently answering the questions of a gullible child-like "reporter."  

As you watch the video consider the following importance of the preservation of evidence at an aviation crash scene.  When I trained as a pilot - the rule was - don't move anything except to preserve life or evidence that may be damaged by leaving it in position.  Is it reasonable for an FBI agent to pick up limbs of dead people in order to save their lives?  This interview is precious:

"Today, investigators are increasingly suspicious of acts of sabotage, willful or egregious reckless conduct, intentional and specific acts of terrorism.
The cause of an aircraft accident has often been determined from a detailed analysis of the wreckage including the actual location of the wreckage and where the remains from the wreckage fell.  Therefore, it is essential that wreckage be protected during rescue operations.  This is not to imply that during fire fighter operations wreckage may not be disturbed; it should be kept to a minimum.
NTSB Regulation, Title 49 CFR, Part 830, §830.10(b) pertaining to the preservation of aircraft wreckage allows for the removal of aircraft components to the extent necessary to:
·       Remove persons injured or trapped;
·       Protect the aircraft from futher damage; or
·       Protect the public from injury.
It further states that, at §830.10(c):
“Where it is necessary to disturb or move aircraft wreckage, mail or cargo, sketches, descriptive notes, and photographs shall be made, if possible, of the original position and condition of the wreckage and any significant impact marks.”
Fire fighting operations should not be delayed in order to prepare such sketches or photographs.  Firefighters or rescue personnel should attempt to remember the original location of anything that was moved during fire fighting and rescue operations.
As soon as practical, all personnel should document in writing all of their actions and activities during their involvement in the accident/incident.  All documentation should be made available to appropriate investigative agencies."  LINK HERE
Here is the video:


  1. The reporter is incompetent, uninformed, unfocused and a horrible interrogator. His questions are rambling, tangential, diversionary and mediocre.
    The professor needs to be queried by a worthy adversary- one who can debate against him in scientific terms- not this bozo just protecting the state sponsored line.
    BBC guy is a waste of time. Too bad they didnt include a clip of the on-air 'witness' who announced the collapse of Bldg 7 half an hour before it happened.

  2. The United States government will not roll up and admit its crimes of 9/11/01. The media will also do all it can (including blogs) to suppress the truth. Why? No, not for the reasons you may think. The reason: 9/11 and the fake 'War on Terror' was a response to the fake collapse of the USSR in 1991. That Soviet move in 1991 was a strategic stratagem under the Communists' 'Long-Range Stratey (agreed upon by all Communist nations in 1960). That is why the Russian electorate keep electing back into power for president (or Prime Minister) Communists from the 'Soviet era'. That is also why so many Communists from the Soviet era own the major businesses in Russia today. Also why the Communist red star is still on Russian military aircraft and Naval ships. You see, after 1991 Communist officers in the military stayed in place, as did the Communist Party employees of the Russian federal bureaucracies, who make up 90% of the federal government workforce.

  3. The interviewer is profoundly ignorant of the scientific method and of the rules of evidence. He should never be allowed to interview someone about subjects like this until he obtains at least a high school level education.

  4. I cannot believe how childish that interviewer is conducting his interview, it was so painful to watch that I stop watching 28 min into it!

    The absolute worst interview I have ever witnessed!

  5. Long,but well worth it.

  6. This reporter has an agenda and no interest in the truth and fights and twists every word of this clearly sincere, what to speak of brilliant, scientist, waving red herrings and nonsense as argument, clearly BBC, who announced demolition of Bldg 7 20 minutes before it happened, has no interest in the truth; why Niels gave him so much time is beyond me.

  7. Once again Mike Rudin demonstrates his total incapacity for independent critical thought.

  8. That was too painful to watch. Reporters showing their strength in ignorance makes me feel ill.

  9. The interviewer is typical of young people today, brainless and preferring the appeal to emotion over the scientific method and the law. This is a result of the TV and the relentless programming of soaps and faked up news.

  10. Very brave man Niels Harrit, but I fear for his life and think he will be rubbed out if he carries on pressing for and speaking the truth like this. Many of the eyewitnesses have already been whacked.

    This nauseating, Marxist, condecending piece of scum from the BBC typifies why we are all in terrible danger.
    The vermin at the BBC are well in on this coverup, heavily involved in the bullshit "war on terror".

    Anyone who still believes and follows the "official truth" and nonsense about September the Eleventh deserves the terrible future that they have coming to them and their children. Their apathy deserves nothing less.

  11. El idiota!

    the message is clear, and this braindead Brit
    phenomenon is now relatively common in this soulless nation. The fear of collapse of 'the empire' of regimented footsoldiery and robber baronry is so palapable, you can smell it. These monkey's need to be oppressed, otherwise what would they do - in a free society?
    the medieval institutions, and flat earth would be no more ... god help this country, Bhibek was right about the Englishman, especially the so called educated

  12. This interviewer is does not even deserve to breathe the same air in a room with Neils. Uneducated fool comes to mind. Accomplice to the crime is a better description of the interviewer. This is the same tactics used to discredit, Dr Stephen Jones and other experts who only want the truth. We know the truth, most humans on this earth know deep down in their guts 9/11 was a setup. They are too afraid to admit it. The science behind 9/11 cannot be covered up. Some day, the people who really did this will have to pay the piper. When that happens, the idiots like this interviewer will suffer the same fate as those responsible. They are on the same team and deserve the same fate.

  13. Good stuff. The reporter uses all sorts of rhetorical tricks, some of which are quite effective.

    Look at how the professor gets flustered and apologizes when the reporter suggests asking for an investigation is "insulting".

    Brilliantly done. Who wants to think they are insulting someone? He didn't back down, but he was taken aback.

    This video is like a class in Intimidating Reporting 101. Required viewing.

  14. The interviewer has to be one of the most incompetent and non-comprehending people I have heard. Dr. Neils Harrit deserves a seat in Heaven for his unbelievable, almost super-human, patience and perseverance. Well done Doctor!

  15. ....
    Clearly, Mr. Rudin is running interference for the TRIBE.

  16. Those who wish to pin 911 on the Israeli's exclusively should remember that that Dick, Cheney, according to Norman Mineta's testimony allowed the attack to happen.

    This implies complicity at the highest levels of the US Government - so remember - there is plenty of blame to go around.

  17. This was very entertaining, in a sick kind of way! Yes, Neils is such an incredibly intelligent and patient and gentle man, I wish I had one tenth of his pluck. When I meet people who present me with ignorant pomposity as this Rudin chap does, I really lose it and can't be bothered to let my blood pressure go through the roof. Yes, I agree with one commentor that BBC is working for THE TRIBE. See: Douglas Reed - The Controversy of Zion. Also, I learned a lot of new details about 911 from Neils that I had not known before. By the way, I have taught the film 911 Mysteries to many high level students in Japan and they almost all agree it was an inside job, no doubt about it (Israel Did 911).

  18. Dr. Harrit is a very courageous man to put himself in front a BBC propagandist like Mike Rudin. The interviewer appears to be more than just incompetent or child-like, however; he appears to be running cover, very possibly for the same crime syndicate that carried out the 9-11 attacks.
    Fortunately, Dr. Harrit had the foresight to make his own recording. This allowed him to maintain control of a record, independently, outside the auspices and control of the BBC. This is a precaution often overlooked by interviewees in times past.
    I would have liked if Dr. Harrit had used one camera to record his side of the interview, however; one trained on the interviewer. This would have added to evidence that could be used might to help prove that the questioner was more than just biased, child-like, or incompetent; but that he was or is in fact acting in a calculated manner, using common techniques employed by those who are running cover in the media for organized crime syndicates.
    The BBC is obviously being used to sway opinion away from consideration of any sort of official, legally sanctioned investigation where statements and testimony carry weight perjury and criminal prosecution. Once the interviewer’s veil of plausible deniability is pierced, we might conceivably add his name to the list of criminal suspects, as an accessory (before or after the fact) to mass murder. Video of the interviewer’s facial expression, his demeanor, along with other evidence, could help in rendering determination of guilt when the time comes.

  19. Quote:

    This implies complicity at the highest levels of the US Government - so remember - there is plenty of blame to go around.

    The US Government is nothing more than a proxy of Israel anyway, nothing more than puppets for the Jewish handlers.

    I would like to bet this odious specimen conducting the "interview" has a real name of Rubin.

    BBC propagandist says:

    "It is the same as a hammer dropping onto a china dish"

    No, sorry! It is nothing like that because the base of the WTC was not made of china, it was made of high grade steel and reinforced concrete. Also, between the hammer and china plate is thin air, where as between the top floors of the WTC and the bottom ones was a huge undamaged structure. This devious, contaminated piece of BBC evil is spewing some real poisonous and non-sensical analogies here.

    Remember the BBC also reported the WTC-7 blowing up 20mins before it did exactly that. Not only did they know it was going to blow up, they also knew exactly why it was going to blow up. Considering the BBC cannot usually get the weather right, that is some feat of journalism.

  20. A vid at the bottom of this blog - Core of Corruption - is worth watching. It's way way way at the bottom. I think that's the one that shows a lot of Israeli involvement.

    We can never forget the attack on the USS Liberty - which demonstrates that Israel would not hesitate to attack Americans for their national security interests as they see fit.

    Also involved in that attack had to be Americans at the highest levels of government - what else can explain Israel's puny forces napalming American sailors while the rest of the fleet sat by watching them get slaughtered.

    Some things never change I suppose.

  21. I like that idea from anon 2:09 about taking video of the interviewer as well.

    There can be no doubt that when interviews are conducted as this one was that the goal is to discredit Dr Harrit - not to discover truth. This implies common agendas - BBC and the criminals that slaughtered innocent people that day then lied about it. Then used it as an excuse to start wars of slaughter and blood-profit.

    BBC cannot give a good reason why they were reporting a building collapse that hadn't happened yet.

    Yes - all these points commenters bring up are true.

    Their day is coming.

  22. I have to congratulate professor Harrit for his exemplary patience, civility and restraint with the preadolescent, brat interviewer.
    That he did not loose some teeth by the professors fist is both a miracle and a reason why the perps of 9/11 are still walking free.
    We repress our rage far too much.

  23. Thank you for being so courageous. Thank you for getting out and discussing with us,,,you give hopeto my heart.

    Interview questionnaire


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