A Time for Musical Reflection

...first start the music on the first video below for ambience...then read on if you so desire...

As I await the signing by the current president of the National Defense Authorization Act - I must admit that I am at a loss for words.  Not because I can't think of any - but because it seems that the time for talk will soon be over as we Americans lose EVERYTHING.  

Is it our fault?  Yes.  After all - our Constitutional Republic requires an informed citizenry if it is to function as designed.  Despite the slowly awakening American public - to the lies, the stolen elections, the re-run candidates, the pretend-world presented by the complicit "mainstream media" - the economy, the death of the dollar - --- despite all of this -those intent on denying our rights press on.  But who cares about them when We the People have the ultimate say-so?  Harry Truman was WRONG -  the "buck" doesn't stop with the president - it stops with "We the People."

Our once-great nation of laws has become a nation of "men."  Interpretation:  TYRANNY.

As those traitors enacting this "law" - that American citizens can be imprisoned without trial,  continue with their last-ditch act of desperation to shield themselves from accountability from We the People - it is important to remember that the senators and President enacting this "law"  - as citizens - just like the rest of us - must understand that NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW - INCLUDING THEM.  This means that once this law is in place - THEY TOO - MUST EXPECT TO BE HELD INDEFINITELY WITHOUT TRIAL.  Isn't that special?

It also means that judges, lawyers, police officers, military officers and enlisted - EVERYONE participating in the charade known as our "legal system" are no longer needed - as aren't anyone working in the "defense industry" (since their only job is the defense of our rights) - as arent't any soldiers, sailors, airmen, or marines - since their ONLY reason for existence is the protection of our rights - no -  since we will no longer have the RULE OF LAW - but of men they can all go home now - and await indefinite detention without trial.   

By the way "law" enforcement folks- after you are thrown on the trash heap as are all useful idiots - remember to keep your pie-hole shut about all the crime and unconstitutional treason you let go while you had your job - since the "laws" passed on YOUR WATCH, resulting from your dereliction of duty in stopping TREASON will now apply to YOU AND YOURS - just like the rest of us!  No badge and gun - no more puffed-up swagger - just sit there breathing through your mouth - wondering if you're next- or will it be the kids?  No more rule of law - will you shoot one of your former "brothers in blue" when they come to take your kid away?  Interesting food for thought.  

Our American forefathers fought for what they believed America should be.  It is time to define exactly that:  What America should be.

Our government is presently severely broken - and once the bill aforementioned is signed - said government will cease to matter.  Our government of We the People having been constructed for one - and only one purpose - to protect our rights - has now taken off its servant-mask - baring its fangs at last for all to see - as its corruption, crime, rape and pillage of the population becomes too obvious to hide any longer.  

The game is over - and to escape the gallows or the guillotine - our "representatives" (ha ha) cling to their pens, papers and ever-expanding volumes of "laws" - while they pretend that the only law that matters - the law of the land - the US Constitution, doesn't matter.  But....THE CONSTITUTION DOES MATTER.

How interesting.  The traitors-to-the-Constitution - keep building their house of cards - while jack-hammering away at the foundation upon which that house is built.  Talk about stupid.  Talk about desperate.  Talk about scared.  

I heard somewhere that any law can be judged by the willingness of the public to obey it.  Something tells me there is going to be big problems when the Feds try to enforce this treasonous scam.

I hope that law enforcement and the military will pick a side - and soon.  We the People await your decision.  We invite you to join with We the People to restore our Republic and the rule of law.

I am deeply concerned for my country right now.  I see absolutely no hope unless Ron Paul becomes president and is protected from assassination.  I don't like being an alarmist - but if this treasonous legislation is enforced - we will face a Revolutionary/Civil War - right here in the 'states.  

I don't play dice - but it looks like us patriots are being forced to either act or just march under the yoke.

The presidential election, law enforcement and military defiance of illegal (unconstitutional orders) - those are the hinges upon which the door to the future of America swings.

Here is some music to listen to - to contemplate - what does it all mean?

...with each passing day I wonder if these guys were right about fighting for states' rights:

...music keeps the masses marching - in every war...

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