Afghanistan is a Racket: Straight Talk About War

"Are our men and women fighting in Afghanistan heroes?  I am a former Marine combat infantryman.  I know the game and have fought “for” corporate America in an unjust war.  I can drag the excuse out that I fought for my friends or “honor” but even that lie is getting tougher and tougher.
I just can't do it anymore."
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Note:  I have great respect for Gordon Duff.  I would take issue with his saying in the article that he is "nuts" because is NOT.  Gordon Duff is a wise man - because he has the courage to LOOK AT THE FACTS and formulate his own conclusions.  Those conclusions are contrary to the beliefs for which he fought as a Marine.

Gordon Duff is not to be blamed for his patriotism, or his adherence to an absolutely necessary reliance on chain-of-command in the military.  He performed his role as part of a war machine.  Unfortunately - he did not factor in the horrible reality that those giving orders - from the very top were merchants of death - repeating key words - words they did not hold with the same sacred value true heroes do.

Sending men to war for hidden agendas is a crime of the highest order.  

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