Pearl Harbor again and the New American Revolutionary War


From "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College

"Thought would destroy their paradise.
No more; where ignorance is bliss,
       'Tis folly to be wise."

Pearl Harbor Day - December 7, 1941 - as predicted by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, is a day that still lives in infamy.  Warning - although we had another - 911 - we've probably got another false-flag coming soon to start the next bloodbath. 

Following the "War to End All Wars" - the "Great War" - "World War I" - Americans had actually learned something - the body politic of these United States - We The People - KNEW - that George Washington - the "Father of Our Country" was RIGHT when he admonished us to avoid foreign entanglements - and to BEWARE OF THE CONCENTRATION OF POWER IN ONE DEPARTMENT OF GOVERNMENT:

"It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those intrusted with its administration to confirm themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power and proneness to abuse it which predominates in the human heart is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position. The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power, by dividing and distributing it into different depositories, and constituting each the guardian of the public weal against invasions by others, has been evinced by experiments ancient and modern, some of them in our country and under our own eyes. To preserve them must be as necessary as to institute them. If in the opinion of the people the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates, but let there be no change by usurpation; for though this in one instance may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. The precedent must always greatly overbalance in permanent evil any partial or transient benefit which the use can at any time yield."

So what does this mean for us?  Not only has power been concentrated in one department of government here in these United States - it has been usurped by traitors who've infiltrated all departments of our government - traitors taking their marching orders from unelected officials and monied interests.  Interests whose agendas are most alarmingly at odds with OUR RIGHTS.

I waited a few days to write anything about the recent vote by our TRAITOROUS Senate in favor of the NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT because the implications are sickening - if one reads history.  What must be said about the ineluctable conclusion of such a tyrannical power-grab - made me think about what I must say - since I must face the truth of the matter - and speaking the truth now is like donning a deer costume and frolicking in the woods on the first day of deer hunting season.  But hey - what the hell - it's a free country right?  

And after all - what - is Lindsey Graham gonna' come over here to my house and try to take me captive?  What a sissy.  Good luck.  Or how about the idiot Carl Levin?  He'd not be able to catch me let alone lay a hand on me - I'd kick his ass - easily.  

 Wait - forget the violence defending against the TREASONOUS senators - I know - I can crumple up a hundred dollar bill and throw it into the driveway - and when the venal viper goes to grab it - I'll just head out the back door!  

No - I'll bet their intention is to send some dumbass in a uniform who doesn't understand our Constitution and the meaning of unalienable rights to do his TREASONOUS TASK of BETRAYAL of WE THE PEOPLE AND THE CONSTITUTION - to which he and the others swore an oath to uphold. 

If you haven't heard of this treasonous act of betrayal of WE THE PEOPLE - by oath-bound servants we hired to protect our rights - against all enemies foreign and domestic - I'm not surprised. The mainstream media has worked hard to hide this disgrace - this declaration of war against YOU and Me - and the FACT that Ron Paul is sweeping the nation as leading candidate for president.

I've taken the time over the last few days to think this over - this act of war against ME - AND YOU.  Why?

Because after digesting the FACT that scumbags like McCain and Lindsey Graham and Levin - and many others - having taken an oath to defend my rights - just passed a bill claiming that the very government I pay for has a "right" to indefinitely - without trial imprison me - and YOU - and YOUR KIDS.

So - what am I to make of this?

Ron Paul must be elected - then protected from assassination.  That's the peaceful way out of this.  There is absolutely, positively NO OTHER ANSWER RIGHT NOW.

If Ron Paul is not elected I predict the worst.  I'm talking about bloodshed - and lots of it.  Why?

Because if this crooked den of vipers posing as our "representatives" intend to send a local public servant - sheriff - police - SWAT - to start rounding us up without trial - it is our duty - to shoot them.  To kill them if necessary - because they are obeying illegal orders they should not have obeyed.  Because their superiors that gave said orders are DISOBEYING THE LAW.  But is that OK for a citizen to do?

YES.  It is morally justifiable to fire on any law enforcement or military - foreign troops - mercenaries - you name it - if they come to take you away and lock you up indefinitely without trial.  It is undignified for human beings to be treated like livestock.  It is that simple.

It doesn't matter if the criminal shows up with a mask and gun in the dark to violate your rights - or if a criminal shows up with a mask and a gun wearing a badge - or a uniform - to violate your unalienable rights.  Either way - YOU ARE MORALLY JUSTIFIED IN KILLING THEM.


I can go on for days regarding the idiotic logic of killing citizens to protect citizens - but why?  

We do indeed live in "interesting" times.


  1. I like Ron Paul. He still doesn't get it, though. The USA is beyond redemption. Even if elected to power, he must then exercise it. To date, he has not been "Wellstoned", so his continued earthly existence suggests that in some way, consciously or unconsciously, his campaign serves the Power Elite.
    P.S. The US Constitution was written by a rogue body of businessmen who had been commissioned to reform the Articles of Confederation, not write a new "Contract with America"! See where that has gotten us today!

  2. True but sometimes- you have to take what you can get and run with it.
    I think Ron Paul does get it - but one thing at a time.
    Nobody wants insane upheaval or violence but cornered is cornered.
    There is one avenue of action NOW: get Ron Paul into the Presidency and keep him alive.



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