Ron Paul would slay a Three-Headed Snake

Slowly the truth trickles out to the public...

...the golden rule - "Those with the Gold make the Rules"....... especially with regards to what is reported in the media...
...it is no coincidence that those who OWN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA "underreport" some things like the FACT that GE paid no taxes while raking in huge profits...

...and of course it is all blamed on YOU the public because you want to get the benefits you paid for while the Military-Industrial Complex plays puppetmaster with "our representatives" THEY OWN... 
"the social security payroll tax has generated 2 Trillion Dollars more in revenues than it paid out in benefits...the politicians spent that money on wars...the only enemies the United States has are those it created by bombing other countries."

"The American People have no control over the United States government" Dr. Roberts says.  Then he lists those who DO.

Ron Paul in the White House would fix at least three of these issues:
1.  AIPAC would no longer have the control over the executive they now enjoy.
2.  The Vampire Federal Reserve would be checked.
3.  The Wars would be Stopped.

A president that dared to face down AIPAC, the Federal Reserve, and the Military-Industrial Complex/Armaments industry would be targeted for assassination with a puppet set up to take his place to keep these game going.  Security would be absolutely essential - this may include a list of beneficiaries of such a coup who would have to answer for the crime should it be committed.

Ron Paul has a record of following through with campaign promises once in office.  His record and intentions are clear.  That makes him THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN ON THE PLANET FACED BY  THE LETHAL THREE-HEADED SNAKE LISTED ABOVE.  Once the snake knows it is cornered and its days are numbered we can expect it to strike.

We are indeed facing many monsters - but ultimately We the People have the power to slay the dragons. We the People must elect Ron Paul for the White House, protect him so he can do his job, and follow through with what is asked of us when the tough decisions are made.

We must have Liberty and Justice for all -   


  1. I don't trust Paul one iota, him and his "innocent" face. ALL politicians are crooks- how come he's been allowed to be in Congress all this time?

    Ron Paul, the "good" cop of the "Good Cop Bad Cop" set.

    If that weren't so, the Feds would have kone away with him, a long time ago.

  2. the poster above, is an idiot. he doesn't want leadership, instead preferring the zombies of today.....well, go move to another country, buddy, bc the rest of us want change, and we want real change, not more of this garbage. that's why we are going to vote for Ron Paul, whether we write him in, or not. the msm wants to tell you that he can't win. donald trump pretends to run,and tries to tell you that Ron Paul cannot win. and then, idiots like the above poster want to create distrust in you, so that they can ignore Ron Paul. don't fall for it. Ron Paul is the leadership we need. Ron Paul's message is greater than he is. if he is murdered, like JFK, and Paul Wellstone, the same ideas will continue.

    the ideas spread like fire. help spread it, don't be a wet blanket.

  3. He is not an idiot - he is a hasbarite sent to spread disinfo and doubt among the sheeple.

  4. If only elections were real, this would make a difference. But since the entire system of government is nothing more than a corporate fiction, it does not matter who is in office. They work for the corporation and its masters. Period. If you want true change, everyone must walk away from the system.

  5. Bullshit walk away- we have no choice except to stand our ground and put in a leader with a record. If something happens to him then perhaps it will be time not to walk away but instead force accountability.
    If you think walking away works you'll find those willing to hang in the system controlling it just as they are now.
    Ron Paul has a record that no claptrap can undo or hope to deny to rational persons. That's what makes him different.


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