Apple iPhone, iPad secretly tracking your location

"Watch this creepy video created by Allen that shows his July 2010 Amtrak trip from Washington D.C. to New York using data points culled from the iPhone Tracker software."CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Note:  Apparently starting with IOS 4 the device captures about 100 data points per day so government workers can see where you were and which networks your phone connected to along the way.

 I often wonder what a pathetic existence it must be to go to work as a professional peeping Thom - getting paid for it - and how one explains to their kids that they are spying on their fellow citizens who've never committed a crime - most of whom will not ever actually do anything wrong.  My guess is that the pathetic little government workers must first convince themselves that they are doing something "good" by spying on their neighbors, reinforcing these errant beliefs with television fantasies of their contribution to the "war effort."  That way by lying to themselves - and believing their own bullshit - they are not really lying to their kids when they tell them they are doing "good" at work.  How sad.

The potential for blackmailing public officials whether elected or beurocrat comes to mind.  Witchhunts and fishing expeditions mining for tidbits of information that have potential use as a lever to coerce someone to keep their mouth shut would be easy to dig up.

Yes - this is ideal for controlling the masses and keeping potential whistleblowers quiet, politicians and honest cops off one's back and the rest of it.

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