Obama not so nice when the cameras are turned off?

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Please first go (CLICK) HERE TO WATCH OBAMA INTERVIEW VIDEO...watch just at the end where he's really getting serious, as opposed to the acting he does while he thinks the cameras are rolling.  What a fraud.

Oh yay - we get to see the "or else" Obama.  You know - the one that tells people off camera (in so many words) "either you toe the line or no more interviews."

Fuck you prez.  Who the hell wants to talk to a liar anyway?  After all - as the old joke goes - "How do you know when Obama is lying?.......Answer:  When his lips are moving!"  Bwa ha ha ha!   

Take it from the Liar-in-Chief himself - but don't "take it to the bank:"

The Obama voters - some cannot even come to grips with reality enough to take the "Hope and Change" bumper stickers off their Toyota Priuses as they wallow in their state of denial.  When I see them getting in their cars at Whole Foods and the Yoga supermarkets - I pretend that I can't see the Obama stickers on the painted surfaces of their vehicles.  Gwad that's gotta' be embarrassing - not only to be such a sucker for such a lying gangster - but to live in such a state of denial.  Surely they deserve more dignity than pity affords.  Maybe not - anybody dumb enough to put an Obama sticker on their car's paint....

In the first video linked above we get a chance, thanks to a REAL NEWSMAN, to see how politics really works:  Access is granted to those who will do what the bossman says - or no more access to the bossman.

The problem is that there is an election coming up - and I, for one, don't give a flyin' what this lying gangster has to say.  So tell him to stick it - and start covering Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura.  Without asking them I will go out on a limb and bet that neither of them will give a reporter a hard time for asking tough questions like this Chicago gangster does.  After all - they tend to tell the truth - so there is no manipulation of the media required - they speak off the cuff and from the heart candidly.

Thanks to this brave reporter for helping get the word out about the gangster-in-chief.  Don't think for a moment that I would endorse any attack on the Democrats to benefit the Republicans here.  The two-party system is just two sides of the same Federal Reserve note - and I really really really wish American citizens would consider the candidates I mentioned - giving even listen- time to the dividers in the two-party "keep 'em divided" game. I am confident that with some study you will see their candor, love of country, and common-sense approach to solving our nations problems and bringing us all together around common issues that unite us.

Please take some time to look at the issues that Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura discuss - look at their candor and look at the lengths to which the corporate-owned mainstream media will go to keep them out of public view.

Don't ever forget that it cost a lot of money to put Obama in the White House.  The bankers got bailed out - in other words PAID BACK.  If you elect Obama, Trump or any of these other side-show marketing miracles - the bankers win again.


  1. voted down very quickly on Reddit before it causes too much damage. Must have a controlled media or the truth might come out.

  2. Don't ever dare to forget that the bankers will always win no matter what. Definitely, the elite will always use their money at the advantage of the one who will stand on their behalf. If you elect Obama or Trump,it does not matter after all. The bankers will win as it will be declared.

  3. That's why we need to elect Ron Paul, not Obama or Trump


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