Donald Trump's Solution on Gas Prices: Get Tough With Saudi Arabia; Seize Oil Fields in Libya and Iraq?

At this link I read the following:

"Stephanopoulos: So, we steal an oil field?
Trump: Excuse me.  You’re not stealing.  Excuse me.  You’re not stealing anything.  You’re taking-- we’re reimbursing ourselves-- at least, at a minimum, and I say more.  We’re taking back $1.5 trillion to reimburse ourselves."
and we can watch:

My take on all this, as if it really matters, is that George is probably the least "feisty" Greek in history  - but you know - maybe he'll get a clue and start really asking some tough questions.  Oh yeah - he can't - he works for the corporate-owned mainstream USA!  USA! media.
I guess he has a family to feed.  Whatever.  Now what about side-show-Trump?

This guy is using Hitlerian logic.  Go for the oil fields.  That's what Hitler did - he diverted part of his army invading Russia south to go after the oil.  I think he diverted part of Army Group Center to go with Army group south - then things got messed up. But this isn't really that important - what I think is amazing is that side-show-Donald doesn't share my ethics - that is - I don't think it is OK to invade countries and take anything from them.  What for?  
Side-show Trump is just that - a side show.  Why he gets all this TV time when we have guys like Ron Paul - guys with ethics - guys with a RECORD OF DOING IN OFFICE WHAT THEY PROMISED TO DO DURING THEIR CAMPAIGN - WHY some jackass like side-show-Trump gets all this TV time can only be explained if one considers that the powers that be have an agenda - and side-show-Don is part of that agenda.  It has to do with somehow finding a way to split the Ron Paul vote.
Ron Paul has a record like nobody else.  HE MEANS WHAT HE SAYS.  No other candidate can make that boast that I am aware of.

Don't fall for side-show-Trump.  He's working for the robber-barons - that is for sure.  A country is not a business.  There's a big big difference.  And even if our country were a business - we don't need anybody running it who is an expert in GOING BANKRUPT!
Ron Paul will kill the three-headed snake:
1.  Federal REserve dead
2.  AIPAC influence in executive branch gone.
3.  Wars of aggression based on lies based on torture - ENDED.

Nobody else can get that done that I know of - and nobody else can show up and make those promises with a record of keeping promises like Ron Paul.

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  1. The government must not seize the country of Iraq. We must be considerate of the country because they are one of the sources of the fuel and oil. Instead to seize the country we must be thankful to them.


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