Short Vid: Scott Ritter on Iran - like YOU - needs to learn to 'toe the line' - OR ELSE!

"Prosecutors accused Ritter, 49, of Delmar, New York, a suburb of Albany, of engaging in a lurid web chat with a person portrayed as a 15-year-old girl. That person was actually a detective for the Barrett Township Police Department in Pennsylvania."
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I don't know what Scott Ritter did or didn't do and neither do you.  It's all bullshit.

One thing I know about Scott Ritter - he has BALLS.  That means he has testosterone - not a crime last time I checked.  Actually an admirable quality - if you are old-fashioned like me.

Somehow - he got conned into talking to some skank on the internet.  Obviously the cop industry have their whores they hire to use their sleazy charms to lure in the guys who's nuts still work.  Wow!  Big accomplishment.  Then a little while later - HE'S BUSTED!  YEAH!

I'm sure this judge is on the up-and-up like the crooked scum in Pennsylvania that were incarcerating children - what's the scumbags name?......Chivarella?  Shit on a stick.  Judge?  Some law industry.  Gotta' be connected - but as far as Scott Ritter goes - don't rock the boat or you're going down.

What did Scott do other than tell the world the truth that Saddam Hussein (remember him?) HAD NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!

There's the crime.  It is really that simple.  The rest is set-up - crony politics and whatever you want to believe when it comes to the ephemeral and ethereal world known as the "internet."

I don't know what Scott Ritter did that he is accused of - and since I KNOW THE FBI IS AWOL ON 911 TRUTH I know they are a worthless bought-and-paid-for corrupt organ of the exectutive branch - another secret police for the liar-in-chief's handlers to employ to silence the truth-speakers.

Scott Ritter told YOU the truth.  Now he is facing the "law" - that is - the filthy lying corrupt illegal/corporaprison/boughtjudge/mafia we worship as our law.

If you can sit there and you have any position in the "legal" system - I pity you - as you watch a good man go down because YOU ARE A COWARD - YOU HAVE A MORTGAGE TO PAY - and as the "GOOD MAN/WOMAN" YOU ARE YOU WATCH SOMEBODY WITH THE BALLS TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS PAY THE PRICE.

Sleep well my lovely government workers.  Your days are numbered - because - YOU'RE NEXT.  There is no escape from dictatorship.  You think you are buying time - but the very secrets you are protecting in private are the poison that will kill you for knowing it in the first place.

Good night - sleep tight.  Oh by the way - here is Scott Ritter telling YOU THE TRUTH.  This is exactly what got him in trouble - telling THE TRUTH!  

I just read somewhere - "If you want to make someone ANGRY tell them a LIE, if you want to make someone FURIOUS - TELL THEM THE TRUTH!"

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  1. He screwed with the Bush Administration andnow they are finally gewtting even with him. Those "elephant" neocons never forget.


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