Ontario judge strikes down marijuana laws

""Rather than promote health – the regulations have the opposite effect," he wrote in his decision [PDF]. "Rather than promote effective drug control – the regulations drive the critically ill to the black market.""
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Note:  It is admirable that the legal system in Canada finally recognized a reality a two- year-old could have figured out.  Pay attention for the spin coming from the private prison-police-court industry here in the states as they sense their diminishing funds if people in the states get enough real news to notice the beneficial trends that are about to occur in Canada.

Meanwhile our researchers will continue to "study" this "controversial" issue - simply delaying via government inaction the inevitable regarding legalization here in the 'states.  The only delay now is to keep a lid on legalization while the fat cats decide who's gonna divy up the biggest pieces of the profits once it becomes legalized here.

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