6 Year Old Girl Groped By TSA-with appropriate foul language commentary video

Note:  Your tax dollars at work.  WTF is going on?  This is madness and disgusting.  I just don't know....
Maybe we can listen to this gentleman:  I couldn't put it better myself...


  1. Please...someone who knows the name of the pervertress who did this criminal act PLEASE POST on the Internet for all to see. Also, her address would be good too.

  2. I keep hearing things like: "Well the TSA people are just doing their job"

    As I was raised - there was a mantra repeated to me by all sentient beings:

    "If Joey jumped off a bridge would you jump off too?"

    In other words...

    Being a follower of bad rules, laws, regulations, or illegal orders is becoming clear to the public as the thin veneer behind which cowards hide.

    No more fucking NAZIs - it's time to - as the gentleman says - at least boo the fucks!

  3. enven arabs revolted !!!

  4. LOL. I hear ya buddy. Seriously.

  5. Don't put up with this unconstitutional garbage! It’s all worthless security theater that does nothing to keep you “safe”. Boycott Flying ENTIRELY until sanity returns! Please join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boycott-Flying/126801010710392

  6. Kelownamom

    I love your rant....because I tend to do the same thing when I see or hear about this shit. Thanks for not being a mindless 'sheeple'and speaking out. We all need to be less compliant and stand up...loudly.
    Think about this...would we as parents allow some stranger to come up to our child in a supermarket and touch them that way???? Why then do we allow it anywhere else??????????

  7. How can people allow their children to abused like this. I agree with this guy its about time these folks got their f*cking NAZI asses exposed. Find them in their home and give them what they deserve. Stop this sh*t. Why do you give these airports your money you fools.

    National socialistAmerican Zionist Inc

  8. who is this stupid black child molester, it would be good to find out who she is and where she lives, maybe it can be done to her just to see how this idiot did. No wonder why this kind of trash can only do pervert jobs like this, ignorant, lazy trash, maybe she will be good to go and do this to the children of politicians to see how this will be

  9. Don't you love a few comments, "She was just doing her job"? Are you freaking kidding me!
    You wouldn't know a Nazi if she was in full uniform standing right in front of you.
    Oh, by the way, speaking of Nazis, they were "Just doing their job" when they throw babies, woman, children and men in the gas chambers to. God bless this man on this video. I couldn't have said it any better.You speak for many of us around the country.

  10. Thank you for putting the responsibility for the mess right on the backs of them on whom it belongs. AMERICAN PEOPLE. Selfishness and narcissism are the name of the game here and these SOBs will just as docilely go to their gassing at the FEMA camps. Good riddance perhaps its darwinism at work. Some too stupid to live?? OUTRAGEUOS. Your anger sir is very appropriate and even understated.

  11. How to be de-humanised, (You will comply)

    I think all Americans should be ashamed of themselves, for allowing , Low life scum, to control their lives:

    You have truly shown yourselves to be COWARDS, for allowing this. All mouth-No action:

  12. Kelownamom

    The time for this man to fight back was in the AIRPORT when this happened - not later from the safety of his living room. His rant, while gratifying for us and him, is not changing a damn thing.
    They dont care what we think or feel. Only what we DO DO DO. NONCOMPLIANCE and pushback at the point of contact are what matters. Get it ???????????

  13. All the soccer moms here in the 'states claim that "it's all about the children" - they have the kids wearing helmets in the shower - cops at the schools - metal detectors - all this horshit -but when they go the the airport and soon everywhere else - what do they teach their daughters?

    Put your hands up and pull your pants down!

    I am ashamed.

  14. hey jimb ...
    "FBI Files - Top Zionist Says Only 2
    Million Jews In WWII Europe
    From Anon

    Jeff -

    Excerpt from the FBI Files - A 'Zionist Organization of America' 1943 memo with Dr Heller being Chairman of the Zionist Organization of America.

    then search "2,000,000" surprise ,surprise so those "babies, woman, children and men in the gas chambers" which people would they be ? The missing 2,000,000 or the imaginary 4,000,000 ?

  15. ok, it's so easy to f u on the video camera. Back to reality, the parent, or anyone, who actually protested and "not allowed" the search, would almost certainly be

    - tasered
    - arrested
    - charged with several crimes
    - put in jail
    - found guilty, by the way, by noone else but the jury of their peers
    - consequently, wouldn't see the child for years
    - fined $11,000.

    And by the way, nothing of this would prevent search of the child anyway. According to TSA rules, whoever has entered "sterile area", can't leave it without being searched. "Security is not an option", as they say.

    Now I wonder, does anybody have more practical suggestions?

    Just two notable references, one recent, another 10 year old.

    "Rape victim arrested for refusing TSA pat down"


  16. Apathy, America is thy name :)

  17. Very well said, and I agree with this gentleman completely. American men and women need to grow a spine and speak out against this nonsense. How dare this filthy pervert do this to this or any other small child. We as people will get the tyranny that we will accept.

    Remember this if you don't remember anything else. Tyranny can not stay static, it must get worse by its very nature. If you think this is something, wait until they start doing this to little infants. Although it is my belief that many of these same people will do the same as they did with this little girl.

    Now, no one hates Hitler as much as I but we must bring this more up to date to understand what is going on here. In Israel, this is done to children everyday. Who do you think was really involved with 9/11? Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that Israel along with rouge elements in this government were responsible for 9/11.

  18. Practical suggestion: Don't fly. But business folks are stuck.
    That means the states must boot these NAZIs out of the airports at the state level. Also remember that they shut the radiation baths down on Thanksgiving because they knew the public was getting pissed.

    There is nothing that can really stop an angry mob. This groping of kids is sick - and the irradiation of them sick too.

    Anybody telling you there is ANY safe dose of radiation has sh*t for brains.

  19. This not the first time in history that the US has deliberately and maliciously caused cancer. It injected live cancer cells into the patients of a clinic in the 40s without their authorization for "experimental" purposes.. Read up on the deliberate contamination of the Polio vaccine with irradiated mutated monkey viruses, which is now seeing the result: Soft tissue cancers years after the vaccine. Read "Dr Mary's Monkey" by Edward T. Haslam.

  20. Yo Yo Yo!
    This needs to get to the county level. The sheriff is the supreme peace officer in the county. He can toss out the feds, or any other perverts out of his county.
    So, call the sheriff in your county [or parish] and demand that he do his duty to the people and his oath the Constitution and rid us of those vermin.

  21. Why did the parent allow this?

    I heard someplace (can't remember now where) that this was designed to outrage people so much that they would be willing to go for a national i.d. card which people have been adamently against. But, we see here, by this video that people really do nothing when they are being violated in public and when a parent allows this something is wrong in the minds of the people.

    Next stop: Medicare and Social Security. With Social security having trillions in SURPLUS, the people will still be easily swayed to give up their money they worked their entire lives for....just watch it happen...it will.

  22. What happened to the "TSA Hearings"???

    The media didn't even televise those. We are living in a fascist plutocracy. The government does whatever it wants. Most the people don't even care.

    It's worse than a fascist state.

  23. if the morons would stop flying, tsa would be out of a job.thats the way to stop the madness. when fascism strikes strike back, dont buy a damn thing you dont need, dont fly, dont drive , just dont.

  24. I gave up flying even before we got to "Groped or irradiated?" part of the fun and games. I will NOT give the fuckers money to abuse me.

  25. Call, write and email the airlines. Say to them "I will not fly your airline until this madness stops!"
    If you must fly, opt out.
    And finally, please post the names and addresses of those TSA animals. We need to have an Unregistered Sex Offender database. Keep our children safe!

  26. My proposal to restore America to the Constitution; each time you as an American Citizen witness any act which is designed to reduce a fellow American Citizen's Rights or Human Integrity, sock the perp in the eye. If everyone whom this disgusting TSA gropes would stop whining about it and sock that f*cker in the eye, that TSA agent would in short order stop groping...too painful. Apply this mantra to politicians, bankers, overloaded Gov agencies, media lies, complicit behavior, etc. and very soon we'll have a world of individuals weary of getting socked in the eye for imposing on the rest of humanity that is just trying to get by day-to-day.

  27. This alleged "woman" deserves to have her ass kicked! It cannot hide behind "being a woman" because a real woman would NEVER do anything like that to a child.
    Someone needs to take her, and all the other TSA scumbags behind the woodshed and give them a "search party" of their own.


  29. The mother clearly refuses in the video. You can just see the look of disgust and anger on her face. Most of you people here are saying she should have stepped up and said something. She did. She was threatened with jail time and fines. This is horrible. Truly, truly horrible. That poor girl is probably scared for life.

  30. When are we all going to learn that it is a felony to grope us? Take names, and sue the person individually...STAND UP AMERICAN JUST SAY NO....if everyone flying would say no....everyone in the damn line, wht would they do? Tell everyone to go home...time the airlines started getting no shows into their seats....

  31. The parents of this girl need to get a lesson about protecting their children. Parents that allow anyone to do this to their kids are NOT protecting them. These parents should have refused, knowing that the search was unconstitutional AND under coercion, i.e. using force or intimidation to obtain compliance. These parents MUST press criminal charges against this piece of filth TSA servant and any other servant involved immediately. Their daughter was SEXUALLY ASSUALTED and they did NOTHING to stop it!!!


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