Obama admin. threatens to prosecute state employees who license medical marijuana dispensaries

"A letter from the Department of Justice, sent yesterday to Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire (D), warned of the potential for criminal prosecutions of state employees who engage in the production of medical marijuana, which is now legally sanctioned in the state.

The message would seem to stand in stark contrast to the Obama administration's claim that they would not prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries that were operating within a state that had legalized it"
Note:  It really must hurt if you are one of the suckers that voted for this liar.  Of all the issues - this one is the most benign if legalized - but deadly and corrupting to our society at all levels if kept illegal.
This man is a liar.  He is supporting corruption.  Vote for Ron Paul.  Libertarians have no time to jail citizens and break up families for growing and using a medicinal herb.  
Obombyall drop bombs on the Pakistanis for their own good though.  He cares - really!  When are people going to wake up  and ...more importantly.....GROW UP!

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  1. When are these morons in Washington going to admit that the United States is not a country? It is a voluntary confederation of sovereign states. The states can do anything that their constitutions allow them to do. And while I’m on the subject, why do we have to pay income taxes when no law exists that states we’re obligated to do so?


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