Humble Raspy Pie

What a world!

I beg the reader to excuse me for any character errors since this keyboard is miniature and connected to a @Rasperry Pi@ computer.  You see, already  there should have been quotatio marks around the former computer name, but instead we get the at symbol.  What does one expect from a device that touts easy switchability between operating systems - but nothing of the sort really exists - sionce it is impossible for a novice to install these operating systems - the problem being the @bootable part@ .

Oh, by the way 0 when I booted this R0Pi originally  it asked me to define my keyboard - I didnt' do it on the spot so am going to pay the penalty  probably for the rest of my life.  I haven't figured out how to get back to the configuration menu on this miraculous micro-computer - but eventually I will.

The Rasp Pi is a wonderful thing - I do suggest you get one - delivered wth a bootable dislk.  If you are wondering why everything I am typing is so Jacked-up it is because I bought the cheapest USB keyboard possible to use with this tiny computer  and am now paying the price.

Anyway - there is a picture of this miraculous computer on a board - it runs very streamlined versions of Linux - it's amazing - but the retards that claim to document how to use this device are just that - retarded.  They don't know how to write effective instructions for people like me, who bought this cheap-ass computer to use it as....ready?......a COMPUTER - I didn't buy it because I like dicking around with hardware to figure out some cryptic crap to make myself feel important!....Breath in.....breath out............back to reality.....

Our nation - I am still concerned - but finding reason to think that perhaps those with some juice, meaning power and money, are waking up to the real state of affairs in these unUnited Scarys.

The people remain retarded.  No question there - and as the old saying goes, "that when the student fails to learn the teacher failed to teach....is as true today as it was when the old codger battery salesman I went to school with blasted the "teacher" .... long story...but anyway

If we, as a society, are going to kid ourselves, thinking that keeping the public, the herd of sheep, as a herd of sheep that somehow this herd of sheep will whip itself into shape someday, and that someday being the day we need them to whip into shape because we , the elite moneyed and manipulators just fucked up again and we need them -----that at THAT MOMENT we can count on the sheep to become thinking man again.....well - we do indeed have a problem here.

By the way - no longer working on the Raspberry Pi - switched to a real computer so I am responsible for the rest of the fuckups ....

Getting back to the issues at hand.......

Our technology is really something else - and so is "our" science.  It is our new religion.  That's fine but no matter which religion someone foists upon me I don't want it.  I don't know why. It has nothing to do with my Roman Catholic (tainted by Greek Catholic) upbringing.  It has nothing to do with the masses in Latin and the days I was scared to shit eating Pop's dried apples in church (my cousin Laura told me that the death penalty would result but I filled my pockets anyway and ate the first one "cause I didn't think God was that much of a prick).......

It has nothing to do with the smokey-thingys the Greek cath priests waved at me or the fifteen million candles or the scary wakes and funerals.

I just can't do the religion thing because all I can see is hypocrisy.  I talked to a priest that Mom knew well who agreed somehow after my sisters conned me into showing up in church one Sunday to get confirmed - Mom was worried about my soul - the formally important part - the paperwork part - not the real part - she knew that was all OK - but she knew that we live in a system of process and her son needed to get the stamp or cert so here I was and the priest, who I knew was a fag asked me some shit, and I said (I was only about 20 yrs old so gimme some slack)
"I don't like church 'cause everybody there is a fucking hypocrite.  I was a paperboy and the biggest holyrollers never fucking tip me!"  He responded "Church is not for saints it is for sinners."  I'll never forget that line - because when it was time to deal with lawyers and lawsuits I regretted this great holy-man not getting a degree in law instead of theology so he could REALLY help me!

Ha ha - just kidding around but not really.

Our sit herein the 'states is still an abortion.  Snowden is still at large.  He needs a fucking medal if he is legit - and it can't be that hard to figure out if anybody in the loop understands the OSI seven layer model.  But instead - we are all going to pretend - in Hollywood fashion - that none of us knows any better.  That is what I fucking hate about America.

We don't have to live this way.   We don't need hungry or lazy people on the streets.  I don't give a shit if they are lazy and can't go to work - somebody tell the Federal Reserve to print a few extra bucks and give them to the homeless - if only to reduce the guilt factor when I'm trying to eat in the parking lot between Corporate work-sessions.

By the way - what's wrong with corporate America?  Huh Huh?  Are you bitching about my employer?  Huh huh?

This is a "stream of conshussness rant" so don't gimme any cheet.

I haven't been followin the news much lately since I'm back to working for the man.  I had to , because there is no money in blogging and after giving up our properties, and getting a check for a joke from the bankers - I really had to get back to work - so I can' t watch the crooks with the keen eye I was able to before going back to work for the man.

Anyhoo - what is going on now in the political arena is all staging for the next presidential election.  Things are confused and slow now because the marketing clowns don't know if the public is still into striped toothpaste or the white stuff - they are feeling things out.

They DO know that the mothers are still scared stupid.  Junior will carry a rifle and wear a uniform if the fear factor on the teevee is turned up to the right temp.  Yes - war is still poseeblay but there had better be a good reason for it - like a false flag attack worthy of killing a coupla' more kids for Israel.

They (the uninformed voters) DO know that the candidates require the right payoff, but the venal ones are being balanced out by wised-up former "chumps" who donated their pathetic well-meaning God-fearing lives to Obama and the Chimp before him and watched their kids get shot to death over seas.  Military funerals minimized and "heroes" fabricated by lying psychopathic uniforms with sharp haircuts in military uniforms with lots of colored bits of cloth and tin on them.  Am I out of line here if I suggest that one NEVER EVER TRUST A FUCKING AMERICAN MILITARY OFFICER WITH THEIR KIDS?  You bet your fucking life!

The voters DO know that our generals of our military are all LIARS.  AFter all - if one is willing to murder another human being on order - without checking out the facts - wouldn't this POS be willing to do other unethical things?  Yes - I KNOW military must follow orders - but not unethical ones.  The discussion on ethics cannot be controlled by dungbrains like Sean Hannity who is selling torture and murder on his sick radio pogrom.

The votors DO know that the government of the United States is defunct and controlled by outside interests with NO INTEREST in the well being of WE THE PEOPLE.

WE THE PEOPLE must take back control of out government.  If this sounds like a revolutionary statement then so be it.

You, reader, even if you are a government peeping tom - you , yes YOU, must understand, that when YOU, my PEEPING TOM friend, spying on WE THE PEOPLE get caught, and a father or mother finds out that you were looking at their daughter - you are going to be executed, don't you think that is reason to GET A GRIP AND KNOCK THE SHIT OFF?

YOU need to tell your so-called BOSS to go f themselves if they are asking you to spy on WE THE PEOPLE - not only because we are actually signing your paycheck - not your "boss" - WE sign your paycheck - that ultimately YOU are accountable to WE the PEOPLE for YOUR actions.

May I remind you that the public is MOST UNKIND.  Do not ever forget that.

There is nothing worse than mob rule - and when the public finds out what a peeping tom is doing  - they basically and brutally........KILL THEM.

Those are the facts.  If you don't believe me......use Einsten's thought experiment - and put yourself in the shoes of a parent with kids getting spied on by people like their own government =financed peeping tom parents.  Yeah = I know - YOU are superior to me and everyone else - but apply your standards and think about Jack Rabbit spying on YOU!  Ha ha ha ah.

OH well, I just lack the time and energy to deal with the work it takes for such an endeavor.  But I'll bet a peeping tom or child molester would not.  In fact - that's all they have energy for.  We can all rest assured that if there are any peeping toms or child molesters - at least they are vetted by the US government right?  Ha ha ha.  YOu foools!

Oh - yeah - I saw a blurb about Bill Cosby bitchin about that Jew John Stewart using cuss words.  Well lemme give Bill Cosby a cuss word to swallow - NIGGER.  DEAR BILL NIGGER COSBY - fuck you.

Now that may sound a bit harsh but puleez allow me to explain.  I actually love Bill Cosby.  HE has always made me laugh - except when I heard that his kid was fucking MURDERED for NOTHING on the side of an interstate changing the tire on a benz.  That is sick and disgusting news.  I'll never forget that news - or the the incredible humility this great American Bill Cosby "sucked it up."

If I were Bill Cosby I'd wanna shoot this fucking cocksucker to death but not before dumping a gallon of gasoline on them and tossing a match to watch them squirm.  But that's just me - bad old impure Jack Rabbit.

The problem with profanity is that our English language is so limited - that there are NO WORDS to describe certain feelings or events like"Deja Vu" etc.... so cuss words are implemented.  I defend the Jew Jon Steward for his ignorant proof.

But on a more serious note - our language is being doped-down.  No more Republic - just Democracy.  No more writing just printing.  NO more a lot of things. What the fuck?

And the SPYING by the filthy cowardly NSA.  What to do?

Easy answer - the same thing anyone does with a peeping tom staring at their daughter naked.  I will  not furnish the answer - that's for the fathers and mothers working for the NSA to do.  Ha ha - you pieces of shit!  Talk about buckets of puke!  YUK!  That's what I think of ALL of YOU!  Ha ha ha!
When the pend swings you are all fucked!  ha ha ha ha ha!

Here's the prob:  and perhaps an interesting aside:

I don't know if anyone reading this blog cares about quantum stuff - but from what I've learned - until one examines the output of a quantum experiment - it doesnt' matter -but once one LOOKS - and I mean EXAMINES things - suddenly - magically ?????? - things change - and yes "magic" happens - and the particles become waves or the waves become particles -or 'NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH".  Just like people.  When one watches particles at a close enough level - they behave as people - so are they ACTUALLY ALIVE?  Yes - are subatomic particles simply displaying their natural characteristics since they are the basis for life itself?

What am I talking about?

That life is what it is.  Matter is based on energy - and the frontier is undefinable presently.  But what we do know is that photons behave just like people -they change their behaviour when you watch them.  Which means it is IMPOSSIBLE to EVER get relevant data watching anything - and that means humans because YOU mr peeping tom are fucking it up just by watching - and that this is verifiable at a quantum level -

So waddaya do?

YOU tell ME

BEcause I don't care