Americans still pissing their pants

It continues.

The "shootings" with the blurry images in the news.  The bawling "family members" who can always be counted on to crack a grin after the "reporters" grill them about their kid that was just murdered.  OK - fine with me.  I thought when someone was shot they bled - maybe I'm mistaken.

Living in fantasyland is a high art.  Watching Americans act out the crap they are subjected to on their telescreens by their masters is an exercise in patience.  The trigger-happy population of gun owners are on the lookout for somebody to shoot.  In other words they are really fucked up.

I am pro gun if you want to know the truth but I never wanted to grow up in a modern techno version of the "wild west"(that never existed as was depicted by the media.)

In fact, nothing ever happened as depicted by the media - past present or future.  Today - the population is treated to idiotic garbage showing burly men and women with guns pointing those guns at other human beings' heads constantly on the telescreen.  The gun-slingers wear badges and vests - the women look like they have thick necks and wish they had dicks.  It's really something.

The cop-culture of violence against so-called "bad guys" continues but their bosses are as crooked as the bosses of the bad guys.  The badged gun-slingers have no moral high ground because they are collectively too fucking stupid to know a controlled demo when they see one - or they ignore it, as Upton Sinclair famously pointed out because if they "saw" what is really going on they would have to sacrifice their job - the source of their subsistence.

I saw "The Donald" on a telescreen at a gas pump today - as the telescreen on the gas pump competed with the "bum" working the wealthy traffic near the gas station who came over to see if I wanted to buy the rag the bums around here sell.  I hate to call them "bums" because these are hard working people standing on the street corners - they show up for "work" everyday and I saw the lady with the "I have cancer" sign wearing plastic today collecting money from the motorists that took pity on her during this rainy chilly weather-day.

I should mention that every time I go online I am reminded that all the computer "security" people are a bunch of frauds.  There is not a lot of security online - it seems that the crooks are probably smarter than, or in league with the "good guys."  The "bad guys" keep stealing data from the "good guys."  Oh - the "good guys" are the ones that were able to convince the suckers we call "citizens" that they can be trusted with their online data.  Ha ha ha.  I'm starting to enjoy watching this fat slob population baste in their own juices.  I guess that by now they deserve it - after the USS Liberty coverup and now 911 - you have to wonder what is going through these sheeps heads huh?

So anyway I'm wondering how the casino-man got his face on the fake "news" displayed on the telescreen on the gas pump - who can tell?  All I know is that Rudy Giuliani was the first head that popped up when the Donald appeared - that's the new york syndicate if you ask me.  They want to be from your government so they can "help" you hand them more of your money.  ha ha ha ha.

I wonder what ever compelled me in the first place to try to point anything out to Americans.  They do  - truly - love the state they live in - as slaves - getting robbed - lowest common denominator.  They just want to be left alone in the end.  They don't want to hear about government approved murder - military snuff films of "enemy combatants" being murdered with tech machines.  They don't want to hear a word about the "whys" concerning the actions commited by their rulers.  They just want to be "safe" - and I have to say that Ben Franklin must have seen all of this coming when he made his statement about this constitutional form of government being a "republic if you can keep it."   I guess it is what it is - and it is based on power and money.  The morals of Americas were redirected a long time ago.

The morals of this nation were redirected by the media moguls - the same scum that control all the media digested by the rabble that like to chant "Yoo ess ayy"   "Yoo ess ayy!"  The public has been completely fucked up because the propagandists have seen to it.  They have been and are still supported by a cowardly University system of pukes who use the word "Constitution" like it is really in effect.  All that matters for any university system is whether or not their football team is good at playing with balls while wearing pink.  What a world - who would have ever thought the footballers could be turned into a bunch of girls?

While I'm at it I might as well mention that it was a masterful move to have the Russians get involved in the Syria thing.  There is nothing the Americans and Russians would like more than another war with each other.  I don't know who we will be told to hate more next - the "Chinks" or the "Russkys."  I personally have nothing against these people and shouldn't use derogatory terms - but don't worry - once the fuckers in charge of this military industrial-run nation get the propaganda ramped up - yes - you and your kids will be calling them "chinks" "gooks" or whatever the fuck term is created so more money can be borrowed on your behalf so your kids can bomb and shoot their kids.  What the hell - look at the bright side - we will get to see more military snuff films on youtube of the youth killing each other.  IN the meantime - waiting in the wings are the globalists - who will be prepared with some "world court" bullshit for your government to stoop down to since you are all to dumb to govern yourselves in a civilized fashion - as evidenced by the war they were able to sucker all of you into.

So there are some thoughts on things as I see them now - which doesn't matter.

By the way - they started spraying the roaches consistently and there is progress.  They are getting some traction now that they put the bibles down and got out some bug spray.  It's working - not fast enough - and yes - they crawl on me at night and wake me up still - but the quantity is decreasing.  The bug spray actions are working.  I guess we'll have to wait and see how they can clean up the slave quarters.


Nazi doctors with flu shots, popes with bodyguards but no jobs

I can see from scanning our "news" that there are no positive plans for the management of this nation - except for the fomentation of more war and conflict, and the behind-the-scenes blending of the U.S. into the "one world government."

The pope is in town with "security" - bodyguards etc.  I guess this charlatan can't rely on God to protect him - no, that's gonna' require guns.  Reminds me of the "churches" here in the states I've heard about with facial recognition technology.  I guess God isn't in the picture when it comes to security - whatever that is.

The media continues its work scaring everyone so they can buy medications or flu shots from the nazi doctors we now have in this country.  I suppose they will continue their experimentation on the population and we will all get to see the results as the years go by.

I remember that the flu was just something you would get once in a while and it would go away.  Now it has turned into an industry - and the biggest sellers are the hospitals.  Since jobs are hard to come by in many places - it has come down to either the flu shot or starvations - and yes - the hospitals are going along with it.  In other words if you work in a hospital - even as a contractor you must pay for their poison shot - you know - the ones nobody can tell you for sure what is in them.  Ha ha ha.  I begged one of my friends not to get the flu shot - and she did - when I saw her she appeared GREEN - like she was going to DIE from the shot.  Thankfully she made it but it was scary.  If the flu shot is effective at protecting everyone that took it - then isn't the person who didn't take it the one that is at risk?  Not in todays upside-down world.  But everybody goes along with it because they are willing to take a chance that the flu shot may not hurt them vs. not getting the flu shot, losing their job for sure and definitely being hurt.  I guess extortion or blackmail are terms one can apply to this racket.  This goes for contractors that work in these corporate snake-oil operations too.  Yukk.

I find it amusing that these nazi doctors pushing the shots on the population are so expert at predicting the future for random events - like the mutation of a virus.  What these nazi doctors and their corporate sponsors are telling us is that they can predict the lottery numbers that will appear across the country.  I am not saying this is impossible but it does make me wonder if they had a hand in creating the bug in the first place.  Why?

I remember a particular lottery scam when I was a kid.  There was a "daily number" with ping pong balls that floated around on a jet of air where the first three balls that floated to the top into a chute were picked out.  The numbers 0 through 9 were stamped on the many balls in the tank.  The first three that came to the top gave the random daily number.

Well one day "555" appeared and sure enough - someone had used a hypodermic needle to inject water into all except the 5's in the tank. Presto - "555" "randomly" appeared.

I don't know how long the flu shot scam will continue - probably until a rich person's kids get sick or die I suppose - in the meantime the nazi doctors from the corporations will continue with their scam.
Who is prescribing these shots?  Is it true that one cannot sue a drug manufacturer or drug store if the flu shot causes permanent damage?

The medical-industrial complex has become a nazi doctor's dream.  Enjoy your poison shots!  Yukk.

It's funny that somehow there are free flue shots for everybody.  But if you go into the same drugstore for an important medicine you really need to keep you alive - well hey wait a minute - that drug may or may not even be available - and believe me it won't be free!  It seems inconsistent that these stinky drugstores care about anything except who there next victim will be as they peddle their cheap plastic trinkets from China along with the flue shots.  Yukk!

Special thanks to all the nazi doctors in america and their corporate sponsors keeping us safe from the flu - a malady that required bed rest in the past.  But if you work for a hospital you can forget the bed rest part - there's plenty of work to be done, profits to be made on the sick and suffering.  Instead if you become ill perhaps you can ask them for some stimulants so you can work while you are sick so you don't miss that all-important paycheck.

I was in a gas station the other day waiting my turn to buy gas with cash.  The girl in front of me exhausted all her credit cards trying to purchase a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of water.  You see - even our water supply comes in bottles leeching out chemicals.  Anyway she didn't have the money for the stuff and gas too so she just got the cigs and water and probably went to call the bank to get some more money.  Her car looked like it was about to breath its last breath.

I am sure america is a superpower - but the power just hasn't been making it down to my level.  This place I live in is quite unimpressive as is the surrounding area.

I got a chance to flip on a TV during the republican debate and watched all the rich people that want to run the country argue over issues that are so far removed from my life.  I heard some words of reason out of rand paul regarding the pot issues that have enriched so many crooked judges, lawyers, cops and drug kingpins.  I heard nothing about ending the wars - so it looks like they are for the wars because they see profit in them.  I cannot disagree at this point - but when it comes time to pay the tab - unfortunately - as with all wars - you and I will have to bear the heaviest burdens.


happy anniversary nine eleven liars - mission accomplished

Well I guess it's official - they won that battle.  The truth of 911 has been hidden from the mushroom masses here in the United States.

The myth of 911 has been dyed firmly into the fabric of American society. The myth has truly taken hold.  Ask just about anybody - they'll tell you the official story.

In addition to the big lie -  the kids have been brainwashed and will live with  the repercussions of the lies for the rest of their lives. As far as our liberty -   it's gone- and everybody loves it.

Being one of the few that have had a glimpse beyond the matrix - I can say that it has been difficult to deal with Americans ever since.  It's really pathetic.  But I guess it isn't their fault.  Propaganda works - and those who pulled this one off are good.  Very very good.  And they have all of your money to use to keep it all going and to silence voices of dissent.

I never thought I'd find myself in a position like this - where simple conversations are no longer simple.  Where everything is complicated because those who believe the lie have a different world view - one that requires slaughtering people we don't know who haven't done anything to us.

I've learned that facts do not matter at all in our society - only the images projected to the public.  They continue from all angles via all avenues of media in this country.

I firmly believe that this nation will never recover from 911 because it IS a lie.  We continue to perform the most evil acts - including torture and murder justified by an attack that didn't happen the way everybody was told.  But - it continues anyway.

Eventually America will have to pay the price for ignoring the truth.  Americans - especially their children will pay for their unwillingness to control their government - which has been taken over by killers and torturers.  Many many innocents have been killed and made homeless in our name.  I've been told this has been American history forever anyway and that it is nothing new.  But this time the world knows that it's a lie.  Only Americans don't know.

I don't like losing - I did everything I could to try to wake people up.  At least I can sleep at night knowing that.  But life during the day will never be the same.

The truth does indeed hurt.

Much credit goes to Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush, Laura, and the other cartoon people that have kept the hypnosis going all this time - they are very very good at their jobs.  Mission accomplished.

The icing on the cake is that eventually we are going to be attacked for real from all the mayhem we've caused - and the moment it happens - they will have the "proof" they needed all along to show you that those bad people did it to us.

Propaganda really really works well.


Information Desert

     Have you seen the stunts by the radio hosts and TV hosts where they ask the "man on the street" a seemingly simple question - like "Who is the president of the United States?" and the person cannot provide the correct answer?  Such stunts will bring laughter from those standing around you if it appears on a nearby telescreen.  But is it really that funny?  I propose a round of applause to the failure of American mass "education."  So what exactly is it that they are teaching in school?  It makes me wonder what goes on in American law schools when we have some of the highest ranking legal people trying to encode into law that cruel and unusual punishment is OK.  That extrajudicial murder is as American as apple pie.  Is it still funny?

     These antics remind me of the comedy shows where very talented comedians talk politics and laugh with the audience about how the nation is going down the tubes with all of us all on board.  Ha ha ha ha!  Similar to the Bill Gates video where he tells the audience that more people have to die through vaccines, health care and birth control in order to save the rock we all live on.  Bizarre!

I wonder if this Bill Gates character has come up with a vaccine for greed?

My inspiration to write today came from my coffee cup.  I drank coffee last night until I fell asleep - and upon awakening found four dead cockroaches floating in it.  That's pretty normal around here living in this "superpower."  I live in Bibleville, Tennessee where they still pray over the Bible for the bugs to go away but nobody ever brings around a can of bug spray.  Don't get me wrong - the rents are still exhorbitant and barely affordable - don't worry they still need lots of money.  This is still a slave state and the masters still treat the slaves like they always did - like animals.  I wonder if the churches around here have as many bedbugs and cockroaches as the filthy buildings the slaves live in do?

This is a dirty town populated by a rather hardened population of suntanned denizens.  These are not  citizens - just inhabitants.  They may live in this scumhole I live in or under a bridge.  They may have a job standing on the street corner with a sign on them that says "I have cancer" waiting for motorists to take pity and hand them some money.  Why?

My theory is that it pays more to stand on the corner around here with ones hand out than to work some of the jobs available.  I should mention that this particular city is not suffering the same recession as I've seen traveling all over the rest of this crumbling nation- where engineers and software programmers spend their time playing pool at a bar wondering if their jobs are coming back.  But wait you may say - as do I - go make your own work!  This is America - a land of opportunity.  Open a lemonade stand or something right?   This is partially true as Jerry Seinfeld's kids' lemonade stand was recently shut down up there on Long Island where I suppose rich actors live.

If this is what a superpower looks like I shudder to think how our new world order masters treat the unarmed inhabitants of the world.  The people here in the states, although armed, are completely disorganized and could be easily overrun by invaders in hours.  For all the tough-talk one may hear from Americans there is nothing to fear from them except the actions of their government "representatives." The "representatives" are entrenched mindless robots for the most part - people able to keep their heads down when any trouble arises so they can continue collecting their government paycheck.  Government workers suck.  I should know - I was a contractor and got to witness government work first hand - lots of it.  Talk about stagnation.  Poor leadership.  Waste.

Those holding power in America are the most uninformed and venal people money can buy.  They do not care about you and they do not care about me.  They are lining their pockets as rapidly as possible because they are feeling the pinch at the grocery store just like you and me.  Don't talk about the rising prices or you will be accused of "complaining" by the other slaves who have accepted this never-ending decrease in the buying power of all our money.

We are living in an era of "thought-crime" - another idiotic idea branded into the public conciousness by stupid law enforcement goons and corporate media of all sorts.  Anyone asking where all the money is going is a "conspiracy theorist."  Repeat after me while pointing at someone asking questions:  "Conspiracy theorist!  Conspiracy theorist!"  All together now - just like Cass Sunstein has trained  you idiots.  Oh you don't know who that is?  That's one of the operatives turning your kid's mind into mashed potatoes - that is - if the kid escaped with their health intact following all the shots and bad food and drink.  Fluoridated water anyone?

Getting back to the "man in the street" interviews I've done a few of my own - and not surprisingly have not increased the number of "friends" I have.

Two particular fools come to mind - one who "doesn't have a problem with torture" and some other bufoon who I think was drunk while he was yelling at me.

It can be dangerous in our society to discuss adult topics with people who appear in body to be adults.  I have found that, for the most part, they are not adults.  Mentally many of the "adults" you see are really children clinging to the fantasy-America they like to believe exists.  They think the prices will come down and the bugs will go away if we just go to church and pray for it all to change.  The new agers are just as guilty as the bible-thumpers - more inaction for action.  Meditation and willing things away will do the job.  That's fine with me - and perhaps it will be fine with your kids when in thirty years they ask you what you were doing about all of this.

I had one "adult" - after he overheard me ridiculing this Jeb Bush character being paraded around to be the next prezidint for responding that torture may still be necessary when he was questioned about this in Iowa.  The man next to me, overhearing the conversation said "I don't have a problem with torture."

I replied to him "Neither do I.  In fact do you know who I want to torture first?"  He said "No, who?"  I said "How about you?"  He became angry with me for some reason and seemed to have decided not to talk to me anymore.

Another person used the term "booooooolshit" to describe my thoughts on 911.  Another Fox-informed ciddizin I suppose.  Another American unable to come to terms with the scam they live every day - the scam used to pick their pockets and support troops in 130 plus countries.  I should mention that this particular American told me he also didn't have a job.  So who does this flag waving moron think is paying for all of this?  Oh that's right - he didn't think about that - that's too "depressing."

Our media continues its complicity in the dumbing down of this nation and the dismantling of our values.  Those whose kids have "promising" futures are usually those who have been able to raise the kids without their knowledge of the monstrous crimes upon which America presently exists.  It has become important, if one wishes to eat and keep their job - to learn the art of keeping one's mouth shut.  Citizenship is now portrayed as an anachronism - an idealistic fantasy - where those who still try to be good citizens - or even follow the teachings of this Jesus character people around here are always quoting - people must learn the fine art of quoting the Bible andJesus while saying torture and extrajudicial murder are OK.  That's how to be an American and survive.  Fuck what's right and wrong - go after the money.

The election coming up is another topic that has really lost its appeal to Americans.  Nobody is really paying much attention to it as the New York 911 gang popped its head up to support the casino guy vs the next guy in the dynasty to rule the kingdom.  Trump talks a good game but have you ever been to Atlantic city?  Bring a bodyguard the place is a fucking toilet if you ask me.  Casino-towns I've been to are always shit-holes.  Is that what we can look forward to America looking like if he gets into office?  Then you have Jeb Bush saying we may still have to torture people and that the NSA is a great place keeping us all free by spying on each other.  Talk about fucked up.

Bernie Sanders is another guy I've heard a bit about.  This guy was on the radio with the leftist Thom Hartmann - another 911 denier - and a guy who is on the record saying that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin that killed Kennedy.  Even the Congress says there was more than one shooter.

Anyway Bernie Sanders used to be interviewed at length by this new world order Thom Hartmann guy.  Tell me - if Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Bush get into office - do you really think we are going to bring the troops home and save on taxes?  Do you think food prices will drop?    Do you really think your vote is being counted?

I heard some people discussing how their paychecks are falling way behind in the cost of living.  That is for sure.  Some guys asked me if I would consider going back and doing a previous job I did for a long time and I replied I hope not because it just isn't worth it anymore.  I reminded them that any amount of money and benefits any of us enjoy were fought for.  All of them.  Since nobody on the side of labor is doing any effective fighting for money they will continue to lose.  There is no support in the media making fighting battles in the US fruitless and pointless as a victory can instantly be portrayed as a failure - or made to have never happened in the first place as the monied interests own the media - all of the media - all of it.

Without a breakup of the media in the United States the country will continue its decline.  I don't see this as inevitable and I am not a fatalist.  But I am a realist - and when church and meditation time is over it's time to get your wallet out and go to the grocery store.  If God really does help those who help themselves Americans will continue to lose as their leaders fail to galvanize them toward what is good and right.

Church leaders - including the pope are bullshit.  They, too, have signed deals for money over the people.  Now the pope is in on the global warming, climate change or whatever they call-it-scam.  But none of them can see the chemical clouds being sprayed in the sky every day.  And all of them will, through lies of omission - aid in the stunting of childrens minds as they contribute to a world that teaches the kids to deny what they can see with their own eyes so that the monied interests can retain their power over the masses.

The silly war on drugs continues - and overarmed police still roam around in their star wars inspired outfits and silly cars and SUVs.  Everyone lurking and watching each other for a false move.  Nobody really knows what a false move is but they are looking.

The stupid cop shows with the gun-operas continue.  Talk about some of the dumbest shit I've ever seen on television.  Whoever is responsible for TV programming in the nation should do us all a favor a just go away - hopefully forever.  The police-fantasy that has been going on has become too expensive for people who are supposed to be living in a free country.

I wish to thank those who fought for me to have labor day off so I could write this post.  Heroes from the past.


Campin' with Wesley ?

Please observe the video above.

This signals a big change.  There is no talk of this war ever ending - and if you want to know why the war will go on forever you need to STFU according to the government.  The leaders of our nation have an agenda that will continue until accomplished - whether or not the nation itself is destroyed in the process.  Your role - as a slave - is to shut up and pay up.  Slaves have no business questioning the government.  Your role as "voter" is just that - a role you play once in a while on a computer.  Another computer game if you will.  Have you noticed that you never win the computer voting machine game?

In the video above - you can see that Wes Clark claims omniscience - like a demigod.  He can tell who is that special someone that needs to get hauled off.  So not only must you pull your pants down and put your hands up - you will quietly go with the Feds to your FEMA camp.  You know, those camps that exist only in the minds of conspiracy theorists.

The video above alarmed me.  I wonder who Wes wants to lock up?  I can guess - how about those who say that 911 was an inside job?  How about those questioning the morality of bloody conflicts and resource wars benefiting nationless corporations and Israel?  The state of Israel is not one of the fifty states.

It seems to me that whether or not what Wes is saying makes sense to anyone or not, you or me, depends on whether or not you believe the fairy tale about 911 you were told - or you believe you were lied to.  I believe I was lied to because I took the time to research the issue. Dr. Alan Sabrosky, of the US Army War College says that Israel was involved in blowing up the buildings on 911.  This information is never conveyed to the masses by the lie-box despite the implications - just like the collapse of WTC7 is hidden from the public.

The Bible says that Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden of Eden for eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Up until that point it was paradise.

The reason to lock up slaves that don't know their place is only to keep them from infecting more slaves with facts and reason.  That is a dangerous thing - a person you personally know - who is able to help you see through the matrix regarding the issues  facing us.  Someone who connects the dots so that you can  understand how you are being robbed and who may be doing it.

If you believe the 911 fairy tale that got us into much of the mess we are dealing with you don't have to worry about going to camp FEMA because you have already been properly adjusted.  Those that don't believe the lie and speak to others about references that might wake up their neighbors must go to camp.  They are able to read and write and speak.  They practice a dangerous black art called citizenship - a concept that must be eliminated from the lexicon of this dying nation.  These are the ones that need to go campin' with Wesley.

I'm not sure what else to say about the horror show on the screen above.  One way or another we are crossing yet another threshold toward tyranny.  No steps are being taken where it matters to turn us back toward liberty.  The media continues the propaganda, the law enforcement agencies continue chasing the wrong criminals, whistleblowers are persecuted and now - the citizens that are supposed to be in charge of all this - the ones footing the bill will be sent to prison for trying to find the answers.


Questions that still demand answers

I don't see how this nation is going to be great again when such unfinished business remains.  Watch the video below - you may have already seen it - Dr. Alan Sabrosky says that Israel was involved in the 911 attacks.  If you are the average American you don't care - I know that - but it seems important to continue documenting the way things are in this country so those who follow us will see that nothing was done despite evidence and suspicions from high profile Americans.

If Dr. Sabrosky is making unfounded accusations why is he not held accountable?  If his accusations are sound why is there no effort to bring the truth to the public and justice to the criminals?  It's been fifteen years and the government and police agencies have succeeded in concealing the truth from Americans - that is - with the assistance of a corporate-owned media.

Almost EVERYTHING going on in this nation and in much of the world is based upon the fairy tale we the people were told as an explanation for the events of 911.  The explanation given to the public is demonstrably false.  If you are an American citizen it is your duty to inform yourself.

What bothers me deeply is the lack of movement regarding official law enforcement agencies with regards to this monstrous crime.  In fact - they are complicit in maintaining the cover-up and hiding information from the American public.  I cannot understand this and it does, at times, make me angry with our law enforcement and judicial system.  For all the flag waving, uniforms, boots and all the blue lights we see flashing everywhere - they've done....nothing.  The only worthwhile investigation has come from private individuals who have sacrificed to try to bring truth to the public.

Another group I have zero respect for is our corporate media.  I don't watch it because it is fake.  All of it.  They are nothing more than a circus - a distraction machine that never stops the madness - hypnotizing the public - keeping them looking in the wrong direction all the time while the criminals fade away into the background.  The fake "news" is just another link in the crime syndicate.  The media middlemen can be counted on to reliably gin up a story just in time to get the law signed.  What law?  Any law they want - especially if it is intended to trample all over our rights.  Need  gun law passed? The media can guarantee a shooting at eleven - just enough to get the people to agree to anything.  That's what Hitler did - it worked well.  Why argue with successful methods?  They worked in NAZI Germany and they work here quite well too.

It has become obvious to me that these myths fed to the mushroom masses are not only embedded in the public mind via "news" but also via movies, books, magazines - and yes - even at a personal level.  Sad that those tasked with informing the public and investigating crime are the last to do so.  Has the world always been this messed up?  Thanks to the internet it is possible to stay informed - but it takes a great deal of time most don't have - especially after working all day and having other duties.  Surely our megadollar police who've vacumed up all our tax money since 911 would be all over the crooks right?  Unfortunately not.  They have been successfully duped and co-opted rendering them ineffective.  We are all on our own - and it seems it has always been that way.  I no longer believe that any government agency cares to protect the public in any way.  After all - look how often witnesses are murdered right under the nose of law enforcement.  It happens all the time.  Law enforcement is there to shoot people, their dogs, and for a paycheck.  I can't really see it any other way.  Law enforcement is a business it seems and I don't have the money to pay them to investigate anything.

As an informed American it has become more and more difficult for me to communicate with people regarding any public affairs.  There is no point in having a discussion about anything when the conversation is based on false premises.  The lies also extend to the children - the biggest crime of all - a generation that will grow up on a pack of lies - supported by their own families and public servants.  How so many decent and honest people who may believe that they are serving their country working for official police agencies - when these agencies have been hijacked by crooks is a topic of fascination for me.  The information is out there.  You really have to wonder if people are so completely overworked and wiped out that they don't mind losing their nation to international murderers for hire.  I wonder how can it be possible for me,  an average person, to be able to gather enough information to raise some good questions - but huge police and intelligence agencies just sit there rotting in silence?  Makes one wonder what the hell they are really working on when they aren't working on something as big as 911.  I guess they take orders from folks who don't give a damn about the American public.

Most people who know me probably wish I never heard of 911 because, unlike them, I am having a hard time letting this crime go.  I no longer excuse anyone for ignoring this crime and not becoming educated in the details that are available.  Those who cannot get their heads around this event and the lies they were told seem like children who still think Santa Claus is coming.  It pains me to watch smart people I know swallow the lies over and over again.  Smart people who cannot see that laws of physics must be violated and magical explanations must be employed to support the lies we were told.  I guess that says a lot about the so-called education system in this nation.  A university is essentially a "brand-name" and nothing more.  Some brave souls within the university system - you know - the ones that are supposed to do the math and explain things - some came out and tried to get through he propaganda screen - some were successful - but with such a controlled mainstream media their efforts were kept under control where they were not able to gain traction with the public in the critical years following the events.

Sabrosky mentions dual citizens - as holding key positions in our government.  Does this make sense to you?  Having people with divided loyalty in control of such important positions within the US government?  I think it's crazy - and a practice that needs to stop right away.

It's funny - America claims to be such a superpower yet we have become a joke - a laughing stock where it seems the rest of the world knows we are being taken and conned - but we just cannot see it ourselves.  We are so damned great that there is no way such things can be happening right here at home.

Well, there you have it.  There's another video for your consideration.  Whether or not anyone gives a damn is another question entirely.


Finding Christians

I don't often mention many positive things because from my high horse I feel there are too many important things to discuss that I ignore important tasks like mentioning what is actually going right once in a while.  Although it does nothing to provoke argument I got such a feeling of greatness tonight that I came back to the candle flame like a moth-writer does.


I admit that there are great and awesome Christians out there.  I know some personally and - as this blog is not really about people I know - I need to make it that way for a blog-post cycle.

The Christians that I know personally - and exist with in my daily life accelerate their greatness to me in so many ways that I cannot really get into.  They will and do constantly try to find a way to fix things - that is a fact.  They are not brainwashed masses - but the most generous and thoughtful and caring friends a person couldn't even ask God to supply - because the Christians I know are too good to even imagine once you get to know them better.  And so far it is all of them that I know personally who enrich my life and give me reason for gratitude.  And in their honor, I wish to give that gratitude to them and God.


I don't know enough - maybe they are afraid to speak out in this country - but as a good friend said - the fervor has died down for the moment - but wait....

Since the fervor from the terror attacks on the homeland have diminished - does that mean we are in for another self-inflicted terror attack to get the masses begging for security and more war?

The Future of America

I am convinced by recent discussions that our American future is at a crossroads and that the public would like it to go in certain directions - away from war and more toward the "homeland."  Fine - let's keep up security if you wanna' have all the drama - but let's get part of the economy back to reality and start fixing this place up and get some people back to work.  It's still business!  What difference does it make if the government spends all our extra cash on weapons or on peace projects to "protect the homeland" from poverty?  What is the point of being poor to support war, if the same expenditure - on a project at home will provide jobs and prosperity and preserve lives?  What is the point of losing lives when the war isn't necessary?  And why are so many wars necessary?  Why do we have troops in 140 countries?  Are we at war with 140 countries?  If we are in financial trouble like everyone says wouldn't it make sense to slow down on our expenditures and maybe make peace with ten of those countries so we can shift that money from the war industry to homeland businesses and construction?  Think of the schools and libraries and cities we could build with all of that money.

Think about the solar energy available in our deserts that we don't use - and the fantastic energy independence this nation can truly achieve.

We are on the verge and can move this country toward greatness - but that requires boldness on all of our parts.  We have to all, someday be willing to sacrifice for real - in ways we didn't previously imagine to save the greatest nation in the world.  A nation made great by a Constitution that works - if it is followed.  We don't need a new form of government we have a great model that can really be followed and monitored with all of the security cameras the government installed that can now be made public online so we can all watch the same cameras the government is watching.

And while the government is busy doing all these things we need, they can make sure the public law supports the citizenry owning military equipment equal to or better than that the government -after all we will never need it until the government isn't able to protect us any more - then since their equipment must have failed protecting us we'll have to use our superior stuff in a last ditch effort to protect ourselves.


Coffee, Church and State


I'm in a  coffee shop.

I missed church again for the millionth time.  It feels good.  Being an independent thinker requires maintenance - which in turn requires a certain distance from the herd.  Or is it a flock?

Some conversations I've participated in recently involved folks from other nations as well as Americans who all were participating in a joint endeavor.  In other words because of work we all had to get along.  We did.  There were disagreements and agreements - with each of our own prejudices showing from time to time.  Everyone remained civilized but there were always times in our political discussions that things kinda' hit an impasse.


James Dean movie projected on the wall beside and above my left.  Two women just sat across from me at the table I'm blogging from.  AC/DC song playing.  Waves of customers come and go - I see them in the background.  It's raining outside.  I can't hear anything anyone is saying because the AC/DC music is just at the volume where I cannot make out details of words.

So these conversations we had - our groups - were fascinating to me.  They keep me going as I watch folks from different places express themselves here in America.  In the South.  That's important - just ask any Southerner.  They distinguish the South from the North.  The line is very blurry - but this group consisted once more of international minds as well as Southerners.

The Euros express their fascination with the schizophrenic nature of America.  What do I mean by schizophrenia?

Americans claim to want peace but are always at war.  We criticize others for violations of human rights yet we continue to keep open a prison at Gitmo - holding human beings like animals without charges - even after they've been cleared for release.  We claim to be a land of free and brave people - but how can we call ourselves brave yet at the same time remain silent or willingly ignorant when faced with facts contrary to what the media and our leaders tell us?  How can we be a nation that respects and defends freedom of worship yet has managed to demonize an entire religion?  It takes leadership to do all those things.

 This definition:

noun  schizo·phre·nia  \ˌskit-sə-ˈfrē-nē-ə\   (Medical Dictionary)
Medical Definition of SCHIZOPHRENIA

:  a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as in delusions), perception (as in hallucinations), and behavior—called also dementia praecox; see paranoid schizophrenia

I find this a fascinating definition.  It describes  effectively the condition I am observing regarding the American public.   But is it really their fault?  Garbage in garbage out - true of computers and brains.  And after the endless stream of lies and garbage this public has been fed it is no wonder that they remain mushroom masses - being fed you know what and remaining where they are comfortable - in the dark.

The American public is suffering horribly by the disservice provided to them by the media and their money-grubbing leaders; both spiritual and otherwise.   The herd here, in the USA, is truly schizo.  They are out of touch with reality because to find useful information requires hard work and time.  Since most things in nature take the path of least resistance -  busy Americans will take what is fed to them by the TV and accept it as facts.  People will tell you that they know "We are being lied to" but when an attempt is made to discuss specifics they fall apart.  I had a conversation with a man while out one night listening to a band.  The man was over fifty years old.  The conversation steered toward politics.  It was almost like talking to a child.  The man trusts his government.  When I asked him about some events the government has not been able to explain - he eventually - when faced with that confusing moment  when he realized he didn't really have any facts he simply said:  "You're crazy."  I replied that I'm used to hearing that.

That is the end of anything resembling meaningful conversation usually.  The person in today's America that distrusts the government is now "crazy." There must have been a time when people didn't trust their govenment - otherwise there would not have been a revolution to get this place started.  I suppose that I am, at heart, a revolutionary.  This quality makes normal conversations with the brainwashed herd challenging.

This habit of Americans to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil disgusts me.  It really makes me ashamed to be part of such a cowed populace.   There used to be someone designated "village idiot" - now we can put the majority of Americans into that category.

And smug.  Yes we are smug indeed.  We Americans are exceptional and have all the answers - that's why there is always money for war and no social safety net.  Only smart people spend all their money on bombs and weapons to slaughter people who've done nothing to harm us.  And when confronted with facts contradictory to our TeeVee all we can do is shoot the messenger like the fascists we've become.  These qualities of Americans come straight from leadership - political and spiritual.  Thanks leaders.

A friend asked me recently if I agreed with his statement that "Americans are essentially lazy."  I said "No - I don't know many lazy people - I think they suffer from poor leadership."  My analysis stands. 

A country, organization and a church must all be led.  To keep it all together and provide direction, encouragement, and to further the cause requires leadership.  This leadership must direct this herd - whether you want to call it a herd or not.   And these leaders are doing a fine job as they lead their herds into slavery and poverty and possibly destruction.

It seems that most leaders have all taken the bait of money over morality.   It makes me wonder if it is because these leaders are mostly charlatans in the first place (my favorite theory) or because they just couldn't resist the temptation of more and more money.  They took and continue to take the easy road rather than the high road.  After all - what is more difficult - standing apart from a group or hiding amongst it?  The answer is obvious.

It takes a special kind of courage to exercise unpopular speech rather than repeating the same stuff that is popular with the congregation.  These spiritual leaders obviously possess none of that.  Spiritual leaders, almost by definition are always dealing with groupthink.

    noun group·think \ˈgrüp-ˌthiŋk\
Definition of GROUPTHINK

:  a pattern of thought characterized by self-deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformity to group values and ethics

This is quite a responsibility - leading people who willingly and absolutely submit to their leader.  Leaders who are in a position of superiority regarding thought relative to their followers.  Who in the audience/congregation has the balls to call the preacher on it when he says something stupid or otherwise?  If the preacher doesn't speak out against torture and extrajudicial murder by the US federal government then there must not be anything wrong with it - right?  But what good would it do when dealing with a leader who is deluded themselves - also a victim of groupthink?  Another mind easily hyptnotized, easily led - incapable of independent thought?  What kinda' leader is that?  One that NEVER exercises unpopular speech?  That's the kind of leader you don't need.

...the movie projected onto the wall here in the coffee shop -   James Dean, in black and white, had his chin in his left palm shaking his head "no", now the guy who played "Mr. Howell" in the TV show "Gilligan's Island" is making some proclamation or another to the crowd playing in the picture.  I have never seen this movie and have no idea what is going on in it.  A young couple still all huggy and kissy have sat down now where the ladies were a while ago.  They simply disappeared - I never saw them leave and now this couple is sitting there eating panini, drinking cappacino and the girl has a soda.  I can't hear anything they are saying since now "Crazy Train" is playing in the background.  Probably good that I can't hear them anyway. 

Americans are, for sure, suffering from a "loss of contact with the environment."  And no wonder.  It is so difficult to get "actionable intelligence" from this lame-ass media.  A television was on while I was visiting someone this weekend - cop show after cop show - blood, idiots with guns - just stupid.  More propaganda normalizing in the minds of the masses a police state.  Young men and women walking around with giant automatic pistols on their belts.  As I'm watching I wonder how stupid all these actors and actresses are as they assist in the construction of the very police state that will enslave their own families.  Fools - and unattractive fools at that.  Embarrassing.  

A guy in a coat just sat down to my right.  He took his laptop out of a plastic bag he was using to keep his computer covered from the rain outside.  I noticed as he began typing on the keyboard that he was wearing nail polish.  I don't know what message he is trying to transmit to others - maybe he likes nail polish?  The women across the table are now gesturing with their arms as they continue their conversation about something concerning colors of clothes or a jacket or something.  The one on the left just took a sip of bottled water - yet another scam.  When I was a kid water was free.  I guess they will be selling bottles of air next?


A girl just showed up to meet the guy with the nail polish.  They are moving to a small table in the middle of the coffee shop.  The customers are shifting out and shifting in.  He just came back and grabbed his coat and coffee.  His body odor  is still lingering.  "Slow ride, dah dah dah...take it eeeezzeee - eee is playing in the background now."

The laptop guy is back - sitting across the table from me this time.  The couple that was there left after eating and two couples have taken over the table in the middle of the coffee shop.  It seems guys don't take their baseball caps off when they are inside a building anymore.  I used to think that was proper etiquette.  Another quartet has waddled in and are awaiting a chance to order.

So these leaders of these herds of Americans - what are their agendas?  The well-being of their herd or the agenda they serve?  I suspect they are serving agendas that in many cases do not represent the well-being of their flock.

A few words about the fake news I've seen today.  Some reports abound regarding actions Obama is taking - and I must say that I like some of them and wonder about others.  There were reports this week that there was going to be a ban on certain .223 armor piercing ammunition.  That is unconstitutional - but that's nothing new anymore.  The public has become accustomed to the leaders doing whatever the heck they want to do whether it is unconstitutional or not.  It doesn't seem to matter anymore.  The leaders in the opposing branches of government do nothing to defend the Constitution they've taken an oath to defend.   I can't tell if the leaders in the opposing branches are stupid, part of the scam,  if somebody has something on them, or if they are just cowards.  They just keep their office, by hook or by crook and do nothing.  I guess they went to church today - who knows?  I'm sure they make enough from their paycheck to donate enough to the church to keep the preacher's mouth shut.

Another report discusses Obama having threatened to shoot down Israeli jets flying over an area the USA controls in Iraq.  Supposedly - and how can we believe anything anymore, this would have been in response to Israel bombing a nuclear plant in Iran.  Oh well - you have to do what you have to do.  Israel has way too much power out of proportion with her importance if you ask me.  So far, in my lifetime Israel has been nothing but trouble for the United States.  Our country resembles Israel more and more every day.  When I ask people about their support for Israel it is over-the-top with their religious assertions about "holy land" and that kind of thing.  Our Constitution doesn't say much about any holy lands here on Earth or otherwise.  I think it is best to keep this out of our politics.  It is time for Israel to put the guns down and try to make peace.  There are also claims that there are nuclear weapons in Israel.  Well - are there?  Why should the enemies of Israel want the Israelis to have nuclear weapons when they can't have them themselves?  Is that a formula for peace?  The religious people tell me that the chosen people can have the weapons because they are better than those bad Muslims.  Give me a break.  I've never seen universally good or bad qualities in any group.  Have you?

Why does Israel need nuclear weapons if they are such pious people.   I thought holy people and M-16s were mutually exclusive when I was a kid - now I've learned that they always go hand in hand.   I've heard enough about holy lands and chosen people - lets bring this conversation back down to Earth - where I live - for a bit.


Give peace a chance.  There's a new concept.  We already have enough weapons to kill everybody.   It has been time for a long time to take the religion out of the politics regarding Israel.  I don't want your religion in my politics and you don't want my religion in your politics.

Led Zeppelin is now playing in the background - "Communications Breakdown....wailing of Bob Plant..."  

America IS the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  America will only remain great if those ideals are preserved - and the preservation of those ideals has been entrusted in our leaders.  When our leaders no longer serve that purpose they abdicated their position as leaders and become liabilities.  They sit on their fat asses and roll over like good little dogs when told.  They are given dog biscuits in the form of funding for this or that pet project in their state.  Like neutered dogs they have lost their animal instincts - their will to fight.  Who needs them?

The music has changed now to "Paradise City."  The crowd has  changed again - another couple has come and gone after sitting down to wait for their coffee on my right.  The black and white movie projection on the wall has changed to a fifties-style mom-dad-and the kid appearance with everybody in the scene all smiles and happy.

Where are the spiritual leaders when it comes to truth and justice?  AWOL - just like their congregations who go to work every day.  Americans, suffering from this awful leadership,  are not asking the questions that need to be asked like the Euros ask Americans.  Rather than taking the question into consideration and maybe having a moment of reflection they repeat the freeze-dried faux news they heard on the TeeVee.  They don't ask the tough questions real spiritual leaders would have posed at church on Sunday because they don't have real spiritual leaders.  The frauds standing in front of the congregation, like the frauds in congress are just that frauds.  And cowards.  Afraid that their mouth will get them into trouble - money trouble - as the funding they rely on for their position will be cut off the moment they stand up to authority.

Leaders are now in a difficult position in another way - now that they've supported liars to further their agendas for so long - they are stuck with a herd that has believed the lies - and are not going to be easy to get to change direction. 

How does the leader tell the group that they were lied to and that they in turn mis-lead their congregation?  How does a political leader tell people that they, too, swallowed the lies and that they were wrong about something as important and the events leading the nation to war?  How does a leader, spiritual or political, tell the flock it is time to move in a different direction - toward peace and away from war - when there is so much short-term money in selling fear and hatred?  Peace, it seems, doesn't fit into the "you're gonna burn in hell if you don't do X" concept sold by church and state.

Good leaders must find their moral center and make up their mind that it is time to put up or shut up.  It is time to practice, then preach, morality and values.  Telling the flock that it is OK for junior to go kill kids in another country that never attacked us is simple - but the repercussions are permanent.  Will our dear leaders find their moral center - or will they continue to lead America to its demise?  Are the end-times prophesies the church sells so successfully just the end result of their own poor leadership?

Now guitar music has taken over - the squeal of some sort of coffee machine making steam - noise level higher - laughter in the background of the coffee shop. 

So my plans for next Sunday don't include church - I like my mind the way it is.

The song by Guns'n'Roses has just finished:  "Where do we go now?....."

Good question.