Has the NSA sold out to Israel? Video

Considering BLACKMAIL seems conspiratorial - but worth considering...

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Our "Protectors" will cut off our phones - why?
Are Americans hearing both sides of the story?
NSA spied on everybody - so if the NSA contracted out their work...
UPDATE MAY 6, 2009 Brad Blog considers blackmail
Comments not working on the blog right now...8:52 PM Eastern, but to answer those who wish ill toward Israel - let me state my position - I don't care about Israel one way or the other since I am an American citizen. I focus on my own country and have no time for religious bickering, war, etc... I do want AIPAC to get lost. I do want some balance in news, movies, print, so both sides of everyone's story can be heard and some form of justice result. Israel? Don't care. JR
UPDATE MAY 7, 2009 Is Israel blackmailing America?


  1. the NSA is directly plugged into the Israeli MOSSAD via these companies that do the billing for the lion's share of phone carriers in the U.S. This way, not only do they get to monitor everyone, they have the legitimate right to know who everyone is that they're listening to or funneling the intelligence to Israel about.

    they don't do it strictly for the profit. They started plugging into the U.S. phone system back as early as 1971, and it's only gotten much more comprehensive and more thorough since they began with just one company back then. Now they're doing almost all of the intelligence work on the phone system, for the NSA. Free of charge, or should I say, 'free of ESPIONAGE CHARGES', is more like it.

  2. Pay attention Americans! This is the security YOU PAY for! I would laugh if I weren't an American. But since I am and I actually care about this country I'll have to stick with befuddlement as a normal state of mind.

    Thanks US government workers. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work selling us all out. Keep marching into your job every day in support of this corruption. Bury your head in the sand and watch the few brave ones among you who have the cajones to blow the whistle hang out to dry - alone.

  3. Obama and Congress are Israel’s BITCH ….The American people are NOT,..!

    Israel is NO Friend to America..!!
    Congressional members with dual American / Israeli Citizenships are TRAITORS,
    They should be lined up against a wall and SHOT..!!

    Israel / Zionist Jews are the Blood Sucking Parasites of the World. They are nothing more then Leeches feeding on Humanity and sucking the life out of Mankind.
    The sooner this World is rid of them the better we all will be.
    "Die Israel Die"

  4. actually, the american sheeple are indeed Israel's bitch's. they send in their tax check dutifully every April 15th. to pay the interest on the national debt to the EUROPEAN BANKERS WHO ENSLAVE THE NATION IN 1913.

    but hell yes. America sucks the hot swallow off the boots of IDF forces every day, and asks them; "is dey moe work fuh uz, mazzuh????"

    Israel always comes back with; "aboslutlutely there is, America!", and kicks the president in the face, has another Israeli bastard clench his nutsack with vice grips, shoves a cattle prod up the president's ass and says; "hey, boy, you gonna send in more troops for us, or what???"

    and of course, whoever the 'kneeling' president is at the time says; "why fo sho nuff, massuh" and signs an decree to send more kids off to another war for Israel.

    it's that simple. and, we send them all of the "Get out of jail for spying and conduction false flags and espionage missions on our soil" cards we can possibly pack into a diplomatic pouch.

    this shit has to stop. America has to wake the f**k up! really, it has to. this is pathetic!


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