What's Wrong with this Picture?

Independent, Republican, or Democrat - please look at these two stories and contemplate our situation.
(CLICK) For record profits at Exxon - nothing wrong with that I agree but...

(CLICK) here to see life in Detroit - can we all at least agree that there has to be some middle ground here in America?
UPDATE Feb 26, 09 Exxon sticks it to Alaskans like they do to everybody - except themselves


  1. If we want to solve a problem we must try to understand why we have it. WHY did Detroit collapse? WHY are office buildings abandoned as if Chernobyl were a few blocks away. How about this experiment: have a business try to set up an operation in Detroit. Have a hidden camera crew document what happens. I am guessing that no matter how bad Detroit is for the poor people who live there, certain city functions still work perfectly. Taxes: anyone want to bet that Detroit city government will neglect to collect taxes? Code enforcement: abandoned buildings might be death traps, but a productive business will be inspected promptly. Victim disarmament: anyone want to bet that armed employees of a new business in Detroit will be allowed to come and go unmolested (by the cops, not the criminals).
    Anyone doubt that a new business in the worst part of town will be unionized as if it were General Motors in the glory days? Now, to complete the experiment, send the control group to Smyrna, TN.
    Low taxes.
    No victim disarmament. Thus, fewer victims.
    Code enforcement resembling sanity.
    Workers do not trust unions.
    More suggestions for the entire USA: dump our overseas empire. Protect our OWN borders and our own oceans (the Atlantic and Pacific for public school grads). Stop protecting Europe from the "evil empire" that no longer exists! Stop trying to bring democracy to the middle east. Stop protecting Israel; Israel can and should protect itself. End the wars and bring the troops home. Replace the dollar with gold and end the Federal Reserve. Vote for Ron Paul in 2012

  2. I see no reason to bash unions. It is true that unions have disadvantages. But only collectivism can counter the power-elite!

  3. It's what Marx knew would happen

  4. the guys is right...

  5. Who owns the gold that you want us all to go back to? Who is going to get rich on that scheme? The US doesn;t have anymore of its own gold.

  6. We should nationalize the oil sector.
    We need the money.
    Plus, we are paying for mercenary forces to enforce their contracts on oil leases, in various places, and they have betrayed us.
    They are still stealing from us in inflated prices of gasoline.
    It's time to balance the budget: take over their wealth, and toss the EXECS in jail for treason.

  7. The Empire is finished and the Beast dead but is thrashing around wounded. Solution - All the European go back to Europe (this includes those that call themselves Jews but are not), Africans to Africa, Mexicans to Mexico, Haitians to Haiti, Cubans to Cuba etc etc and the land is given back to the Indians.

  8. The current environment resembles pre revolutionary France. Failed crops, starving people... and a frenzy of hatred for the monied classes.

    Well deserved, I might add. I'm self employed Main Street, and I wouldn't mind seeing a few Wall Street types hanging from the square.

    I think it's a trend that isn't going away.

    And one ethnicity stands out [if only by a nose] for 'special' treatment by the masses.

    Let's hope it works this time.

  9. "Anyone doubt that a new business in the worst part of town will be unionized as if it were General Motors in the glory days?"

    Just name ONE that has, and I'll kiss your ass.


  10. "Now, to complete the experiment, send the control group to Smyrna, TN.
    Low taxes.
    No victim disarmament. Thus, fewer victims.
    Code enforcement resembling sanity.
    Workers do not trust unions."

    "Low taxes": Which is why 46 or 50 states are nearing bankruptcy.

    "No victim disarmament. Thus, fewer victims." Translation, please.

    And no health care, no pension. And I have no idea what you are ranting about with the "Code Enforcement resembling sanity" gibberish.

    The southern automaker factories you are so keen on are losing JUST AS MUCH MONEY as UNIONIZED ones are. NO CONSUMERS.

    Gee, you'd ALMOST think the Repugs in the Senate voted against the bailout for the automakers so they WOULD SAVE THEIR CORPORATE MASTERS BILLIONS.

    Not that shoveling the pigs using the taxpayer bailout billions handed to them to modernize a plant in Brazil has anything to do with whether this will work or not: it won't.

    Cutting taxes on those making less than $50,000 would.

    Raising taxes on the top 15% income households, like back to 2000 level when we had a balanced budget, would.

    Putting all the bailout money into checks sent to working class Americans to PURCHASE GOODS AND CREATE DEMAND would.

    Putting cash into corporations with no demand for their product won't.

    Moving plants to "Right-To-Work For Less" states won't help create consuming, now will it?

    Paying a wage and benefits that a person can support a family on would.

    Having executives cry and snivel about the "cost" of paying retirees pensions they earned on assembly lines, money which was figured into EVERY VEHICLE SOLD, while the fat cats execs that STOLE THAT MONEY over the last 30 years to build plants in China whine, piss and moan about smaller multi-million dollar "bonuses" (for running the company into the ground, apparently), won't.

    Take your fantasies back to the Limbaugh Brainwashing Hour (LBH), will ya?

    EDUCATED Americans are very aware that EVERY TIME the taxes get raised on the wealthy, the economy GROWS. FACT.

    Then again, there's you.


  11. As far as Smyrna Tennessee and the rest of the south goes the whole country would be better off if that bunch of backward partially literate rednecks had been kicked out in 1860. The south has dragged the rest of this country down with their anti labor, pretend christian preachers with thousand dollar suits and plain dumb behavior. Any company which has relocated down there has regretted it. I spent two years travelling to NC to try to straighten up processes and methods in a plant the company I work for built there. Wonderfully polite people who can't find their butt with either hand. The plant has not made a profit in the almost ten years it has been there. It is dragging the rest of the company down by putting money into the sinkhole.


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