Here we go again-This time Ammo

As was predicted by the American public - here come the gun grabbers to take away the right to bear arms by any means possible - including infringement. Yes - now they'll take away the ammo. If eliminating access to ammunition for legal arms doesn't infringe on firearms use I don't know what does. It seems obvious that a gun is useless without ammo. But try telling that to a dictator.

Despite a landmark ruling overturning years of gun ban in Washington, D.C. they will try (CLICK)new angles of attack to eliminate the "problem" of gun ownership in America. The second amendment has nothing to do with sports - it has to do with being the last ditch effort against tyranny. Yes - it really is that simple. Two following videos discuss such matters - make sure to listen through to the second half of the second video.

But always remember as you are disarmed by the very government (see #59) set up to protect your rights outlined in the Bill of rights - that if the US government thinks someone needs shooting - there are (CLICK) lots of guns'n'ammo for that!

UPDATE FEB 21, 2009 PCR on more attacks on Bill of Rights
FEB 26, 2009 Americans give up 2nd Amend. rights to make Mexico safer?

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