The Lobbyist Wrangled Clamor

Oh, say! Can't you see? We've been usurped by the Israeli ?
'Cause winning their wars we've roundly failed, by fellow citizens of the world to be hailed,
Whose big lies and tall tales, make every Federal decision pre-failed?
O'er the airwaves we watched Fox News' fawning whilst truth botched,
Still the troops are over there, while Predator drones fire from the air,
We know now we've been conned, but try to tell that to Ray-the-on!
Oh, say! does that star-spangled banner yet wave,
O'er the land of the free or mindless consumers and slaves?

On the internet still seen, cracks of truth still do gleam,
What lobbyists fail is to see is that truth will prevail,
Masses dumbed down by NBC make for nations ruled by GE,
Aye their journalism sucks, half conceals, half makes-up?
Now it catches the ire of a public against conspired,
Like fellow Tribune, Times and Post their low quality'll make them ghosts:
'Tis the star-spangled banner! But to which Star does it wave?
For a land really free? ... or for one bought-and-paid?

And where is leadership who, so vauntingly swore,
No more American soldiers blood spilled over silly religious war?
Of a million Iraqis, we've killed for FAKE WMD?
Where are their rights - I guess till the next world we'll have to wait and see!
No refuge could save, Saddam or a made-for-TV-knave ,
But for bankers who stole, the rest of us go in the hole.
Believe me when I say that Star-Spangled Banner still waves!
O'er a land still free, awakening, and brave.

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