OK So What Do We Do Now?

Assuming the election hype is over and we can all talk now - I think it is high time for some positive ideas, things that make us feel good - like well...

Obama has a tightrope to walk - we have to understand that.

The tension of the tightrope - from where does it come? I don't know - but if I had to guess...

The office of President of the United States is reserved for those who can make deals. The business of America is Business - right? Which Prez said that?

The path of progress Obama is tasked with is complicated. It combines the blessings of the jungle, with the hazards - paths laden with fruit, with minefields - all routes must be traversed, examined, understood, and either diffused or ...

What is progress? Is it when the killing stops? What purpose does the killing serve? I demand an answer.

When will an American President show this humility shown by Pericles himself?" :

" It is a fact, at any rate, that once in the market-place, where he had urgent business to transact, he allowed himself to be abused and reviled for an entire day by some idle hooligan without uttering a word in reply. Towards evening he returned home unperturbed, while the man followed close behind, still heaping every kind of insult upon him. When Pericles was about to go indoors, as it was now dark, he ordered one of his servants to take a torch and escort the man all the way to his own house. "

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