Hooray! Today is 6th Anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom Fries-with Video

UPDATE MAY 1, 2009 Bush admin. created DHS "Rightwing Extremism Document NOT Obama administration - Kurt Nimmo
UPDATE MAY 1, 2009 Obama's Iraq - Jeremy Scahill
UPDATE MAY 2, 2009 Uniformed Iraqi kills U.S. Soldiers
UPDATE MAY 3, 2009 A look back at corporate media fawning of the event
Check out this Wiki article so you can join the celebration on this festive day commemorating the fruit of Bush's labors. From the article:

"The vast majority of casualties, among both coalition (approximately 98.3% as of October 2008) and Iraqi combatants, and among Iraqi civilians, has occurred since the speech."

Mission Accomplished!



  1. that lying slug in the video. what a sack of putrified dog vomit that mother-f'er is. the Bush crime family has been a pestilence and a plague upon this nation since the days of Prescott Bush fucked the United States as a nazi financier and profiteer while a U.S. Senator. Ironically, he was quoted as saying about J.F.K. murderer son George H.W. Bush; "I don't know what I am going to do with the stupid son of a bitch" when a fellow Senator asked what he would do with his worthless son.

    and then, this piece of scum gets appointed by Antonin 'nino' Scalia. Begins wiretapping everyone to blackmail them, and attacks Iran, based on trumped up lies and bullshit.

    commits TORTURE and MURDER of illegally detained citizens of other countries as well as U.S. citizens (Jose Padilla and others) and now is walking 'free' without prosecution.

    there is no justice in the world if these vermin of the Bush bloodline are allowed to continue ad-infinitum, destroying this nation, rendering it bankrupt, and financially insolvent.

    many, many more than 4,700 dead American soldiers, many more than 1,300,000 dead Iraqi's, and untold numbers of dead Afghani civilians are the legacy of this scourge from British bloodlines.

    why do we put up with them? can't we not, as a nation, demand they be DEPORTED? Put to death for HIGH TREASON? For WAR CRIMES? TORTURE?

  2. Thank you anonymous reader for your comments above. Your eloquence reminds me that the American public, and citizens of the world, have given a lot of thought to our collective predicament. By freely voicing your opinion you inspire me to always remember to exercise free, and especially, UNpopular speech, as John F. Kennedy pointed out:
    is...protected by the FIRST Amendment.

    May I point out I'm against the death penalty no matter what. My father had the best answer which is, that later, we can't UNDO the damage if we find out we made a mistake! Innocent until proven guilty but the courts and the public can be wrong and mass psychology is a given along with the masses concomitant problems of tyranny. Also two wrongs don't make a right.

    Anyway I respect your opinion and admire you for expressing it. Thank you.

  3. I just read first comment, should probably have said "attacked IRAQ" not Iran?


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