Why are Wars Fought?

     Are there modern parallels with the motives of past aggressor nations? Are there reasons to go to war other than for "freedom" or to "fight terror?"
     Take a look (CLICK) here for an interesting story of resource maps carried by Japanese soldiers into China. Are there modern parallels today?  From the article:

     " The map, titled Resource Map of Iron Ore, Sulfur and Coal in North Zhina (a derogatory term of China used by Japanese), was drawn to a scale of 1:2 000 000 and can be folded into the size of a 32mo (a measurement of book size) book. In short, it is portable. It was published in March 1940 by a Japanese press in south Manchuria.
     Besides marking the distribution, the map classifies resources into different categories. For example, iron ore is categorized into phospho-iron ores, pyrites and ferromanganese ores -- or Zunhua Ore, Datong Ore and Qingdao Ore depending on the production area.
     Transportation networks linking production areas to counties and villages are also detailed."

     What reasons have Americans been given for current wars? Do we have good reason to be skeptical? Would a look at the reliability of past information be a good reason to ask: "Where is the Evidence?"

     Many Americans accept the stated goals of America - after all wouldn't somebody say something if "War on Terror" was a meaningless statement? Surely our great Universities would ensure that statements around which our nations foreign and domestic policies are fashioned would pass the same test as a thesis statement!
       Alas - in reality there has been little outcry from American academia or mainstream media exposing the phrase "War on Terror" for the mindless statement it really is - just the sound of one hand clapping as this Pavlovian bell is rung over and over and over again to the American masses. Instead of a lesson from our great professors busy taking up expensive space and breathing expensive air at our non-iconoclastic universities on how to properly define a problem- we are treated to the sounds of our own cries for truth - not even answered by so much as an echo from the hollow abyss that is most of academia today.
     That said, with a little work one can find many explanations contrary to or never mentioned by American mainstream media for current conflicts. Who are we to believe? So before you answer why America fights wars please consider what a  two-time Medal of Honor winner told us a long time ago:  
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  1. it's all about conquests for resources that YOU WANT and THEY HAVE and there's no 'legal' way to get your dick skinners on their shit, so you attack them.


  2. Not all professors are quiet about these useless wars of conquest. You'll be able to identify them in the future, they will be the ones being arrested.

  3. better question, Jack Rabbit, is this one:

    "Why do people in the countries carrying out these wars, tolerate the murder on their behalf??"

    it can't strictly be 'fear' of the government, though that is part of it, it's got to be much deeper than this. it has to go to the question of how 'disconnected' can people remain as their governments 'murder' innocent civilians in foreign lands for no apparent good self-defense reason of any kind? how much slaughter can the citizens 'ignore' thru the years in an information age where this 'murder' their government does is right at their fingertips, because, as you know, MSM won't allow them to see it there.

    "why are people able to justify the slaughter by their illegitimate and corrupt governments?" is a very very good question. Any ideas?

    thanks, Jack Rabbit, for the forum.

  4. To the above:
    Not all professors are quiet about these useless wars of conquest. You'll be able to identify them in the future, they will be the ones being arrested.

    Why can't I identify them right now? Why are they not being arrested right now?

  5. To: better question, Jack Rabbit, is this one:

    "Why do people in the countries carrying out these wars, tolerate the murder on their behalf??"

    A: Yeah - perhaps because many actually believe their government is not made of venal people. Because they believe the government can watch itself through another corrupted branch. Because the people actually believe "somebody really would do something somewhere" if wars were being fought over business deals.

    As far as the folks actually doing the fighting - they have to follow orders up to a point - and I'm not detracting from heroism - but the mission DOES MATTER.

  6. Actually, I think that most of America is in 'ostrich mode' with their collective heads in the sand, or in another more local orifice. It's hard to believe that people haven't figured out that 'government' is in fact manned up with very very nasty, evil, sick people, especially when there has been so much evidence to support that assertion.

    as for the people doing the fighting, I once was one of them. I would never follow an illegal order that would lead to innocent person's deaths or murder, no matter who issued the order and I can say that with a straight face. Those U.S. soldiers who willingly load 'WP' shells into the 155 m.m. guns, or helicopter pods, or wherever they put them, know they are absolutely forbidden to use against non-combattants and can only be used for 'illumination' purposes, not for bombardment of populated areas.

    as for 'heroism' there is no honor or heroism in any military member carrying out illegal orders, and if these folks are so brainwashed that they can neither recognize nor differentiate between an 'illegal order' and one that is morally and ethically correct, then they shouldn't be wearing a uniform for this country.

    back to the people. they have no excuse. as far as I am concerned, whether they know it or not, they are accessories before and after the fact. if the day comes when a 'future' and not 'false flag' operation against U.S. ever takes place with mass casualties, I will not shed a single tear, but instead, I will sit on my ass if I am still alive, and think to myself; "it couldn't have happened to a nastier bunch of a-holes and hypocrites" and think about how very many years of 'kicking the dog' it took for a bona fide and real genuine terrorist attack took from the time the U.S. began planting the seeds with it's global hegemony and conquests for EMPIRE and remote control military action for Israel.

    we've not had a single bona-fide terrorist attack against this nation yet, only 'false flag', "feel sorry for us, puleeeezeeee!!!!" actions carried out by U.S. government against it's own citizenry, but someday it will happen, and it will have been oh so very long overdue.

    paybacks are a bitch. I hope people who allowed the abuses and mis-use of U.S. military might for so many years can accept the fact that there is some mighty shitty Karma coming this direction, and if and when it comes, it'll be well justified by whomever carries it to this shore.

    I can no longer, with a straight face, consider any of my neighbors 'innocent civilians' in light of what they have willingly allowed, on their behalf, for so very very many years.

    their day of reckoning is coming. How dare they think that there won't be retribution for all the harm they have caused by remaining silent and passive and disconnected by what the U.S. has dealt, world-wide, to virtually every nation on earth, in their behalf. They won't be able to sit on their hands an longer and not come to grips with their own complicity if and when that day indeed comes. They bought and paid for it.

  7. Thanks commenter above - yes - we look around at our neighbors - and know they are not monsters - but know they are supporting monstrosities - whether willingly or unwillingly. No excuses will be accepted.

  8. silent complicity makes every one of them a 'monster' in my own way of understanding the world around me. Years ago, when I was the only person going to the aid of a girl who was being brutally beaten by two men in Mexico, while my 'friends' stood on the street behind me and watched me get into a knife fight to protect her, that made me realize that there is and never has been any excuse for cowardice.

    inaction, silence, ambivalence. it's all a form of cowardice. and it is, in fact, complicity in the criminality by virtue of not even raising one's voice against the criminality.

    I beg to differ with you, Jack Rabbit. They in-fact, every single one of them who's been silent and not said a word about this, or dissented publically or in letters to their alleged representation in Washington, are, absolutely, beyond any reasonable doubt, 'guilty' of the criminality as if they themselves issued the orders to 'torture' and 'rape' and 'murder' detainees.

    do they deserve a death sentence? no. But they have to look at their own sorry, cowardly face in the mirror every day of the rest of their lives, and that should disgust and sicken even the thickest skinned amongst them for that.

    I rest my case.

  9. Anonymous above:

    Ya' know - I have to give that one to you - and I'll add - ignorance isn't an excuse for breaking the law - so even if they claimed ignorance - they failed in their duty anyway. It doesn't matter - every time a Predator drone wipes out lives on the command of the U.S. government one must ask - who paid for this?

    But - this weekend, at the local craft festival - I saw such greatness in the local artisans - the crowd - how, I wonder, can any of these people support torture, or bombing Pakistanis without declaration of war, or bank bailouts that don't benefit them, or illegal wars? Is it fair for me to call them monsters?

  10. I attended one of those arts festivals at a little place in Washington State called Port Gamble. Though quite a few of the people there clearly were not the kind of people who supported the torture and the murder, when I walked to the parking lot and saw the McCain and the Bush bumper stickers still on a large number of vehicles, I knew I had just walked amongst the 'enemy' right there at the festival. On another occasion, at the State Fair, at Puyallup, one of the music vendors who sold his own CD's he'd done very nice piano compositions of, lectured me about how so many people were allowing the communists to take over Washington State by supporting the DEMOCRATS. I asked him; "do you support the torture?" He looked at me and said; "hey, don't you stand in front of my stand and lecture me about torture, we did it and it saved lives, get the fuck out of here.."

    as far as I'm concerned, whether it's Washington State, or Michigan, or New York, all places I have spent time in recently, the people are, in my professional opinion, no different than "walking zombies" due to their tacit approval of the TORTURE and the MURDER of detainees. You can never assume that appreciation of crafts at a fair indicates humanity or gentleness, or decency. Those principles do not exist here on this continent any longer. They are long gone.

  11. Don't covet thy neighbor's possessions.

  12. Wow - what insightful comments. Now that you mention it - I didn't talk to anyone there about anything of substance - like why we are all standing around smiling while people are being held guilty until proven innocent, and being tortured.

  13. There are none so blind as those paid not to see. Central Bankers control everything. It is the "Fight like dogs" syndrome as the elites finance the wars amongst nations. Since central banks and the 50 largest businesses in the world control virtually everything, most people in the US, Britian, Australia and the Western Civilization in general are PAID not to dissent. It is no wonder we have the world as it is. As for me, well I have objected both publicly and privately and now have no employment. I am free to critize and awaken people but that is the price to be paid. Soon, hopefully things will turn, we have a new variable unknown to history of war and politics...
    the internet

  14. thanks anon above - I agree - and that is why the internet must remain free. Recently we've heard facebook and twitter will be used for "terror" propaganda - in other words - even the time people spend on facebook is to be infiltrated with the messages necessary to keep the populace in the constant state of fear - a perpetual "state of emergency" - an absolute necessity if one is to continue tightening the vise of dictatorial powers over the people.


  15. I also have no job and therefor free to do as I wish, I have no job because I do not accept the rule of tyrants. No one invades my body for anything. My actions speak for themselves, If I earn money I do not pay the Feds, they are an illegal regime of Bankster puppets. I stand on the constitution and live freely or die trying.

  16. Why Are Wars Fought ?
    I think the ones we are fighting today , are because the strength of the US/FR Dollar losing it's clout , throughout the rest of the world . In it's best of times it was a tool we used to scam the rest of the world , while it appeared to be strong .
    Today , as it's value disintegrates , the scam becomes more and more visible , and countries in , like , the Middle East possess resources that we need , to the point of dependency .
    Those countries see US/FRDs coming at them , they cringe , and start thinking about their own , gold based currencies to replace their US/FRD usage , and suddenly we don't have the respect we once did , and we actually are stuck with all those USFRDs , and nobody gives a good goddamn .
    We don't like that , so we brand those places Axis Of Evil , and make up tales of terror about them . We make these stories up out of the same substance we back our USFRDs with . THIN AIR !
    So , when it comes to Why are Wars Fought , In The 21st Century ? In a nutshell The Buck Stops With The United States Federal Reserve Dollar .
    Are there reasons to go to war other than for "freedom" or to "fight terror?"
    We want to preserve the "freedom" to continue scamming as we "fight the terror" of going broke . We are litterally craming the USFRD down their throats .

  17. wars are fought because it creates DEBT, the jewish bankers make money on debt, who wins or loses is irrevelent, Hilter was used by the jewish bankers in the west,to create war.DEBT, DEBT.

  18. S.W.P. CA.

    "Debt" Well your partly right on that one.For most of the really big player's it's no longer about the money.They have all the money they'll ever need.How could they spend it all less they just gave it away.It's about power.power to control.So back to the Debt.Create debt so you control policy.Debt gives them the control of the countries.With the debt being paid back with the stealing of resources and dictating that countries policies.Libya is finding that out now.Gaddafi's Gold Dinar plan uniting Africa was not going to be stood for by the IMF.So out come the horror stories about Gaddafi and in come the paid pasties.Yes.it would be nice if the majority (USA)woke up from their slumber and start seeing what is really being done in our name.

  19. well not well read but accurate
    the war on terror? total crap

    this country (USA) has had it's eye on ways
    to get a foot hold in the middle east for at
    least 40yrs....interesting how when a government
    of oil men came to power it suddenly came to pass
    Irag (oil) was never a direct threat to this country
    no matter it was sold as such and main stream
    people never take the time to question anything
    they hear or see on tv
    same with Afghanistan (pipelines)

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