I looked up the word "shill" and realized it needs to be extirpated from the English language, because it is based on the possibility of two or more people collaborating to commit a crime, an idea that could only be arrived at after coming up with a "false conspiracy theory." Since anyone considering a "false conspiracy theory" (according to say, Faux News and some Constitutional Scholars) is a loon, I must be a loon for considering it. Therefore I must not under any circumstances think that thought. After all, there are no shills on TV are there?

You can find a definition HERE.

"Shills are often employed by confidence artists. The term plant is also used. Shill bidding, found on many auction sites such as eBay, is punishable by law[1] and may result in fines and or prosecution."

...and although definitions are very important EXAMPLES are priceless for clarification of concept; so click on the following link and take a look-see: "RAW STORY: Pentagon used psychological operation on US public, documents show" An excerpt from the article:

" In Part I of this series, Raw Story revealed that Bryan Whitman, the current deputy assistant secretary of defense for media operations, was an active senior participant in a Bush administration covert Pentagon program that used retired military analysts to generate positive wartime news coverage.

A months-long review of documents and interviews with Pentagon personnel has revealed that the Bush Administration's military analyst program -- aimed at selling the Iraq war to the American people -- operated through a secretive collaboration between the Defense Department's press and community relations offices.

Raw Story has also uncovered evidence that directly ties the activities undertaken in the military analyst program to an official US military document’s definition of psychological operations -- propaganda that is only supposed to be directed toward foreign audiences.

(Pssst..... articles referenced demonstrating that propagandists are planted in our media are posted only for the sake of example. Do not allow the facts presented to spark conspiratorial thoughts of the existence shills.)

Please also ignore the information linked in this "Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand" article which includes portraits of the jolly propagandists who fed disinformation to an electrified war-mad American public. Here's a sample:

"To the public, these men are members of a familiar fraternity, presented tens of thousands of times on television and radio as “military analysts” whose long service has equipped them to give authoritative and unfettered judgments about the most pressing issues of the post-Sept. 11 world.

Hidden behind that appearance of objectivity, though, is a Pentagon information apparatus that has used those analysts in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance, an examination by The New York Times has found.
 --paragraphs later---
...members of this group have echoed administration talking points, sometimes even when they suspected the information was false or inflated. Some analysts acknowledge they suppressed doubts because they feared jeopardizing their access.

A few expressed regret for participating in what they regarded as an effort to dupe the American public with propaganda dressed as independent military analysis.

---paragraphs later---
... Kenneth Allard, a former NBC military analyst who has taught information warfare at the National Defense University, said the campaign amounted to a sophisticated information operation. “This was a coherent, active policy,” he said.

But don't let the facts fool you because the very existence of shills is dependent upon YOUR willingness to entertain the outlandish notion that a conspiracy may be afoot. Such dangerous thoughts, known as "false conspiracy theories" have been identified by
brilliant Law Pontiffs as danger signals requiring you to be stripped of your inalienable right to free speech.

Conclusion: Since the very word "shill" implies a "conspiracy," I must, as a Patriotic American, expunge the word from my vocabulary thereby preventing "BAD THOUGHTS." This process will "KEEP ME SAFE" from "TERRORISTS" in the "HOMELAND" who may have broken through "SECURITY." Now I feel "TERRORIZED" like a "WIMP."

Got that? Now practice your new skills as a robot by watching this segment from Howard Stern. Remember not to consider anything requiring consideration of conspiracy or treason:


  1. thass right! in the new world odor, you need to 'kill shill' right the fuck away! there cannot be any more of these conspiracy theorists attackin mah guvmint! as loyal citzens, we jus gotz to do whut is right for the country and dat means believin everything we are tole

    in any case, that's what they want. there's a big push to really destroy certain vocabulary words, much in the same way the political correctness movement in this nation more or less obliterated free speech by eviscerating the vocabulary that was acceptable to use in public discourse.

    now we have the 'guvmint' out there with PSA's telling us that even what we say on the blogs is going to be held against us some day.

    it doesn't need to get any more Orwellian than this, does it?

    'kill shill' is right. right on target.

  2. Have I said that the comments are the best part of this blog? Not only a great comment but I laughed my ass off reading it!

  3. These shills are really stupid. No doubt that 9/11 was a planned event, as were the two illegal and unConstitutional wars that have followed, along with the torture, rape of children, and other assorted horrors. The depleted uranium bombs on civilians will last for 2,500 years.
    Who benefited?
    Not the Iraqis or Afghanistanis, nor the Lebanese, nor any others in the Middle East, except for Israel, which now has the oil leases in Northern Iraq, thanks to the Kurds.
    IMO, it was mossad who took down the Towers. Only the mossad would be that sociopathic, and only the mossad has done similar things in the past, and only the mossad has a motto that says "By Deception, we will do war."
    Additionally, it was the mossad who were filming that day, in glee, lighting BIC lighters and celebrating, even before Tower 2 was hit, and therefore knew that Tower 1 would be hit, as they had tripods set up, and were rolling their camera, from the beginning.
    Not to mention that Sharon was rolling his tanks, already in place, into the West Bank, as the Towers fell down. Sharon later said to Perez, "You keep talking about the Americans, this, and the Americans that, but I tell you that we control the Americans, and the Americans know it."
    Blackmail did it's number on Bush. He was beat up several times, with facial bruises, once he had to admit that he fell on a table, choked on a pretzel, but I submit my opinion that they beat the holy mole out of him, bc he forgot who he was taking orders from for a minute.

    Of course, JFK murder, in broad daylight is a warning to any President that would take his office seriously, as mossad was into that, as well. JFK wouldn't give Israel, the bomb, and wanted to eliminate the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve. So, of course, LBJ corrected those problems, and gave Israel the bomb, and refused to enforce JFK's executive orders to get rid of the Federal Reserve.

    Just look at these traitors, with the Russian Jewish last names, who ordered and covered this stuff. Could it be any more obvious?
    Urban Moving Systems, owned by Dominik Suter, moved an "urban system" the day the Towers fell.

    9/11 is the Sword of Damacles, hanging over Israel's head. When people wake up to the treason and high crimes of this rogue nation, and it's internal spies and operatives, the state of Israel will no longer be able to loot the US of foreign aid, and will fall, finally, forever.

  4. As a degreed mechanical engineer, I can tell you that it s at least arguable that the twin towers may have come down from the aircraft impacts and ensuing fires, although highly unlikely. What is not arguable is that building 7 did not come down by anything other than controlled demolition. These means that demolition charges were pre-placed in building 7 and that then points to the same being the case with the twin towers. Since the government is denying this tells volumns about its involvement in the murder of nearly 3000 Americans.

  5. anyone who still accepts the lies surrounding 911 is a fool. Clinging to a false reality and placing full faith in a rogue government is not only stupid, it's suicide.
    The wholesale looting of the treasury that has taken place since 911 is an unbelievable spectacle of ignorance by the American people.

    A people so dumbed down and lacking in discernment cannot call themselves free people. Americans are well on Their way to complete bondage and will receive just treatment for their failure to defend the liberty paid for with the blood of fore-fathers. A nation completely lacking in courage of facing truth and reality cannot defend itself from any enemy...especially a domestic enemy whom you've been told to trust.

  6. how you can deduce the towers 'could have come down from the aircraft impacts' as a mechanical engineer, seems to fly in the face of any shooling you would have about laws of physics. you know damned well that it's IMPOSSIBLE for those towers to collapse at the speeds they did, right into their own footprints. The probability is that the towers would have fallen to the side, not straight down, had they been so damaged by the aircraft and the very cool burning fires. I don't know how you can come in here and lay an egg that is so obviously stinky as an M.E., dude. Where the hell did you go to school at, Kracker Jack University?

  7. What needs to be removed is the use of the term "co-conspirator," since the "co" is a redundancy, the "con" of conspirator meaning "with." All investigations of conspiracies to commit crimes begin with a conspiracy theory. All criminal investigators are therefore conspiracy theorists. A shill encompasses more than a conspirator, but can also mean collaborator with enemy occupation forces, for instance, in other words, a traitor.

    The English language has been diminished enough from tortured usage. What's important is to fight back with solid rhetorical skills to be able to argue against the fallacious arguments. (note: A fallacious argument is not to be confused with the falatio argument, the latter being a method known to be even more persuasive than the former, however, not always practical or even desirable.)

  8. "As a degreed mechanical engineer, I can tell you that it s at least arguable that the twin towers may have come down from the aircraft impacts and ensuing fires, although highly unlikely."

    Yeah, well I've got an MSME and PhDEE, and I agree. There is a probability that the towers could have fallen into their own footprint faster than freefall. If every atom and every molecule in them suddenly moved in the same direction toward the ground at the same instant.

    It is indeed, highly unlikely, to occur at any time at any place in the entire age of the universe, anywhere in the universe.

  9. this is exactly the kind of half-truth thing that if people accept 'bullshit' like "oh, the planes could have severed every single core beam in multiple locations all the way to the ground floor" idiocy concept that gets people to think that JET-A burning less than optimally can melt steel girders to the point of failure in a little more than half an hour, when the temperatures never got close to that, except where the thermite charges cut the columns and allowed molten steel to pour out of the side of the building.

    but never could the impacts of the planes, nor the fires we saw, could have caused the towers to fall into their own footprints, at free fall velocities. that is utter, total BULLSHIT!

    and I don't care who knows it. ITS BULLSHIT!

    take a good hard look at how those buildings were reinforced in the center third of the building, and then tell me how all that VERTICAL STEEL COULD VAPORIZE OR CEASE TO STRUCTURALLY BE THERE, and I'll have to respectfully call you a liar. It's not possible. It never was possible. To infer it in here is a bunch of BULLSHIT.

    without the thermite cutting charges surgically severing the core columns in several heights and locations throughout the building, those towers could not have fallen at free fall velocities, and second, they could not have fallen straight down into their own footprints, due to the asymetric nature of the damage done by the aircraft strikes.

    never in a zillion years. Nobody can put forth a hypothesis that allows for both the freefall of the buildings and the falling into their own footprints, based solely on the aircraft collisions with the buildings and the relatively short duration fires not having the ability to destroy the integrity of every single core column in the center skeleton of the building.

  10. Mossad and 9/11, here:

  11. Remember the Israeli "art students" with backpacks wondering around public buildings back in the late 90's? How many other of our buildings have planted explosives, to be detonated at their choosing?

  12. John 8:44 says it all. True Christians must rise up and resist the satan. Soon they will call the New Testament hate speech and anti-semetic.

  13. don't get me started on the talking snakes thing, guys, please. this bible thumping shit in here ain't cutting it. stow the religiousity and talk about reality, none of the talking snakes, the 6,000 year old earth that has 47 million year old fossilized skeletal remains of predecessors of ours on it, etc. Don't go there, okay?

    this is about stuff other than religion. discussing the MOSSAD may have some religious intonations to it because they are jews, but I'm not excoriating them for their 'jewishness' here, I'm after their asses for MASS MURDER.

    so please, don't start on the bible thumping here, okay. guns and bibles at the door, leave them outside.

  14. Anon above says:
    "John 8:44 says it all. True Christians must rise up and resist the satan. Soon they will call the New Testament hate speech and anti-semetic."

    JR says - Don't believe everything you read.

  15. Anonymous above said: "...what needs to be removed is the use of the term "co-conspirator," since the "co" is a redundancy, the "con" of conspirator meaning "with."

    I totally agree - Without specific terms we lose the advantage of building upon a common specific well-defined idea as a basis for discussion.

    Co-conspirator, "most" unique - how is one to tell what the speaker is saying?

    I would like to add, however, that too much emphasis will discourage people from writing at all because they don't feel they have the proper education to be taken seriously - or that they might as well not even get started because they will look foolish.


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