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This blog is, admittedly, an unappealing wreck. I'm working on it. But more importantly it exists. That is what is most important - the message, the speaker, and the audience. Why am I bringing this up?

I started blogging when I saw the video of WTC7 free-falling - no secret to readers of American's Journey. Am I a so-called writer? Am I a philosopher? Am I qualified? How dare I think my opinion is on par with, say, some prestigious law school in the U.S.? Dare I say our law schools leadership SUCKS? Dare I say my opinion is superior because although my podium is beneath theirs, it speaks bold truth while they remain silent at theirs? Maybe the average citizen's opinion is WAY MORE relevant than some would like us to believe.

The lack of spit-and-polish at this site is part of the immediacy, the rage, the real-time outpouring of opinion and ideas - and most importantly - the comments. This exchange of ideas is what matters. And somehow it works.

I hope some readers who wish to have their own blog will use this site as an inspiration - no not as a standard of quality, marketing, salesmanship or sex appeal. But more as an example that it is more important to exercise ones freedom of speech than it is to make sure one's grammar is correct while exercising their first amendment right to freedom of speech. So I say - don't worry about making mistakes! Go for it!

I don't know if these words of encouragement are encouraging - but they are meant to be.

If you wish to start a blog - go HERE!!! NOW!!!
UPDATE JUNE 8, 2009 Thanks to a commenter I now have this legal blogger info to share (click) HERE.

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  1. Look at the link at the bottom of the article - click on it NOW

  2. Jack Rabbit,
    the Electronic Freedom Foundation has some really good links for us:


    you all know they have to rope in 'truth' with their new laws, like HR-1913 (protect Israhell at all costs).

    but, like I say about my 'gun' let them dare try to stop me. I'll fight them to the fucking death, and they don't want to have several of them body bagged up for my blogging, or do they?

  3. Thanks anonymous above for taking your time to visit and comment.

    As in your article - yes, the comments are what keep me going too. This positive feedback provides continuous energy - and affirmation that we are on the side of truth - and the masses are waking up fast.


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