The Solution: It's Easy!

Our situation here in the United States: Dire! Big Deal ... we've really dealt with bigger problems. Well, maybe not "We" since I may have been a kid or not alive yet when the last calamities visited the human race - with special focus on America.

Torture, fake news full of liars (shills), wars based on lies and/or the testimony of tortured "terrorists" affirming that whatever that dick Cheney says, by the Lord Jesus Goddam Christ, is true.

The Solution? Easy as Apple Pie!

If you are a U.S. government official and can't do your duty with regards to indictments, accusations, speaking publicly, or, basically doing your fuc$%ng job then please, please, please step down. That's all. Come up with a reason - or don't. Just open up the position for the next person who can perform the duties of the office. It really is that simple.

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  1. we don't have any alternative but to march on washington d.c. by the tens of millions. any other course of action will be ignored. till we encircle and lay siege to the place, we can forget about ever getting our nation back. I'm sorry it has to come to this, but this is the only solution short of everyone just stopping buying everything and not working for two to three months and seeing how fast it brings these scum to their knees.

    the time is now. not five years from now.

  2. The truth is that there are too many solutions for our problems for US to justify having problems. Torture is no way to fight or win a war because if forfiets any right to win the war. Might does not make right. In fact the opposite is true, which is why a measly little insurgency is kicking the American Superpower's ass. If war is not justified then it is unjust, and invading a soveriegn nation because of lies is a classic Hitler invading Poland war-crime no matter how much you accuse Iran of playing Hitler.

  3. Davol,

    Thanks for your comment - yes - I agree wholeheartedly.


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