Who Cares? Maybe those who jumped to their deaths?

Who in their right mind believes in Conspiracy Theories?

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  1. Another Zio-lite along with all the other "Alt MSM" media we get saddled with that is Sayanim dominated. Amy Goodman, Naomi Klein, Howard Zinn etc all of whom have said outright "It doesnt matter who did 911" !?

    This basic CONFLICT OF INTEREST means these Sayanim will always cover for their Tribe above all else. WAKE UP COMATOSE and rescind the credibility you accord these fraudulent agents.

  2. Funny how all these peace promoting critical of the est' jewish intellectuals seem to have all failed physics. Actually they have a third grade understanding of physics at best.

    Conservation of energy? look it up Chomsky, you cannot talk your way around that, just learn it and accept it. Check out some of those old educational school movies like "what if there were no friction in the world?" And "what is gravity?"

  3. Sure you need to look deeper to see the monster.
    Only luck people of this planet are waking up
    y o u t u b e . c o m /watch ? v = 1HFaJohG2vo

  4. How many years have passed since the killing of the Keneddies? Has the truth ever came out for that? Does the Kenedy mudrders matter today? Same as 911 ; Chomsky is right; get over it; NOBODY can officially prove anything; yeah, i know termite inside, steel melting at certan tempertures, Cheney giving orders for stand down. SO what? The official story swill stay in the history books same as the Kenedy's murders. There are MUCH more important things to worry about yet they got you goofballs still talking about an event from 8 tears ago while they have moved way forward 10steps ahead and are laughing at you for still being hung up on a pass event . They got you GOOD, and you dont get it.

  5. So anon 6:31 - if you get away with murder after eight years it's OK?

    As far as worrying about things - you go worry about them while the rest of us actually DO something. Education is the first step.

  6. Meanwhile the tribe is still hounding 90 year olds who are accused of being guards at the Nazi death camps they all seem to have survived.

  7. The tribe is being exposed and people are getting angry.

    9-11 was a CIA/Mossad event but all Zionists carry the blame for disavowing the truth.

    Murderers all.

  8. I'll stop talking about 9/11 when people stop talking about jesus.

  9. I think we should still have an IMPARTIAL investigation and prosecute (vigorously) those found guilty. Personally, I think our government and the mossad are neck deep in all of this.

  10. David Ray Griffin is right. Of course there are other issues; of course we would like to move forward -- but until the true perps of 9/11 are tried and convicted, nothing else matters. Petkov at 6:31 is completely missing a most basic truth: if the true murderers of the Kennedys had been arrested and tried, 9/11 would never have happened because it's the same New World Order gang that carried out both, in a multi-generational plan to rule the world with a handful of central bankers milking money in interest from the entire human race.

  11. Good observation on Zinn, Chomsky, Goodman. All
    mouthpieces with the same tired line. Thanks!

    Petkov/6:31 is another semi-literate Israeli
    shill; expect more of this mindless
    zio-blather in the future, now that the
    organ-harvesters in Tel Aviv are actually
    paying them to do it.

    ( For adult readers: Check out c r y p t o
    g o n dot com for good issue tracking. )

  12. Yes indeedy the word is out, the public knows what it's all about
    The lyin' shills on the internet type, always askin' What's all the hype?
    The fact that fellow Americans died, some from other countries, all their families cried
    No longer the realm of theory, Chomsky Goodman et all
    The perpetraitors will take a fall

    911 was an inside job

  13. 911 is the great divide. Dividing those that are able to face the truth from those that aren't. It was the key event of this century; a tipping point that has cast us headlong into a brutal world of preventive war, torture, fear, survailance, and now, economic collapse and depopulation agendas. If we as a nation come to face up to what 911 was, we as a people will demand retribution and reform and shall be renewed. If we don't we are doomed.

  14. Here is a man (chomsky), a brilliant semanticist, who completely understands how public relations works: that it is meant to be a mind control industry. A man who knows that this industry has now grown completely out of control, fabricating completely illusory realities to the masses through the now concentrated media.

    That is was this same media that created whole artificial realities in the wake of 911;an artificial reality that has generated shadow enemies originally created by our own intelligence services, the flimsy pretexts for illegal wars, the "eternal war" COG pretext for shredding of our constitutional rights, the falsely placed anger that generated torture, the fear that fostered a mammoth police state bureacracy where most of the crimes that support this structure could only have been prosecuted with the assistance of agent provocateurs, and with the political capital that allowed laws to be passed that de-regulated the economy, made businesses less tranparent, allowed tax cuts that have re-created a hereditary class, and aided in the looting of Wall Street and America.

    It is self-evident to any sentient person that 911, by itself, without identifying who was really responsible, has been the biggest single false reality created and designed to manipulate public opinion. Yet this man, this "brilliant semanticist", can't bring himself to conclude that this signal event of modern history, this terrorist attack, could have had alternative etiologies, despite the overwhelming evidence contra-indicating the official story, and thus supporting the need for a new and thorough 911 investigation, to truly identify who was behind and who benfited from 911. All chomsky can say is, "911 doesn’t matter".

    There is something seriously awry here with this man. He has beeen lableled as gifted and a person who has no peer, so it can"t be for lack of intellect. In my opinion, it can only be from Chomsky willfully aveering from what is as plain as the nose on his face: 911 was an inside job; and I for one am now labelling him for what his is: Agent. But an agent for whom?

    Hey, Noam. 911 was an inside job.

  15. Anonymous said...

    I'll stop talking about 9/11 when people stop talking about jesus.
    July 13, 2009 10:06 AM


  16. I'm all for freedom of speech. I'll stop talking about 911 when...Never

  17. Not many want to go down this dark hole...but..yes, it will lead to many answers and explain how we are where we are in present day...As an architect and veteran, I will support and work to bring the truth forward and
    bring the criminals involved in this murderous act to justice...the time is now and this may be our only time...Best Wishes

  18. I think it's a territorial issue with Chomsky. If he admits this "truism" (gag me with a spoon), he has a lot more competition from regular/even commercial people. His allegiance is to Elitism/Academia & Egomania?

  19. Thanks anon 4:34 -
    I can't give Chomsky a pass - why? "Elaborate conspiracy theories" he says. Elaborate? Well that makes the conspiracy theory sound that much crazier doesn't it, like a Rube Goldberg mousetrap. That, to me, sounds calculated. Especially since he has such a reputation for not being stupid.

    Fire the bum.

  20. "let's stop dwelling on the past and look fwd to the future" says the prez- so are we doomed to repeat? No hope, got any change? Formerly respected gadfly prefers book sales/legacy over hemlock. Thanks, Noam.

  21. I was in my first year of college when they blew Kennedy away. I realized very quickly that Oswald was not the only shooting that day. As it unfolded very few people seemed to really give a shit. I always wondered were it would lead and now I know. We are screwed and I am too old and lazy to join the revolution. I'm got a plane ticket and I am moving out of the country. It was great while it lasted but it is time for me to move on. I'm going to watch this from distant shores. Love it are leave it and all I can say is thank God I can and shall leave it.

  22. Harvey: We need all the oldtimers we can get!


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