FBI: Your Tax dollars at work Brainwashing Kids...

I'll keep this short and sweet: Please visit the link below to see what the FBI is spending your money on...

Bobby (Brainwashed) Bureau learns to deceive others before he/she is old enough to know why she/he would want to put people into the corporate prisons of America.

Can you say Hitler Youth?

Meanwhile the clowns at the FBI don't know what to do with 911 Dust Evidence despite their elaborate website claims. What gives? Maybe these buffoons can find a costume to wear when they leave their home to avoid the embarrassment that must accompany working at such a feckless yes-man agency of gutless clowns. Luckily citizens are doing the FBI's residue examination for them. Perhaps they should stick to what they are best at - harassing innocent scientists. Hatfill abused by the FBI collects money because the FBI was WRONG.

There are some good people with an FBI history - but what about the rest? It's up to you FBI people to show us your respect for the constitution. We are waiting. Give us something to back up the Hollywood image - and PULEEZ no mustaches for kids!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - the FBI has no hard evidence implicating UBL for 911:
WTF??? I'll let you draw your own conclusion regarding the FBI's abilities, but I'm torn as to how to grade them: A for "AWOL", B for "Blind", C for "Cowardice", D for "Dereliction of Duty" or F for "F*%cked up" - what do you think?

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UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2009 http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D9A5GCC80&show_article=1

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  1. Lemme guess - you are a G-man. Wanna know somethin'? I have no respect for you. You suck. You represent a fascist attitude that the rest of us citizens have to support with our tax dollars. Smug? Yeah I'll bet you are! WE are all so impressed!

  2. Update for you FBI pussies: You guys are so cool and tough! I still think you all must be feeling each other's asses or dicks because you are all too fucking stupid to read the dust study done by CITIZENS because you swine are too busy shooting "targets" at the "center of mass" - how pathetically sick! Where are your arm bands? Oh yeah - ha ha ha ha - you sissies - Sibel Edmonds - has to do the heavy lifting showing real spine while you gutless turds are all actors. Yeah - forget the term Gman - make it Gwoman because the rest of you make me sick.

    My apologies to the brave women out there - trust me - I'm your biggest fan - just had to rub it into the macho losers because they are AWOL on 911 truth.


  3. The FBI brainwashing little kids it makes me think about their 1968 sucessful attempts to brainwash the young in class rooms. It wasn't a fun classroom all in white with a scary message that was pounded into pur brains.
    "Don't Notice the Differences"
    "Don't Lie In Court"
    "Be Good"
    Almost as if J. Edgar Hoover and company had a long range plan to destroy the 1968 Democratic Convention and have plenty of witnesses who would testify against look-alikes, not lie about whaht the look-alikes did which were pretty horrible crimes, and stay just far enough out of the fight to be alive to testify to screw over those who wanted to end our involvement Vietnam by voting for McGovern.


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