4 Police Officers Shot Dead Near Washington State Air Force Base

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" It wasn't clear whether the officers even had time to draw their weapons to return fire, Troyer said."
Note: Maybe they drew their Tasers instead of their firearms ... usually the claim is the other way round.

" Troyer would not release the names of the victims in Sunday's shooting. He said Lakewood has a small police force and the deaths represent a loss of 10 percent to 15 percent of the department."
Note: If four cops = 10 percent, then I would say the department used to have 40 police officers. I need help with the fifteen percent - we get into fractions of people there - am I wrong? 4 is an even number and 15 is an odd number - how can that work?

"There were marked patrol cars outside and they were all in uniform," Troyer said.
---Note: So am I to conclude that police presence prevents crime? Am I to conclude that having four police officers in the building will keep the crooks at bay? If you haven't yet been prevented from exercising your inalienable right to bear arms I'd recommend you keep your weapon - this instance doesn't say much for the ability of the police to deter crime. As usual - they come around to pick up the bodies and either cover up evidence or show evidence depending upon who is more well-heeled in the 'hood the crime occurred in.

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