'Canadian troops must withdraw from Afghanistan'

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"Joya urged the Canadian government to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and allow the Afghan people to resolve their problems themselves.

"No nation can deliver liberation by occupation," she added.
Note: Ha ha ha ha ha - amazing that some people think "we" are in Afghanistan to bring freedom to its populace. Ha ha ha ha. By the way - she's behind the times - it's the AFPAK war now. Ha ha ha ha.

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  1. Benefitial Comments 2 Foolish NATO.
    Stay in Afghanistan is totally risky and harm for Afghans and nato , world people, becouse long term stay make increase the war, it increase the taliban, Afghans never accept others to govern them as i have studied afghan history,Withdrawal of foriegner is good in 2010 , it will stop war in afghanistan, Bush was only american foolish and silly dog president, he destroyed world america and world ecnomics and peace. Afghans will thanks the country who withdraw soon.

    Obama is clever and he is saving americans with out war by clever policy. in fact he is clever.

    From:Kabul, Afghanistan.


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