Eyes Wide Shut: Gross Negligence with NIST Denial of Molten Metal on 9/11

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Note: I think it's high time to get everybody in the same room - close the door - and get this sorted out - with secret service - no scratch that - an armed volunteer civilian detail - to protect those who speak out "against" our government's official conspiracy theory - let's get to the bottom of this. I'm not joking about security details either. This is no longer funny. We need armed protection for whistleblowers and anyone speaking out against this corrupt filthy pack of liars and paid-shills and murderers. Why are we all sitting around waiting for the day before trial when the plane crashes and the witness is dead to say - hey man - what happened? Now we have no witness because they just died in a small plane crash.
Oh jack rabbit - you watch too many movies!!! ha ha ha - get back to reality!
Shut up and watch this stupid - and take into consideration it's 2009 no 1946 :
How to blow up planes - by the OSS (precursor to the CIA)

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