FBI knew of CIA torture, considered prosecution

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"The Obama administration resisted release of the documents, and continues to withhold critical information, including a transcript of an interview between FBI Director Robert Mueller and investigators on the question of “terror suspect” interrogations. The newly released documents, including a Justice Department inspector general’s report, remain highly redacted in critical sections."

---This is what I expect from the FBI - they knew of torture, considered prosecution - then sat around doing nothing. Oh - scratch that - they watched Sibel Edmonds stand alone. Oh well - I guess Robert Mueller is concerned about chasing pirates off the coast of Africa. That's something I find really important - the pirates off the coast of Africa - while India is on the other line threatening my property I spent my whole life working for.

Thanks Robert Mueller for "considering" prosecution. Now if only Robert Mueller would consider quitting the FBI - it might actually start working again. Thanks Robert Mueller - for nothing.

I want a refund of all the money you were paid while holding your position and watching all this happen.

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