Fox News Stories to be removed from Google

Click here to read Raw Story - Murdoch to remove Fox stories from Google:

"Google said on Tuesday, in response to threats by Rupert Murdoch to ban the search engine from listing content from his news empire, that any company could ask to have stories taken off."

For me - I don't like Fox News anyway. Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck - these people represent everything that is wrong in the media today. They are propagandists spreading fear - not newsmen.

However we will lose content that is damning to those who've been caught on camera - like this:

In the above video Bush says "When people study the history ...(of torture scandal)... It'll be a bit difficult to study the history when the videos are not available to the public won't it? If seeing is believing how to get a point across that is of equal impact to the public as a video of the person in question admitting something on camera?

Perhaps the reader wishes to take a peek at this old blog post - which of these videos will be removed by Murdoch? Is this fair to the citizenry whose airwaves these rich folks broadcast on? Or are there no more publicly owned airwaves? A grey area at best. Anyway - check this old post out if you wish - some of the vids may not be here in the near future:


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