In Afghanistan and At Home, We're Being Driven Off a Cliff

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"Perhaps as soon as Tuesday, the president will explain best he can why tens of thousands of additional American soldiers and Marines are needed to pursue a war soon to pass Vietnam as the longest in our history. Some of our war fighters will be in their fourth or fifth tour of duty in combat zones. The cost of the war there could top a trillion dollars over the next 10 years, yet virtually all the generals and admirals and think tank armchair warriors have concluded that a military solution isn't possible."
Note: This is not news - this is repetition. Especially regarding the so-called "AFPAK" war - ya' know - just add PAK to the end of AF and you simply added another country to the list in which American tax dollars will be used to meat-grind the inhabitants. But Obombya is busy busy busy thinking - because he's so goddam smart ya know - he's thinking about how he is going to ask for more troops to die for nothing and still win the next election. Well that's easy - simply lie to the American public and keep that award-winning Good Housekeeping approved smile going and these dummies will send him back to DC to piss our cash into the wind. Pissing into the wind always results in blowback. In this case our dollars are not what blow back at us - instead our troops receive showers of hot steel fragments from weapons purchased with American dollars.

Soooo...what is the mission in Afghanistan? Before you answer consider we went there to "smoke'm out"---
Kindly consider the following lyin' piece o' sh#t:

then consider why the hell anybody else has to die for a lie?
Read more CLICK here for article + audio regarding the whereabouts of bin Laden - the reason we were told we needed to invade Afghanistan - that is unless they really are only there for the opium and the purported pipeline.

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