Long-Range NAZI bomber

The headgear worn by aviators in this film I believe was made by Siemens-I say that because I have WWII NAZI headgear that looks just like that worn by the heroic crew in this film - and the tag inside says Siemens. Also all the leather is perfect, the integral earphones and throat mikes are intact - the rubber incredibly good condition - the leather incredibly good condition. I'd guess without looking up how the microphones and earphones are built that the specimen I have, Siemens made, would work if only I had a NAZI plane with the 4 prong radio set to try it out in.

I guess Siemens is doing OK having been on the losing side of two world wars. I wish I could say the same for our troops on Afghanistan, Iraq and the other 130 or so (more) US bases all over the planet we are "protecting" from "horrorism."

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