Nato has lost its way in Afghanistan, Army chief tells Muslims

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" Speaking to Muslim News, General Richards said: “Look at the huge popularity of the Nato intervention in 2001. What we’ve done is lost our way a bit and need to find it again and have the moral and physical conviction that we can do these things.”

General Richards has acknowledged previously that the strategy had failed in Afghanistan and needed to be revitalised to ensure victory."
Note: Has NATO (North ATLANTIC treaty organization) lost its way? No - not at all. It doesn't know where it is going. What is the mission in Afghanistan? Wait - what is the mission in AFPAK war? Are we talking about the war in Afghanistan or the AFPAK war? I guess defining ones enemy isn't important anymore when you can just keep firing cruise missiles at anyone. Kill 'em all let God or Allah sort 'em out.

Adding another nation couldn't have changed the original mission could it? Maybe since bin Laden's (Dead since Dec. 2001) ghost keeps moving around we'll eventually have to declare war on the whole planet.

Obviously this war, based on a pack of lies from the very start will amount to nothing for me or you except lost money and lives. Our military is used as a tool and undermined by phony wars. Our nation no longer the shining city on the hill - we are NAZIs using our military power to take other people's stuff. Ain't that grand?

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