NIST's case for WTC7 = Scientific Fraud: Review: Guns 'n' Butter David Ray Griffin - The Mysterious Collapse of WTC7

Who needs an investigation when we have a dunce in a Harley hat and Harley T-shirt who solved the caper in one second before the kerosene fire was out?

Sept 10 , 2009 DRG address to 911 Truth : click here

1. WTC7 fell on the same day as WTC1 and 2
2. Considered a mystery since day one since no plane hit the building - WTC1, and WTC 2 should have been considered mysteries too since they were the first and second collapse of steel framed skyscrapers in human history - only to be followed by the third and last example of this unnatural event: the collapse of WTC7
3. Television convinced the American public that collapse of steel framed skyscrapers is a common occurrence when, in fact, it is an unprecedented event.
4. Pre-planted explosives, the ONLY explanation for the collapse of WTC7, is so hard for most people to fathom - is - indeed the only theory that fits the evidence.
5. The first official explanation for the collapse of WTC7 came from FEMA in 2002 - but they added that their HYPOTHESIS for the collapse of WTC7 had a "low probability" of explaining the collapse of this gigantic building. FEMA said they put forward the "best hypothesis"
6. Worchester Polythechnic Institute: A piece of steel from WTC 7 had holes burned through it resembling a piece of "SWISS CHEESE" New York times referred to this "Swiss Cheese" steel as the "deepest mystery" surrounding the collapse.
7. NIST delayed their report until August 2008, it was supposed to come out in 2005 , Shyam Sunder NIST lead investigator, said the reason for the collapse of WTC7 is "no longer a mystery" and that "NIST found no evidence that explosives were used to bring the building down- science is really behind what we said": David Ray Griffin says that he will demonstrate that both assertions by NIST are FALSE.
8. NIST is an agency of the Department of Commerce and by default an agency of the Bush Cheney administration.
9. Scientists know that NIST has been hijacked by politicians - the scientists have been pushed aside by the bully-boys of the political big-shots.
10. NIST, while preparing its report on the WTC7 collapse, was simply corrupted by political forces:
11. NIST report repeatedly makes its case by resorting to scientific fraud. DRG is not surprised by their scientific fraud since they are simply an agency of the Bush Admin.
12. Distortion of scientific knowledge for political ends: signed by 15 Nobel Laureates and many others. Bush admin science is crap.
13. NIST: Everything had to be approved by the commerce department, national security agency , and the office of management and budget: arms of the executive branch.
14. Scientific conclusions, to be valid, cannot be reliant on political needs - Bush admin completely botched this truth need.
15. Major types of scientific fraud: Fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism: No plagiarism, guilty of fabrication which is making up results, falsification is making stuff up.

Back to the WTC7 "swiss cheese" steel - look folks - there is no way an office fire - fed or not fed by kerosene from jet airplane fuel tanks - can melt steel since in open air - these fuels produce fires of temperatures 1,000 degrees too cold to melt the steel. Also the steel frames were of such a large mass they would have wicked the heat away. Complete bullshit.;

RJ Lee group admitted, by default, that iron particles constitute 150X the normal amount expected.

Update - This article was typed at Warp Speed (ask Kirk) - there's so much evidence damning the offical story that my fingers got tired simply listening to one more DRG speech. The evidence is overwhelming - I can't document it fast enough.



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