Suthers: Medical marijuana dispensaries subject to sales tax, retail license laws

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""It (medical marijuana) has been an underground, black market community for so long that I think they're really willing to come out and pay dues to be taken seriously.""


  1. While I am all in favor of removing all prohibitions on the sale of plants regardless of their hallucinogenic or psychoactive properties, I am disturbed at that the "look how much money we could collect in taxes" approach to legalization. "Legalize it and tax the hell out of it!" is a battle cry often heard in this debate. Why should we add any more taxes to an already over-burdened population? It's not like governments don't have their claws into everything. Why give them more power by taxing something that you can grow in your closet?
    We need legalization and a removal of all taxes save for those related to infrastructure (gas taxes for the roads, tolls for bridges, fees for airports - those are all justifiable (save or fees to pay TSA). What isn't acceptable s the taxation and regulation of a plant.

  2. I think there is total agreement that medical marijuana is approved, unfortunately most people in Europe and USA use it unequivocally, and that's what hurts for approval in these countries especially in USA, this is what findrxonline indicating as they try to report the correct medicines that can help people.


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