Tea Party Marchers in Harrisburg, PA

Take a peek at the article here:

"Participants marched from City Island to the state Capitol steps chanting "Can you hear us now?" They carried signs reading, "Less Government Restore the Public" and "Strike Three Get Out." They waved American flags and yellow flags with the slogan, "Don't Tread on Me.""

Note: A friend of mine, who is a businessman made one of those yellow stickers for me back when the truth movement resurrected the "Don't tread on me" flag. Suddenly Glenn Beck hijacks this symbol being the good propagandist he is - and somehow he got involved in these tea parties. Now these people look like Glenn Beck operatives, rather than what they really are. They are frustrated taxpaying citizens, who may or may not have a loved one in combat or six feet under or blind or missing a limb or whatever, they don't have jobs anymore, they are facing more war (we've moved into Columbia for at least the next ten years - these folks will pay for it), they cannot get their "representatives" to fix the laws so as to negotiate lower prescription drug prices... they can't afford a doctor, they can't afford a lawyer, they can't afford to heat their house, they can't pay the landlord - so they march. What else can they do?

These people have tried voting - didn't work. They are peacefully demonstrating - trying to get someone honest in power to do something for them. So far no one has heard them.

When you see those yellow flags - just remember Glenn Beck has nothing to do with its resurrection. He is a shill - a paid propagandist who never saw a war for Israel he didn't love. He has helped cover up the 911 crimes and continues to do so - although he's toned it down a bit. He is among the ranks of all the liars that have deceived the American public - so remember he isn't part of this tea party movement.

By the way - if you don't get active - those who are active will take control of your government - you can stay home and watch them on TV.

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