One American's Thoughts on Torture

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I spent a lot of time in the woods as a kid. Heck, we picked Aluminum cans, soda bottles (for the deposit), copper and scrap metals of many sorts. We built bunks, forts and treehouses. We wrecked those of others. It was all part of the fun of being a kid. One day while walking through the forest I came upon the decomposing body of a cat suspended by two trees - dead. The mouth was still open as though screaming. All four limbs were still tied to trees that supported this poor creature during its last hideous moments on Earth as its captor - someone posing as a human being - tortured this animal to death. The cat was half rotten by the time I found it and many details escape me thankfully - but I'll never forget the feeling it gave me. Not a good feeling.

A few days ago we took "The Bear" (my cat) to the veterinarian to have a breathing issue looked at. He's a Black Persian and getting old so his fur was badly matted as well. After the medical stuff was completed one tech who's expertise is grooming entered the room to comb out some of the mats and shave some of the matted fur off. The Bear didn't like it. He carried on and did what cats do when they are being groomed and they don't like it - so it became time to put a muzzle on the little guy. We had to wrap him up in a towel to immobilize him as well because of the claws. It isn't easy sometimes doing that to an old friend - or even someone else's pet, or sick loved one in the hospital - but we continue because we know it is for their own good. Yeah - they are terrified because they are immobilized, at the mercy, and in the hands of their captor - but when it's all over - we all feel better because we did something GOOD.

As we were putting the Bear into the muzzle and Bear looked at me before his eyes were covered I thought about how easy it would be to betray him. How once he is immobilized - he is completely at our mercy. I would never betray that trust - but I know there are those who would. Why? Why - is exactly what I will never understand completely because thankfully I don't have that need to satisfy.

What goes through the minds of our taxpayer-supported torturers as they look into the eyes of someone they are going to immobilize just like we did in a medical situation - but with just the opposite intentions?

What goes through the minds of American leaders of such lowly ranks as President of the United States and Secretary of Defense of Torture when they deny justice by covering up torture?

What would they think as they looked into the eyes of someone about to be tortured at the hands of Americans paid for with my tax dollars? Would they realize, or even care, as I do - that those eyes will never be the same?

I would sooner forgive an executioner than a torturer because the executioner in some cases can "do their job" in a merciful way - whereas the torturer NEVER CAN.

As far as Gates - I'll throw this one in there since he's an Aggie. (This means he's stupid because everybody knows all Aggies are stupid) The motto of Texas A&M University is that "An Aggie does not Lie, Cheat or Steal, or Tolerate those who do" Well I already know they will tolerate non-payment of contractors for time and materials work on-campus by well-heeled suppliers who ,while refusing to pay, continue to do business at A&M. But what I learned in addition from this situation is that at least ONE AGGIE WILL TOLERATE TORTURERS- BECAUSE GATES IS AN AGGIE AND HIS NON-RELEASE OF TORTURE PHOTOS SHOWS TOLERATION FOR TORTURE.

If my logic, spelling, grammar or other show flaws - please let me know so I can fix it.

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