Webster Tarpley on Missing Nukes - Minot AFB

Did I hear missing nuke or do I need an audiologist?

This just can't be true. But who are we to believe? Is Webster Tarpley spreading rumors? This is not a difficult problem - either his assertions are accurate or they are not. If he is erroneously telling folks that nukes are missing - and they are not - somebody needs to step forward to demonstrate to the public everything is OK. If his assertions are accurate the next question is obviously - where is the nuke?

So is the nuke missing or not??

UPDATE NOV 11, 2009 DOD News
UPDATE NOV 11, 2009 Missing Nukes on August 29-30, 2007
UPDATE Oct 25, 2009
here's the second half on Minot Air Force base nuclear weapons FUBAR - worst in history...go to the 3:50 mark where I believe I heard "...one of the cruise missiles is still missing..."

UPDATE Oct 25, 2009
Citizens for Legitimate government has followed this story from day one - great place to learn a lot: CLICK here for best place to become informed - also
(Link at bottom of this blog page - click on Minot Air Oddities)

UPDATE October 25, 2009 - Great Video gets you caught up quickly:-I don't like the crude humor but what does it matter what I like?

"The body of a military expert who served in three Republican administrations was found dumped in a landfill over the New Year's weekend, and investigators said Monday they do not know who might have killed him.
Authorities say John Wheeler III, 66, was scheduled to be on an Amtrak train from Washington to Wilmington on Dec. 28. Police say it's now not clear if he ever made that trip. His body was found three days later, on New Year's Eve, as a garbage truck emptied its contents at the Cherry Island landfill. His death has been ruled a homicide."

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