The Curious Cancer from the Country of Rothschildlandia

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" The Zionist controlled US is now killing people in Yemen, while financing terror in Iran and the Zionist controlled S&MSM is trumpeting the Iranian dead, as if it were something on the level of Katrina. Meanwhile, the war to control the opium in Afghanistan, the war to loot oil and antiquities in Iraq and the war for control of material transport (in anticipation of the next war in Iran) in Pakistan just keep rolling along like Old Man River. It’s a river of blood is what it is."
Note: I'm so glad that some out there are willing to say the unpopular - that which the American brainwashed public just can't seem to snap out of - "The Zionist controlled US" - look up Zionist - type in Wolf Blitzer into the search box on this blog and watch the video. It is time to start paying attention to the people giving you the truth - turn off your goddam TV set...

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