DNA evidence, 911, and the renewed hunt for Osama bin Laden

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" Even more troubling are cases of DNA fraud -- instances where criminals plant fake DNA samples at a crime scene. In 1992, Canadian physician John Schneeberger planted fake DNA evidence in his own body to avoid suspicion in a rape case. Planting fake DNA obtained from someone else is only part of the problem. Scientists at Nucleix, an Israeli company, recently reported that they could, with access to profiles stored in one of the DNA databases, manufacture a sample of DNA without obtaining any tissue from that person.

Nucleix has developed a test to distinguish real DNA samples from fake ones, with the goal of selling the test to forensic laboratories. But taking these extra precautions to ensure the validity of its results will only slow down busy labs even more. In fact, forensic casework backlogs are becoming a serious problem. A study conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that more than half a million cases were backlogged in forensic labs, which means felons and other violent offenders could be walking the streets while their DNA evidence sits in a queue, waiting to be tested [source: Houck].

You may find the previous link interesting - I did because I was always amazed at how quickly all hijackers from the 911 attacks appeared in the newspaper. I've always wondered how, given the collossal wreckage heap investigators were faced with in the days following the 911 attacks that they were able to positively identify all the blown-to-bits hijackers. We were told that thanks to DNA analysis we know FOR SURE who the hijackers were. Unfortunately it can't be that simple.

Regarding the DNA evidence found at the WTC 911 crime scene - each sample would represent at a minimum one of approximately 3,000 random samples - each representing one victim or hijacker present. Each sample would have to be carefully saved (don't put in plastic according to the article)- documented - paying attention to chain of custody of evidence - then matched with an existing sample stored from each suspect. Wait did I just say suspect?

Regarding the hijackers yes, regarding the victims another word for unknown would be used. DNA evidence is similar to fingerprint evidence in that a sample lifted at the scene must be matched with a sample from the person from which it originated. So one must have a sample stored somewhere waiting to make the match - or one must go to a suspect and take a sample to match with what was found at the crime scene. Well - sometimes it is more complicated than that. For each complication add more time to the matching process. Remember that the matching process itself isn't foolproof as "probabilities" come into play. Fine - lets say the US government knew each of the hijackers well and had samples - still this process must be complicated, time-consuming, and imperfect. No problem - except that the hijackers' pictures appeared in this Washington Post article from September 28, 2001. Just days to do all that work. Mighty quick work don't you think? Too bad they aren't as efficient at finding Osama bin Laden. CLICK HERE to see for yourself.

Now compare the amazing work of the FBI in concluding with blinding speed "whodunnit" with this February 25, 2008 article: 9/11 victims identified from new DNA finds yes, that's 2008, where we learn:

" After the September 11 attacks, 1,597 of the presumed 2,789 victims were identified from the DNA of 19,946 pieces of human remains found in the rubble. In October 2006 a further discovery of remains prompted another forensic operation. "An electrical company was in this dead manhole trying to clean it out for the rebuilding effort," Dr Bradley Adams, of the New York Chief Medical Examiner's Office, told the meeting. "Someone said they had found what might be human remains." His team found 208 bone fragments in the manhole.

A report ordered by the New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, called for a comprehensive search of Ground Zero and a two-block radius. About 600 manholes and the interiors of five buildings were searched, and a 350-metre stretch of road built to provide access to the Ground Zero construction site was excavated.

The excavated material was mechanically sorted to separate out fine-grained particles, and then 75 anthropologists sorted the rest by hand. In all, they discovered 1,796 pieces of human remains. The sorting operation was wound up in December and DNA work is just beginning.

"We've made numerous links to previously identified victims," said Adams. "We also have new IDs that have come out of this project. Once the DNA testing really comes full circle it will be fascinating to see how many new IDs we get."

That's interesting - in 2008 they still hadn't identified all of the people that were literally blown to bits by kerosene fires - but somehow by September 28, 2001 they'd printed all of the hijackers' pictures in the Washington Post. How do they know some of the yet-unidentified people were not victims - but terrorists? The more one thinks about this the less sense it makes. OK - so let's hear what answers have been given to "crazy 911 truthers" when they scratch their heads and ask their government how we can have faith in their conclusions:


Listen to this Audio of Charles Goyette show asking this question to Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics magazine. Davin's job was to fact-check.

Is "all over the place" the location of the DNA evidence as recorded in the FBI records? Sounds pathetic to me.

Popular Mechanics? That icon of journalistic excellence going all the way back to the Spanish-American war? That is our best guarantee that fact-checking of 911 facts is accurate? Remember Hearst Publications owns Popular Mechanics. And they laugh at the 911 Truth movement?

Goyette: "It's not the evidence we've seen that we're concerned about - it's the evidence we haven't seen."

So it's 2009 already and we don't have answers to our questions. The reason given for hiding information from the American public seems to come down to one answer: National Security. We need to have more national security because of 911. The U.S. government continues hiding 911 information from the American public because of national security. We need more national security because of 911.

Does any of this still matter? Consider THIS ARTICLE regarding the renewed interest in catching Osama bin Boogeyman since everyone is wondering what the drug-pipeline mission is in the AFPAKistan war:

"Should he be killed, the United States is prepared to get samples of his DNA. Saudi Arabia has long held matching samples at the Ministry of Interior’s forensic lab in Riyadh to help with verification."

Uh huh right. There is a saying: "Don't believe everything you hear." Regarding the U.S. government I think it should read "Don't believe ANYTHING you hear."
Additional story on new hunt for Osama here: Adviser: Obama plans to launch Bin Laden hunt anew

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