Jim Rogers Interview: "Become a Farmer" (with notes)


1. Abolish the Fed - market will raise rates before the Fed - Fed will follow - watch for currency market turmoil as trigger.
2. Tim Geithner wrong about the solution to our problem being to try to spend our way out of this mess - which is what got us into this. Why are we listening to Tim Geithner when he's been consistently wrong?
3. Gold is already high - not a buy right now - wouldn't think of selling now - buy at $1,000-central banks around world are shifting to buying gold - several thousand an ounce in the next decade
4. Silver-rather own silver than gold, agriculture probably best buy - ?How to buy? he says buy indexes - but the best thing to do is become a farmer. Food inventories lowest in decades - water is a good commodity - water companies - India and China have water problems - find a way to solve their water problems and you can become rich.
5. Could be a rally in the dollar in the short term - sell at that time - then buy yen, swiss francs Can. Dollars - or commodities
6. Paper money (all over world) not to be trusted.
7. UK not going to keep its triple A rating - he owns no sterling.
8. China turns out 10 or 15 times as many engineers as USA - remember what happened with the Japanese auto industry overtaking USA.


  1. Smaller houses - bigger gardens.

  2. Darn melonworms got 75% of my cantalopes last year. You've got to spray sevin early and repeatedly to kill the moths laying the eggs. They're too small to see. The burrow hole is smaller than a needle, and the only way to find one is to look for juice bleed. By then it's too late.

  3. Jim Rogers is a sell out. Why should we listen to this idiot? He moved to China has bet against our country for almost a decade now. Well I am not willing to give up and become communist or wear those stupid bow ties of his.

  4. Jim Rogers is a sell out you say.
    Perhaps he can see that the good ship USA is sinking and you can't. If you knew a ship was sinking, would you stay aboard and sink with it or get on a life-raft?

  5. JR says: the market has final say (greater fool theory) regarding who is good investor and who is "idiot"-rogers' decisions r still making money. Agriculture is either a good bet for YOUR MONEY NOW or it is not place your bets but j rogers' still has his money while AIG lost yours and had to have mommy govt. Come to bail their smug knowitall asses out of bankrupt lemming "investments"


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