Percentage of GDP to External Debt: Default is Inevitable

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" Recently I saw a list of the percentage of external debt to GDP on the CNBC website. Sadly, it is in a slide show presentation and a lot of people have missed these important numbers, so I am reproducing the figures here as listed on the CNBC site. ... 20. United States - 94.3 %
External debt (as % of GDP): 94.3%
External debt per capita: $43,793

Gross external debt: $13.454 trillion (2009 Q2)
2008 GDP (est): $14.26 trillion
And these are just the top twenty. Switzerland came as a big surprise to me."

Note: I like the article linked because the author is not afraid to present educated guesses as to what might happen. Many authors seem afraid to state their positions - this one is not. We need to take a lesson and be not afraid.

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