IRAQ: A War Based on Lies: Winners and Losers Speak

Tony Blair BBC interview
See 0:24 mark in video below:

...so Blair's view is that the ends justified the means. False WMD hyperbole used to stampede the public into a war was an effective means for achieving what he views as a noble end.


Next please watch the video below of a father who lost his son to the war based on lies - placing him among the "losers" considering the reasons upon which the war on Iraq justified risking his son's life. His son was willing to risk his life for the reason he was given. Was he lied to because the actual reason for the war has nothing to do with why he joined the service?

Contrast above linked vid with below. Is it fair to say the speaker is one of the "winners" who've experience advancement of their agenda thanks to the decision to wage war against Iraq?
Update Dec 21, 2009 At time = 2:42 ... He says he wouldn't want to live in a world where a tyrant like Saddam controlled the majority of the world's oil.

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